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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 117

"Yes, yes!" Before Shi Guang could even reply, Xiao Bai cheered. "Sister is awesome at making food! NoToday, she's mummy! Mummy's food is the best! I love eating the food mummy makes!"

Shi Guang's jaws opened wide, then she cast Lu Yanchen a dark glare.

What is he up to! I wasn't even the one who made Xiao Bai call her mummy! How am I taking advantage by making someone call me mummy?

For an unmarried girl such as herself to suddenly turn into someone's mummy, shouldn't she be the one taking a loss?

However, she could not say it out directly as that would hurt Xiao Bai's heart.

"I'm an athlete and I need to train or work every day. It's only because I'm on a break these two days, or I wouldn't be at home usually."

"Then, you can just make food for me when you are free, mummy! I won't need you to do it every day!" Xiao Bai replied understandingly.

"We'lldiscuss that when I'm free." Shi Guang shot a dirty look over at Lu Yanchen, her intentions clear as day.

'You want me to prepare meals for your son? No way!'

Lu Yanchen merely leaned back slightly on his chair, looking rather unbothered as he said to Xiao Bai, "You're really lucky. You've only merely stayed for two days at my place and this fake mummy of yours is on a break for these two days."

After saying that, he turned around to look at Shi Guang as a naughty smirk spread out from his lips.

Xiao Bai nodded his head. "That's right, that's right! It's fine if mummy's only free for these two days!"


Shi Guang felt as though someone had just punched her heart and she rolled her eyes, nearly fainting over.

She wanted to act as though she had heard nothing, but Xiao Bai pestered her still, "Mummy, make something nice for me tonight, okay? I want to eat the wings of last night!"

He had clearly just finished his meal, but as he said that, he looked as though he was salivating outthis was a little glutton!

Shi Guang did not have to mention how gloomy she was right now as she forced something out. "ErmXiao Bai, I might notbe free tonight. I have to return to school."

"When about tomorrow? Will you be free tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow might be"

"You won't be free tomorrow as well? When will you be free then, mummy?" That porcelain face of his frowned into little buns.

Shi Guang really wanted to say that she would never ever be free. But, she knew that she had to be gentle to kids, hence she merely remained silent. In any case, she would just have to tell him that she was not free and placate him properly afterward. That should be the end to this matter.

But who knew, before she even said anything, Lu Yanchen remarked indifferently, "You're way too annoying. Nobody is free enough to like you."

Shi Guang felt her mouth cramping up.

'This stupid Lu Yanchen! Just what is he trying to do! Does he think that the world is too peaceful?'

"Is that so, mummy?" Xiao Bai was hurt right now that those lovely eyes of his misted up while tears brimmed. Because of the reason that he was a man and he shouldn't cry, he was trying his best to hold his tears back as his little teeth quivered because of how hard he was clenching them. He looked so needy of love right now.

Looking at Shi Guang with his sorry face, he asked, "Is Xiao Bai really annoying? Is that why Xiao Bai hasno mummy?"

For Shi Guang who had always been fond of kids, her heart felt like melting at this moment. "N-No, no! Xiao Bai is really cute and everyone likes him!"

"But, I don't even have a mummy. Even you don't want to be my mummy, not even for a day!" As Xiao Bai said that, he sniffed with a sad face, looking as though he was about to cry out

"No, I really like you! I like you super a lot!"

Shi Guang said it with a serious expression. Looking into Xiao Bai's eyes, she could tell the hopes he was bearing right now as she could not help but continue, "I like you so much thatI'll not go to school tonight to make dinner for you."

Right after saying that, Shi Guang regretted it instantly.