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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 114

Xiao Bai's face was blushing red as he nodded his head gently. "Yes."

Even though Lu Yanchen's voice was indifferent, his gaze was completely cold right now. "You know what's first love?"

Xiao Bai sensed nothing different at all since his Little Uncle was someone who always had a cold stony face.

He was smiling so widely that his eyes turned into a line. "Of course, I know about it! Grandma told me that if I have a girl I really, really like in my class, that's the feeling of first love! Grandma even said that we could be childhood sweethearts! When I look at that sister downstairs, I feel like I really like her a lot. This must be the feeling of first love!"

This smart little genius of a Xiao Bai had lost completely to the innocent maiden heart of his grandma.

Towards that mother of his who placed love above all else, Lu Yanchen was completely speechlessjust what sort of garbage had she been teaching Xiao Bai all day?

He then spoke with a low tone, "I'm fine with you staying over at my place, but you can't have your phone with you. I'll keep it for you and you can only use it when you need to."

"Why?" Instantly, Xiao Bai felt as though his entire world had gone dark. The only reason why he had accepted this mission as a scout was because he would have a phone to play Kings of Glory with.

"There's no why. If you want to stay at my house, you've got to listen to me. Otherwise, you'll go back to grandma's," Lu Yanchen said imposingly.

'Bad person! Little Uncle is a bad person!'

Xiao Bai's eyes were reddening. How was he supposed to live his days without a phone?

'Yesterday, he was clearly still ignoring me. Why did he want to confiscate my phone now? Could daddy have called?'

"This is for your own good. You're only fiveRadiation from the phone will stunt your growth," Lu Yanchen said as he stood up. Wherever he went, Xiao Bai followed like a little stubborn, injured lion cub that was pouting his mouth and staring at him the entire time.

Getting a little angry, Lu Yanchen squinted his eyes and looked at Xiao Bai dangerously.

Even at that age, Xiao Bai was able to tell that an enormous change had occurredhe was afraid that Lu Yanchen might suddenly decide to change his mind and send him back to the Lu Family.

Hurriedly, he said, "Then, can I go look for sister for a round of game now?"

Afraid that Lu Yanchen would reject him, he raised a single finger. "Just one round?"

Looking at the wall clock, Lu Yanchen shook his head. "Not now, it's too early. She's still sleeping. I'll let you play two rounds in the afternoon."

Xiao Bai's eyes brightened up. "Really!"

Once again, afraid that Lu Yanchen would regret his words, Xiao Bai nodded his head immediately. "Yes, yes!"

Kids were the most easily satisfied. He had only wanted to play a single round, and yet he was able to gain another round; to him, that was like a huge bargain!

With that, Xiao Bai no longer bothered Lu Yanchen as he went to play with toy blocks. It was only till afternoon when he ran looking for Lu Yanchen while rubbing his tummy and saying in a pitiful manner, "I'm hungry, Little Uncle."

Looking at the time, Lu Yanchen closed his laptop. "Let's go! I'll take you out for a meal."

Overwhelmed with joy, Xiao Bai tugged at Lu Yanchen's hand. "Little Uncle, can we go for steak?"

Lu Yanchen did not reply, asking instead, "Sister was the one who treated you to dinner last night, right?"

"That's right!" Xiao Bai nodded his head as his eyes widened in confusion while staring at Lu Yanchen, who asked again, "Hasn't your dad taught you that one must return politeness with politeness?"

Xiao Bai understood immediately. "Sister treated me to a meal yesterday, so I should treat her to one today! Isn't that right, Little Uncle?"

Lu Yanchen asked indifferently, "You really want that sister to go along so badly?"

Weren't you the one who said that we should return politeness with politeness, Little Uncle?

Xiao Bai nodded his head in confusion once more. "Yes."

Lu Yanchen acted as though he was in a tough spot right now. "Since that's the case, we'll invite her then."