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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 108

Lu Yanchen was awakened by the doorbell.

He hadn't slept for the entire night, just falling asleep when he was roused awake once more. Feeling extremely grumpy with a dark face, he went to open the door. But before he could even catch sight of the person, a tender voice drifted over, "Little Uncle!"

Lowering his gaze, Lu Yanchen caught sight of a handsome young boy standing in front of him. He then raised his head at the adult behind the boy, furrowing his brows slightly. "Mum, why are you guys here?"

"Xiao Bai had just ended his summer camp and insisted on coming over to visit you."

Shen Lingshuang tugged her grandson into the house. "Besides, I haven't even come over to check out your place yet. Are you adapting well?"

Surveying the entire house, Shen Lingshuang's eyes scanned a full circle before landing at his bedroom.

"It's already noontime now. Why are you still sleeping? Where did you go to last night?" Her sharp eyes caught sight of a strand of long hair on the pillow as her eyes widened.

A woman had slept here

The expression in her eyes changed sharply.

Before long, she understood.

She took small little hasty steps and went to the living room. Sitting down on the sofa, her sharp eyes caught sight of the hairband on the coffee table as well.

'Eh, a girl's hairband!'

Coming from the kitchen with a glass of water, Lu Yanchen caught sight of what Shen Lingshuang was looking at immediately.

With an icy cold glare, he put down his glass and took up the hairband to throw into a cabinet under the coffee table right away.

"You" Shen Lingshuang looked at him with a questioning expression. "Is that Well, do you have a girlfriend now?"

Even though her tone was questioning, her eyes betrayed her gleeful expression as her heart had already come to a conclusion.

A petite little porcelain face found itself appearing in front of Lu Yanchen's eyes as a cunning look spread across those bright, watery eyes. "Little Uncle has a Little Aunt now?"

Lu Yanchen pointed at his study room. "The toys left for you by your dad are inside. Go find them yourself."

His eyes brightening up, Xiao Bai brought his little legs sprinting into the study room.

Meanwhile, Shen Shuangling's ravishing face was filled with an uncontrollable face of joy.

"Since you've got a girlfriend already, why didn't you tell mummy about it? What does that girl look like? What stage have you guys progressed to? Do you love her? Does she love you? If you guys are not just playing around, you should settle down as soon as possible. After all, she is a girlHer reputation and integrity are both really important. She can't be following you around the entire time without a status. How about bringing her to our place tomorrow for a little fun?"

As she said that, she beamed with a bright and tender smile.

Lu Yanchen looked at his own mother, that face of complete naivety and innocence. When he thought about that heart of a young girl she hadthat princess hearthe went moody and did not talk for a moment.

However, his mum did not seem to have realized his speechlessness. She loved to just look at him, waiting for him to reply.

He could only reply broodily, "You wish for me to be in a relationship yet you're sending Yang Sitong over to me?"

Shen Lingshuang was stunned.

A bit embarrassed, she replied, "Son, mummy doesn't wish for that either. I know that you do not like Yang Sitong. Back when you had annulled the marriage agreement, I had talked to your father as well that the marriage of two people requires love. But, you know your father's characterTo him, a promise is worth its weight in gold, and is more important than anything else. After all, it was your grandfather who had arranged for that marriage of yours. I too can't force your father to be an unfilial son. Furthermore, because I know you don't like Yang Sitong, I feel rather guilty about it as wellhence the reason why I tried to be nicer to her."

As she said that, she raised her hand up and swore, replying in a really solemn attitude, "But you must have a 100% faith in your mummy that she definitely wishes for you to find your true love. I hope that you'll marry someone you love and live a life of bliss happily ever after."