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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 118

Xiao Bai broke from his tears into a bright smile instantaneously as he hugged Shi Guang tightly. "I knew it! Sismother is the best to me!"

Shi Guang was crying without tears right now as she slumped her head down, missing the streak of amusement that flashed by Lu Yanchen's face.

To make a meal, she naturally had to buy groceries. After leaving the restaurant, the three of them headed for the supermarket. Xiao Bai was seated in the trolley while Lu Yanchen was pushing it with Shi Guang beside him.

They really looked like a family of three.

Shi Guang felt uneasy all over. Even though she did not know why Lu Yanchen would have a son this old, or whether this son was even his to begin with, she really did not want to get associated too closely with this father and son pair.

"ErrI'll go buy the food. You guys shop around here," She wanted to slip off with an excuse.

"Mummy, let's go over together later on!" Xiao Bai tugged onto her while pointing at a yogurt. "I want one of this and we can go over afterward!"

Helpless, Shi Guang could only take the yogurt for her before heading over to the fresh food area.

As they walked by the seafood area, Shi Guang wanted to get someone to pick out a fish for her. However, Xiao Bai stopped her immediately. "Mummy, no fish! No fish!"

Shi Guang was surprised. "Why no fish? Fish is delicious and nutritious."

Xiao Bai replied in a particularly disdainful face, "There are too many bones."

While chuckling, Shi Guang replied, "But, if you learn to love fish since young, you will grow up to be a really, really smart boy!"

"I'm already really smart," Xiao Bai raised his head and boasted proudly. With his flushed red face, he turned around and looked at Lu Yanchen. "Daddy didn't love to eat fish either since he was young. But, he's really smart now!"

Lu Yanchen's eyes rolled about as he looked at Shi Guang with a particularly contemptuous look. "Some people are still stupid even after eating fish all day."


Shi Guang's heart clenched! She really wanted to swing her hands and walk away when Xiao Bai continued cutely, "You're really smart too, mummy!"

He did not know that Lu Yanchen had intentions hidden in his words; he had merely wanted to express his own opinion. However, that pleased Shi Guang nevertheless.

She fondled Xiao Bai on his little headhe was still the cutest after all.

From the freezer, she took out two boxes of freshly packed chicken wings before waving them in front of Xiao Bai. "Your favorite wings!"

With his eyes sparkling like stars in the sky, Xiao Bai hurriedly took them over.

Shi Guang ignored Lu Yanchen and had Xiao Bai wait for her while she went to pick out some vegetables.

'Who cares about Lu Yanchen? I am only preparing the meal because of Xiao Bai.'

And also, she truly felt that Xiao Bai did not seem like his son at all. Lu Yanchen had such a cold and arrogant character, so how could he have a son as cute as Xiao Bai?

Shi Guang was prepared to take her money out to pay for the bill when Lu Yanchen stepped ahead of her and took out his card.

However, she did not wish to have Lu Yanchen pay for them. "I'm buying these."

If he were the one paying for it, she would have to go over to his place to prepare the meal. If she were the one who had bought it, she could just head home and prepare the meal, then invite Xiao Bai over.

"The kid's already so old and you guys are still bothering to split between who foots the bill?" The auntie at the cashier muttered out as she took the card to swipe it.

Shi Guang: (_)

This isn't my husband, neither is that boy my son!

Shi Guang wanted to return to her house and pay the money back to Lu Yanchen. But before she could do so, he took the groceries to his place right away.

At the kitchen table, Shi Guang took out the groceries one by one as Xiao Bai helped her by the side.

Suddenly, she was surprised to find a fish within it. "Eh? I don't recall buying a fish?"

Xiao Bai replied, "Daddy bought it!"

Shi Guang could not believe it. "He doesn't like to eat fish?"

Xiao Bai then continued gently, "But daddy said that mummy likes to eat it."

Shi Guang, ""