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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 110

There seemed to be someone cooking below as the air was permeated with that salivating aroma. Running to the balcony, Xiao Bai extended his head out and looked downstairs.

The balcony below was linked to the kitchen and dining room.

He could barely make out someone cooking, and it seemed to be braised pork with brown sauce!

Xiao Bai could not help but gulp.

Using his phone, he gave Lu Yanchen a call. "Little Uncle, what time are you coming home? I'm so hungry."

As he said that, he pouted his lips before saying out slowly, "The sister below us is cooking dinner! And it looks really nice!"

'I'll call a takeaway for you and someone will send it over in a bit.'

Initially, Lu Yanchen had wanted to say that. But after hearing the second half of Xiao Bai's remark, an indiscernible glint flashed across his deep eyes.

Looking ahead where he was for a few seconds, he replied, "Go to her place and eat then."

The reason why Xiao Bai said that the sister below was making dinner was to inform his uncle that he should be heading home to prepare dinner as well. But, he had not expected that his little uncle would actually ask him to head down to the sister's place to eat!

"Really? Do you know the sister below, Little Uncle?"


"But, what if she were to drug me and kidnap me to sell?"

"Eat takeaway then." Once he said that, Lu Yanchen hung up on the phone.

Xiao Bai pouted his lips and puffed his cheeks. Glaring in front of him with his beady black eyes, he could not help but bite down on his lips.

He was expressing his anger right now.

His Little Uncle was too bad!

He threw him alone at home!

He didn't make food for him, only ordering takeaway!

The takeaway was so slow as well!

It hadn't even arrived after half an hour!

Xiao Bai then ran out to the balcony again. Sitting on the floor, he leaned his neck out and looked below once more.

The sister downstairs seemed to have made four dishes and a soup. It looked so delicious that his saliva was almost dripping out.

His cute, black eyes blinked twice as he licked his lips.

'Little Uncle had said that I can go down to eat. If that's the case, I won't have to stand on ceremony!'

With that, the determined Xiao Bai stood up from where he was immediately. Slapping his bum, he brought his phone and walked out.

Shi Guang was done making her meal and was prepared to tuck in when she heard the doorbell ring. Surprised, she raised her head.

'Who could be knocking on her door right now?'

Out of everyone she knew, other than Li Fangfei and Huo Zhan, who was overseas right now, there was no one who knew that she lived here. No, there was one other personLu Yanchenbut he would definitely not come knocking.

The bewildered Shi Guang stood up.

Outside her door stood a little boy, four to five years old and with extremely exquisite features, looking just like a little girl. He looked at her as his eyelashes fluttered while speaking out in a kiddish tone, "Hello, sister!"

This kid was dressed in branded attire from head to toe, evidently from a rather well to do family.

'Is he a neighbor's kid?'

Shi Guang smiled out. Bending over to match his height instinctively, she asked, "Hello, little friend! Is there anything I can help you with?"

Xiao Bai did not say what was wrong, merely extending his hand and saying in a rather pompous manner, "My name is Xiao Bai...the Xiao in kid 1 and the Bai in white clouds 2 . I'm pleased to meet you."

Shi Guang hurriedly extended her hand as well to shake his. "My name is Shi Guang...the Shi in time 3 and the Guang in radiant 4 . I'm really pleased to know you too, handsome little hunk!"

Because he was called a handsome little hunk by someone, Xiao Bai immediately flushed red in shyness and lowered his head.

"So cute!" Shi Guang lamented while fondling his head instinctively. "Have you eaten?"


"Sister will treat you to a meal, alright?"

Even though this brat was clearly down for a meal, he pretended as though he had to consider the proposal for a moment after being invited before he replied politely, "Thank you, sister!"

  1. 1. Kid in Chinese is Xiao Hai
  2. 2. White clouds in Chinese is Bai Yun
  3. 3. Time in Chinese is Shi Jian
  4. 4. Radiant in Chinese is Guang Cai