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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 115

Right as Shi Guang was ready to start preparing her meal, the doorbell rang. She guessed that it should be Xiao BaiLu Yanchen must have gone out, leaving him alone again; hence he was here because he was hungry.

Unexpectedly, she caught sight of an adult and a child upon opening the door.

When he caught sight of Shi Guang, Xiao Bai let go of Lu Yanchen's hand immediately and sprinted toward her passionately. He then grabbed out at Shi Guang's hand. "Sister, have you eaten?"

"Not yet" 'Is there going to be an adult and a child freeloading a meal at my house today? That can't be, right? Is Lu Yanchen here to freeload as well?'

"Let's go out for a meal then! Since you treated me yesterday, I'll treat you today, sister!" Xiao Bai's eyes shone brighter than the moon in the skies.

'Go out and eat with them?'

Shi Guang presumed that this must have been Xiao Bai's request, and because Lu Yanchen couldn't change his mind, he came along reluctantly.

Back when she had freeloaded a meal at his place, it was already as though she was sucking his blood.

The amount of unwillingness in him

She hurriedly shook her head. "Thank you, Xiao Bai, but I don't think so. I'm already making my meal. You guys go ahead!"

"Making means that it's not done yet. Since it's not done yet, don't do it anymore!" Xiao Bai tugged at Shi Guang's hand left and right. "Come on, sister! Let's go eat together!"

Shi Guang was put in a tough spot right now. She did not know how to reject a little kid, neither did she want to hurt him.

Instinctively, she cast a look over at Lu Yanchen, hoping that he would say something along the lines of forgetting it since she didn't want to go.

There would be nothing more effective than that.

Lu Yanchen glared at her before curling his lips into a smile that didn't look like one either and said to Xiao Bai, "Seems like this sister really hates you. Don't come and look for her ever again."

The moment he heard that, Xiao Bai's face was totally dejected as he looked at Shi Guang with a pitiful expression, pleading her, "Is that true, sister?"

Shi Guang waved her hands immediately, "No!"

She cast a dirty look at Lu Yanchenwho would talk to a child like that!

"I knew it! Sister likes me!" Xiao Bai turned around and looked at Lu Yanchen proudly before turning to her again. "Then hurry up, sister! I'm really hungry!"

He patted his stomach. "Hear, hear! It's already growling out!"

"Alright then, wait for me for a bit."

Just like that, Shi Guang had no way of rejecting anymore.

She closed the door and changed her clothes at the fastest possible speed. Combing her hair casually, she headed out with Xiao Bai and Lu Yanchen.

When they came out of the lift, they bumped into two aunties who were waiting for the lift by coincidence. Looking at the three people in the lift, one of the aunties said in a soft tone, "Eh? What a young couple. Since when did they move into our block?"

Another auntie said in admiration, "That kid is so cute. I wonder when I can get a grandson as well. My son's already close to his thirties now and he doesn't even have a girlfriend yet."

The moment Shi Guang heard that, it was as though she was struck by a thunderbolt, standing rooted on the spot.

She only snapped out of her daze when Xiao Bai tugged her. Breaking free from Xiao Bai's tug, she turned around, wanting to explain things to the two aunties, "It's no"

The moment she spoke out, Xiao Bai tugged at her hand once more. "Mummy, hurry up!"

Shi Guang was stunned as she looked at Xiao Bai with a bewildered expression. That extremely innocent, happy, and anticipating look on Xiao Bai's face had her totally dumbfounded.

Tugging her with one hand, Xiao Bai tugged Lu Yanchen with the other. "Daddy, slow down! Wait for mummy and me!"

As the doors of the lift closed, the voices of the aunties drifted out once more, "What a blissful family of three!"