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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 113

Lu Yanchen, ""

'What did she mean by that? How would she be under the misconception that Xiao Bai was my son? A single look was enough to tell that Xiao Bai was five to six years old. Back then, I was only a year three student in high school! How could I have a son out of nowhere?'

'Furthermore, I had no other woman before knowing her. Wasn't she the clearest about that? To think that she would doubt him as such!'

The expression on the face of this man could not get any darker.

Very impolitely, he typed out

But, just as he was about to send that out, he deleted it.

His slender fingers tapped about on the keypad left and right, left and right, until eventually, there was a new line of text:

Shi Guang nearly choked on her own saliva.

'This little brat! Does he even know what 'taken a liking to someone' means at that age?'

After looking at that text for a couple of times, Shi Guang did not know how she should reply.

Even though Xiao Bai looked like he was someone mature beyond his age, he should not know so many words. The first text was because he was used to playing games. Hence, it wasn't weird that he would know how to type that out.

That last text thoughBut, it wasn't entirely impossible either. Kids nowadays were way too smart.

Her body quivered momentarily as she replied.

If this wasn't Xiao Bai, who could it be? Therefore, without hesitation, Lu Yanchen replied with a definite

Tapping her chin, Shi Guang sent a voice message over. "It's so late now. Why are you not asleep yet, Xiao Bai?"

After hearing the message, Lu Yanchen harrumphed coldly. 'Seems like she isn't all that stupid either to know to send a voice message over to test him out.'

When he heard Shi Guang's voice, Xiao Bai came out in his pajamas with a bright smile on his face. "Little Uncle, did sister reply my text?"

Lu Yanchen deleted the previous few texts before telling Xiao Bai, "That sister is asking you if you're asleep yet. Tell her that you're about to go to sleep now and you'll play with her tomorrow."

"Alright, Little Uncle."

He skipped over with fast little steps as he sent Shi Guang a voice message as Lu Yanchen had requested. "Sister, I'm going to sleep now. I'll look for you to play the game tomorrow, alright? Goodnight, sister!"

'It's really Xiao Bai!'

Shi Guang widened her eyes in disbelief, amazed at how Xiao Bai knew so many words even at such a young age.

'However, still, is Lu Yanchen his dad?'

When Xiao Bai woke up the next day, the first thing he did was to look for his phone, remembering that he wanted to look for that sister to play together. However, no matter how he searched throughout the house, he could not find his phone.

He then ran over to ask Lu Yanchen, "Little Uncle, have you seen my phone?"

Lu Yanchen, who was having his breakfast, looked at him slowly. "Have your breakfast first."

Xiao Bai headed over obediently and finished his breakfast at the fastest possible speed before asking Lu Yanchen, "Little Uncle, my phone."

Lu Yanchen wiped his mouth with a tissue before replying with a cold face, "Pack up a little. I'll send you back to grandma."

Immediately, Xiao Bai's face was dejected as that joyous mood of his crashed right away. He shook his head. "Little Uncle, I want to stay for a few more days!"

"No! There's no one to take care of you here."

"I don't need you to take care of me! You'll just get busy with your own stuff and I'll play with the toys at home! When I'm hungry, I'll head downstairs to look for the sister for food!" Xiao Bai expressed his ability to take care of himself.

Lu Yanchen curled his lips and teased him, "Didn't you say that you were afraid she might kidnap and sell you yesterday?"

Xiao Bai's face flushed with shyness. "Sister won't do that! She's a good person and makes good food! She's good at Kings of Glory, and is pretty as well! She gives off a feeling of first love!"

"First love?" Lu Yanchen was stunned.