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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 120

The moment Xiao Bai heard that it was his father, he hopped down from the chair and rushed over to take the phone over. Even though he always talked bad about his father, he was actually full of love for his father in his heart.

A little stunned, Shi Guang looked at Lu Yanchen in confusion.

'Did he just say Xiao Bai's father? Isn't HE Xiao Bai's father?'

'Another father? Is he really gay!'

'Is that why this kid has no mother and two fathers?'

A single glance was enough for Lu Yanchen to know what was on her mind.

"What sort of garbage are you thinking in your head?" Lu Yanchen could feel a ball of emotions wrecking him from within. It was bad enough that she thought Xiao Bai was his sonShe even thought that he was gay!

Feeling jittery just from his gaze, Shi Guang could only chuckle out dryly. Trying to hide the obvious, she still decided to clarify, "I'm notthinking of anything?"

"All of your thoughts are written on your face," Even though Lu Yanchen's voice and expression were both indifferent, that gaze of his was sharp and penetrative, seemingly able to see through her heart.

Instantly, Shi Guang's face flushed red and she could only manage to stutter something out after a long time, "H-Haha! Is that t-the case? I'm just cu-curiousDidn't he call you daddy? Is he n-not notnot your s-son?"

Lu Yanchen continued staring at her coldly. "Since when had I said that he was my son?"

Shi Guang continued with her awkward chuckle, "H-He called you daddy?"

Without changing his expressions, Lu Yanchen curled his lips, "And he called you mummy as well!"

Shi Guang's head was filled with a series of imaginary dots while that face of hers got inexplicably flushed. She continued uneasily, "That'sermjust for fun! And, it's for today only!"

Lu Yanchen peered at her deeply, as though implying, 'The reason why you want to be his mummy so badly is because you thought that he was my son.'

He then raised his brow. "Why now? You wish that Xiao Bai was our son?"

Shi Guang's face was filled with both embarrassment and confusion. "You'd wish!"

With that, she tossed away the vegetables she was washing and took off her apron before walking off. When she passed by Lu Yanchen, he held her by the wrist. Before she knew it, he had pinned her against the wall.

His aura overwhelmed her with a particularly invasive property, as though he could steal her breath and manipulate her heartbeat at any moment now.

For some reason, the surrounding air seemed to have suddenly turned hot and thick.

Stunned, Shi Guang looked at him in surprise. "What are you doing?"

"Sister, sister! Daddy said that he'll bring me over to the army to play in a couple of da" Xiao Bai ran over in high spirits after the call.

"Let me go!" Startled, Shi Guang pushed him away with all her might before turning around to welcome Xiao Bai, who hugged her tightly. He then rushed over to Lu Yanchen happily. "Little Uncle, I want to go visit my daddy! Are you going to send me there?"

Lu Yanchen's cold face caused the entire atmosphere to turn frosty and cold. He then replied in a gruff tone, "Not sending!"

Even his tone seemed to have dipped a couple of degrees as he turned around to go to his study room after giving that reply.

Initially, Shi Guang had wanted to head back home firstafter all, it was still too early for dinner. However, Lu Yanchen did not come out after entering his study room. Hence, she just stayed and played with Xiao Bai.

For dinner, Shi Guang prepared four dishes and a soup.

When Lu Yanchen came out for dinner, it was as though nothing had happened; he even ate two bowls of rice.

But for Shi Guang, everything was tasteless.

At night-time, Shi Guang laid on her bed while staring at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep no matter what. Suddenly, a notification came on her phone. Picking it over from her bedside, she saw that it was a text from Xiao Bai.