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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 112

It was as though something had blown up inside Shi Guang's mind. This was a blow so huge that she could barely react to it. On the other side, Lu Yanchen was looking at her with a contemplative expression.

None of them said anything at all. After a long silence, two distinct sets of voices sounded at the same time.

"Thank you for the care."

"Your" 'son?'

The words at the back were drowned out because of Lu Yanchen's voice as she cut herself short. After the latter held his hands, Xiao Bai turned around and waved to Shi Guang. "Thank you for the dinner, sister! Bye bye!"

Even though Shi Guang could barely smile, she still forced one out and waved her hands.

Turning around, she entered the house and shut the door.

Xiao Bai said that he was five.

The Lu Yanchen of five years ago was just a third-year high school studentthat was also the period of time she chased after him. So thendid he already have another woman and a child back then?

At this moment, Shi Guang really wanted to measure the depth of the darkness in her heart.

When Xiao Bai got home, he asked Lu Yanchen angrily, "Little Uncle, why aren't you worried about me in the least bit!"

Lu Yanchen lowered his head at him, 'What's there to worry about?'

This kid was well known as someone who possessed an extremely high intellect. Worry about him? The woman whom he had the meal with was the one Lu Yanchen should be worrying about.

"Thankfully, the sister downstairs is a good person," Xiao Bai uttered out, thinking about how the sister made really nice food and seemed to be rather good in Kings of Glory. Only, it was a pity that they didn't even get to play a single round.

The more Xiao Bai thought about it, the more he fancied that sister.

He could not help but mutter out, "I wish daddy would marry that sister so that she can be my Little Mum."

Lu Yanchen: ""

This kidXiao Baiwas innately smart and had realized subconsciously that having a stepmother wasn't that great of a thing. Because of that, he would always put on a black face when he saw any single woman beside his eldest brother.

But this time around, he was entirely elated. Not only that, he wanted his father to marry this woman home?

He had only seen her once

"Do you like that sister downstairs?" Lu Yanchen could not help but ask. Even though his face was expressionless, there was a shade of darkness beneath his lids.

"That's right!" ~.~ Xiao Bai's face was all blushing with redness as he smiled so widely that his eyes squeezed into a line. "She's so, so, so pretty!"

The current Xiao Bai was a totally infatuated young boy. He then said again, "I feel that my dad isn't worthy of this sister. I think I should be the one to grow up faster so that I can marry her."

Lu Yanchen went silent for a moment before putting a wet blanket over him. "I don't see what's so pretty about her. She's so ugly."

Xiao Bai frowned. "Little Uncle, you can't scold sister!"

Lu Yanchen, ""

'Just what sort of a potion had she fed my nephew!'

Looking at Lu Yanchen turn around toward his bedroom, Xiao Bai hurriedly sent a text to Shi Guang.

After Xiao Bai left, Shi Guang had gone to clean up the kitchen.

By the time she saw Xiao Bai's text, it was already an hour later. By then, Xiao Bai had been ordered by Lu Yanchen to go shower and head to bed.

When Xiao Bai's phone rang, Lu Yanchen picked it up to take a look.

Lu Yanchen glared at the screen for quite some time until it went dark automatically. He had wanted to put down the phone, but unable to control himself, he unlocked it and replied.

Shi Guang held onto her phone. Biting onto her lip, she contemplated for a moment before sending out her next text.

Lu Yanchen, ""