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Heavenly Star Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Id Rather Offend the King of Hell than the Evil Emperor (II)

Shangguan Yun stepped back; he was trembling. He tried to harden his tone and said, youyou dared to hurt me, youjust wait, the Shangguan family will not spare you

After he finished speaking, he was so scared that he didnt wait for any further to turn around and leave. Then, he saw that the mysterious man raised his head slowly, maybe its because too many people had already noticed him, and he saw no more need to hide.

Just when he lifted his head, it became all quiet throughout the whole inn, so quiet that it was eerie. Peoples eyes were full of fear.

It was not a face, but a mask, a silver metal mask. This sterling silver mask completely covered the entire face, revealing only two dark, deep eyes, releasing a suffocating hint of horror.

Evil Evil Emperor!! Inside the inn, some people involuntarily spit out the words from their trembling teeth. They began to be somewhat doubtful, as they were so close to the Evil Emperor.

The wind outside suddenly became very severe, as if it was the wind from Hell. Everyone was trembling. The silver mask symbolized a terror, and it was indeed a horrible demon. He was strong, mysterious, cruel, no one dared to provoke, no one knew where he is going, he didnt know where he would appear next time, and no one even knew who he was.

The mysterious mans wide hat fell, showing his full, long hair. His large robe fell off from him, revealing a silver vest that reflected a glare. He stood there quietly, he looked at Shangguan Yun coldly, who was lying on the floor.

Hes the Evil Emperor.

Hes silver-faced with silver clothing and that was the symbol of the Evil Emperor. No one dared to offend him. His name shocked the whole Tianchen Continent. No one knew precisely how many people made the same kind of clothing, and some wanted to imitate him, others simply admired him. No matter who, and why they did it, anyone who tried to emulate or impersonate the Evil Emperor would die one day without a cause, and near his corpse, there would be the two words of Evil Emperor and there was not a single exception. It was like the mysterious and scary Evil Emperor had another pair of eyes up in the sky and he could see what was happening in every corner of the Tianchen Continent. Some people deliberately pretended to be the Evil Emperor to seduce the evil sect, but in the end, they all died, before anyone had ever seen them.

Since then, no one had dared to pretend to be the Evil Emperor, and no one dared to make a silver mask or coat. Some people with silver clothing even burned them. The evil sect only appeared for a short time, but they had cast a more considerable shadow on the entire Tianchen continent.

For a time, no one dared to speak anymore. The waiter who was holding the plate was stiff and trembling. The plate in his hand was shaking as well, and it might fall and smash at any time.

Shangguan Yun was scared when he had seen the silver mask, and just now, he had just scorned the Evil Emperor in an unforgivable way. He never dreamed that the Evil Emperor was right beside him. Otherwise, even if he were given another thousand times of courage, he would not dare to look at him for one second.

Shangguan Yun was being watched, he felt like he was covered in a pair of blood-stained hands, and his fear made him suffocate. Although he was arrogant, he wasnt ignorant, and he perfectly knew what would happen to him if he offended the Evil Emperor. At this time, his legs were powerless, and he lost consciousness in his trembling convulsions, it was even impossible for him to run away.

Forforgive meforgive me He pleaded. He had seen the legendary Evil Emperor today, and the other side had only used his gaze to let him know what it meant by being truly scared.

PleaseI beg youspare mespare me In his great fear, his words were unclear, and his hands had become numb. The two followers he brought were so frightened that they could not utter a word. They were so afraid of alarming this quiet demon and further make him practice his cruelty on them. Not only them, but it was also dead silent in the whole inn. No one offered to help. No one even dared to discuss or tried to escape.

The Evil Emperor was just a human being, yet he made everyone so scared that no one even dared to breathe. It was as if they were just a bunch of ants that would be stepped to death anytime.

There was a pungent smell, and Shangguan Yun didnt even realize that he had pisseda son from the Shangguan family was not able to control his normal needs at this time

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The Evil Emperor remained silent and watched him calmly. The world in front of Shangguan Yun began to shake, and his vision became blurred. The pair of cold eyes were like two sharp blades which had cut through his body and his heart, then chopped his body into pieces. His pupils were magnifying, and even breathing had become difficult.

And suddenly, his body became utterly powerless. He had no more sign of breath. The white foam slowly overflowed from the corner of his mouth, but his eyes were still surprisingly large, people could feel his fear before his death.

The evil emperor moved away from his gaze and did not look at other people anymore. He slowly walked out. When he did, there wasnt a single sound, as if he was a phantom. He pushed the door open and the silver figure vanished. The people inside the inn were still trying to understand what had happened. No one made a sound.

Pingthe waiters plate finally dropped to the floor and smashed.

There was no sound, no movements, he was standing there quietly, and he had sent Shangguan Yun to death. However, none of them felt too surprised, because that person was the Evil Emperorthey were even relieved that Shanggun Yun died under his gaze, he wasnt slaughtered. And thats why his whole corpse remained.

The evil emperor walked westward, and he was like a ghost. It seemed that he walked slowly, but his pace was more rapid than anyone elses. There was sand everywhere, and the sun was shining brightly. His silver mask and silver clothing reflected a flash that could make you blind. From time to time, dust flew everywhere, but his clothes stayed still.

After another sandstorm, four figures appeared behind the Evil Emperor. The four men finally caught up behind him and saw the silverback of the Evil Emperor. It was just a lonely, frightening shadow, but they had already felt a ton of pressure in their chest. They had wanted to retreat.

Big brotherwe want to Among the four, someone who seemed to be the youngest asked with fear.

The oldest man sighed, we are left with no choice. Since we have caught up here, we have not thought about being able to go back alive. We are not afraid of death. Lets continue.

Death. Many people were able to claim that they were not afraid of death. But not many people were able to say that they were not scared of being killed by the Evil Emperor, after seeing who he was. The youngest one wanted to say something but then stopped immediately. Since theyd already arrived, theyd made a choice, and there was no turning back.

It is our responsibility of not being able to protect our Shangguan Yun. If we didnt leave, he wouldnt offend the Evil Emperor. Even if we go back now, we will have no face in front of the master. Let us wash away our insult by ourselvesEven though the Evil Emperor is powerful, we might still be able to hurt him, if not kill him. And it will be glorious to die this way. He breathed a long sigh and said, Ok, go.

The four middle-aged men simultaneously suppressed the different levels of fear, they took out their weapons and attacked the Evil Emperor together. Their four swords were aimed at the Evil Emperor all at the same time, pointing at his heart.

The Evil Emperor was still moving forward slowly. He didnt even have the slightest awareness of their approach and attack. Just when the swords were closer to his body, he finally took action, his hand gently rose backward


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There was a violent wind behind him, bringing up the sand and people were unable to see. The four fierce swords disappeared in this horrifying wind, and the four people perished at the same time. In the hands of the Evil Emperor, they were swept by the mighty wind of disaster, and even their screams were distorted and vanished in the wind.

The Evil Emperor did not look back. He sneaked away and soon disappeared into the yellow sand.

No one knew how long it took, but the hurricane began to weaken, and the broken pieces of clothes of the four people and their blood were falling from above. Recognizing the fractured parts of their bodies was impossible. These four people who claimed to take revenge for Shangguan Yun didnt even have a chance to get close to the Evil Emperor.

Under the hands of the Evil Emperor, there wouldnt be a full corpse. Many people were not afraid to die, but how many people dare to imagine themselves being shattered? And who wasnt scared of the Evil Emperor? People feared him, not only because hes powerful, but because of the way he killed.