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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 116

Shi Guang could feel the vein at her temple hurting as she wanted to find a hole to bury herself in so badly. Instinctively, she cast a look at Lu Yanchensomebody's brow merely raised momentarily without saying anything.

She wanted to tell Xiao Bai that he couldn't go around calling others mummy when she discovered that he was happily holding onto Shi Guang and Lu Yanchen's hands while shouting out blissfully, "Mummy!"

No one knew that this was the scene that Xiao Bai desired the most in his dreams. His eyes were filled with an overwhelming joy. "Sister, can you be my mummy for once today?"

The anticipating expression he had on his face had Shi Guang unable to bear rejecting him with any cruel facts. She could only chuckle out awkwardly, hoping that Lu Yanchen would reject it.

Instead, he said nothing at all.

For the entire journey, Shi Guang remained especially silent. When Xiao Bai called her mummy, she pretended as though she heard nothing at all, while on the other hand, Xiao Bai could not sense her awkwardness at all as he was drowned in his own happiness, calling her mummy nonstop.

They arrived at a place called Yu Palace. Its interiors were extravagantly designed while the environment was clean and comfortable. In the VIP private room, Xiao Bai was holding onto Shi Guang's phone while taking photos with her and making comments the entire time.

"Mummy, you're so pretty!"

"Mummy, smile!"

"Come, mummy! Give me a kiss and let's take a photo!"

For Lu Yanchen who was sitting at a corner and ordering the dishes, this was the first time he had discovered his little nephew being such a chatterbox, rambling nonstop so annoyingly.

As though he had realized that his Little Uncle was a little displeased for being ignored, Xiao Bai looked at Lu Yanchen and grinned out. "LittlNo! Today, you're daddy! Daddy, let's take a photo together!"

Shi Guang was stunnedLu Yanchen was so cold and aloof, there was no way he would take it. And indeed, as she had expected, Lu Yanchen rejected it with his usual cold silence.

But, who would have guessed that Xiao Bai would get up and run between her and Lu Yanchen. Stretching his arm, he hugged her and Lu Yanchen together.

As an additional face popped into the screen of the phone she was holding, she could feel the pressure mounting within her.

Someone would always take photos with a poker face without any spare bit of emotions at all. Shi Guang tried expressing her reluctance to take the picture, but Xiao Bai kept insisting till she gave in for a single photo.

She was going to delete this the moment she got back.

As the dishes were served one after another, Xiao Bai slurped them all up with joy.

When the steamed egg was served, he even pulled it before Shi Guang and opened his mouth, expecting her to feed him. She had no other choice but to scoop up two mouthfuls for him with her spoon.

Looking at the scene unfolding opposite him, Lu Yanchen suddenly felt that his food tasted so dry all of a sudden.

His face darkened as he looked at Xiao Bai and spoke with a tone that was equally frosty. "How old are you and you still need someone to feed you? Eat it yourself!"

Pouting his lips, Xiao Bai had no choice but to do it himself.

He ate exceptionally lot today. When the dessert came, he wanted to eat Shi Guang's one as well after eating his.

Lu Yanchen was truly worried that he might stuff his little stomach into bloating. "Are you not full yet?"

Xiao Bai patted his little tummy, "I'm still a little short."

Shi Guang could not help but utter out softly, "Your son is still growing. Since you have no time to do it, you should find an auntie to cook for him."

Shifting his gaze over at Shi Guang, Lu Yanchen remarked indifferently, "Why do I need to look for an auntie? Don't I have you?"

Shi Guang chuckled out and waved her hand dismissively. "What has it got to do wit"

"He's your son." With a straight-laced face, he had Shi Guang wondering if her brains had gone wonky.

'Her son?'

Since when had I given birth to Xiao Bai? How did I not even know about it myself anymore?'

Lu Yanchen curled his lips as he said with a tinge of mockery, "Why now? After making him call you mummy, you're only thinking about taking advantage of that without wanting to repay him for it?"