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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 119

Shi Guang froze up for a moment.

Lu Yanchen bought the fish for her?

Why did this sound like the sun had set down in the east?

'It must definitely be because Xiao Bai was still growing up and had to eat fish. For the sake of coaxing him, he used my name for itThat must be it! '

She smiled out slightly and wrapped an apron around her before washing some rice to cook. She tried getting Xiao Bai out of the kitchen first, but he insisted on staying.

"Mummy, are you going to make the wings first?"

"Mummy, I love to play soccer!"

"Mummy, you can come to my place to play"

As Shi Guang's ardent fanboy, Xiao Bai rambled around her side nonstop the entire time. Because he didn't feel safe leaving this adult and child in the kitchen alone, Lu Yanchen would often inconspicuously 'pass by' the kitchen. Because of that, he heard snippets of their conversation.

'Since he was young, Xiao Bai had never liked anyone this much. But why must it be her this clearly heartless woman.'

In the kitchen, Xiao Bai got to talk about his own mum.

Shi Guang turned her head around and asked, "Have you never ever met your mother before?"

Sitting on the chair, Xiao Bai dangled his legs and swung them around. However, his tone was serious. "No, I don't even know what she looks like, neither have I ever tasted food that she made."

Shi Guang's expression softened. "It has been a really long time since I've tasted the food of my mother as well. But, it's alrightas long as we know that they love us."

"Really?" Xiao Bai was skeptical. He did not feel that his mum loved him. Otherwise, why hadn't she visited even once?

Shi Guang smiled. "Of course!"

While sighing, Xiao Bai suddenly acted like an adult. "At times, I really suspect that I don't have a mother, that I'm nothing but a test tube baby 1 ."

Shi Guang froze up.

Those clear, bright eyes of hers widened. In that single split second, she thought that she might have misheard him as she looked at him in shock. "What did you just say? Test tube baby? Why would you think that you are atest tube baby?!"

A dense gloomy look filled Xiao Bai's eyes.

"I've never ever seen my mummy coming to visit me. And, I feel like my daddy doesn't like women either. In the army, he was always surrounded by men. He probably only likes men, right? And, two men can't give birth to a baby. So, they can only make a test tube baby."

"Lu Yanchen is?" Shi Guang was stunned.

Her entire sentence was supposed to be 'Lu Yanchen is gay?'.

He didn't like women!

Was the reason why he had broken up with her back then because he had discovered his own sexuality?

Xiao Bai could not understand why Shi Guang was suddenly calling out the name of his uncle. Wasn't he clearly talking about his father just now?

As for Lu Yanchen who was standing outside, he naturally understood Shi Guang's intentions.

He raised his brow in a cold manner.

'What sort of a nonsensical idea has this woman misunderstood right now? Whether or not I liked women, shouldn't YOU know best?

Lu Yanchen used all his willpower to restrain himself from going in to knock somebody on the head.

Turning around, he entered his study room and made a call.

It didn't take long before the call connected as a voice came over from the other end, "Fourth, what's up?"

Lu Yanchen replied calmly, "Your son is throwing a tantrum again. Go placate him."

A man dressed in army uniform with an extremely ominous and resolute aura around him scolded out with a gruff tone, "That brat, what tantrum is he throwing now?"

Lu Yanchen did not reply, merely taking the phone and walking with huge strides into the kitchen. Standing at the door, he looked at Shi Guang for a moment before speaking out in a cold tone, "Xiao Bai, yourfather is looking for you."

  1. Baby born from In Vitro Fertilization.