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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 111

Xiao Bai took over the rice that Shi Guang had plated for him and looked at the four dishes and soup on the table. He was filled with such joy that it felt as though he could fly, especially after he caught sight of those piping hot honey wings.

He was truly hungry to the max. Eating a lot and quickly, his eyes curled up with a bright joy as that little face of his was slightly flushed red after he took in some spice.

All in all, he looked extremely cute.

"Sister, the meal you've cooked is really delicious!" As Xiao Bai said that, he waved a honey wing in his hands.

This was already the fourth wing that he was eating right now.

Shi Guang was always someone who had an affinity with kids. Even though this was a young kid, he was really smart. Clearly, he had come knocking on her door looking for a meal. She could not help but ask, "Xiao Bai, this is the first time we're meeting, and you're already having a meal at my place. Aren't you afraid of me being a bad person?"

Suddenly, Xiao Bai put on a deadpan look as he spoke in the mannerisms of an adult, "Sister, you're someone so hot and pretty. You definitely can't be a bad person."

"Oh, what a sweet little mouth!" This little kid was good looking and acted like a young gentleman, so cute that one would want to hug him in their arms tightly.

"Eat slower...This is all for you."

Because this was her off day, she had made more dishes. Otherwise, it would really not be enough for this kid. The hunger he was displaying was akin to someone who hadn't had a meal for days.

Xiao Bai's face was full of oil as he took up a tissue to wipe it. He then took another honey wing before smiling at Shi Guang. "Sister, do you have a boyfriend? Or, can you be my Little Mum?"

Shi Guang was taken aback, "Ah?"

"My dad is single! I've got no mumm"

Suddenly, Xiao Bai took back his words, feeling like that the suggestion wasn't all that great.

He shook his head. "I think we had better not. My daddy is already an old man, and he's even lugging a child such as myself. I'm sure you won't take a liking to him."

"Haha" ~.~

Shi Guang could not help but burst out into laughter.

She was initially in quite the slump of a mood for the past few days. But because of this Xiao Bai, she suddenly felt cheerier out of nowhere.

She was prepared to send him back after the meal. Stunned, he pouted his little mouth. "I didn't bring my keys. Seems like we can only wait for the bad person of my house to come back then."

He was still angry, and thus, Lu Yanchen was precisely the 'bad person' being referred to. However, to Shi Guang, that it seemed to refer to Xiao Bai's daddy.

Xiao Bai, who could not leave temporarily, asked Shi Guang, "Little Sister, do you know how to play Kings of Glory? I can carry 1 you!" ~.~

Kings of Glory was a type of MOBA game, and Shi Guang had indeed played it before. She then nodded her head. "A littleI rarely play it."

"Little Sister, I'm super strong in it! I know how to play Daji, Luban and Angela! " ~.~

He exchanged phone numbers with Shi Guang before adding one another's accounts. He then discovered that Shi Guang was a Platinum[2. The ranks go in the order of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master. Each rank is further split into I to III to V where Gold III > Gold I. Also, Master players are counted in terms of their position in the entire server instead of being categorized by the I to V levels.] rank while he was a Gold rank player, one rank lower than her! His eyes then lit with a bright glow. "Sister, you're so strong!"

Receiving that dazzling look of admiration, Shi Guang felt a little embarrassed, "I really don't play this much."

"Sister is already so strong even though you don't play it much!" Xiao Bai was even more awed as he immediately invited Shi Guang to a party and wanted to start a game.

But right at that moment, his phone rang.

After he picked up the call, he looked at Shi Guang apologetically. "Sister, I can't play with you anymore. The bad person of my family is back. I've got to go home now."

"Alright, you can come look for me to play when you're free then," Shi Guang stood up. She liked this little kid a lot as well, and so she sent him out personally.

Just as she opened the door, the lift door opened as well as a tall, well built man strode out.

Shi Guang looked up with a bright smile


Her smile froze up as her jaw nearly dropped to the ground. She then saw how Xiao Bai walked over to Lu Yanchen's side unhappily.

She could barely pick up her jaw back.

'Lu Yanchen?'


  1. When a stronger player plays with a weaker player and helps them win, that's called a 'carry'