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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 121


Shi Guang thought about all the photos she took with Xiao Bai for lunch and immediately sent all of them to him.

She didn't send the photo together with Lu Yanchen though, as she wanted to delete that.

Just as she was clicking to delete it, another text came from Xiao Bai.

To think that that brat would have remembered it so clearly. Shi Guang backed out from the delete confirmation and sent the group photo. However, she did not keep it on her phone, deleting it the moment she sent it out.

Furthermore, she had made up her mind to visit her sister at the nursing home the next day and avoid this uncle and nephew duo.

But at times, things would not go as one willed it to. As though that uncle and nephew duo was stuck on her, she was awakened by the sound of the doorbell early the next day.

It was Lu Yanchen and Xiao Bai. With a single 'I've got something on', he dumped Xiao Bai at her place and left.

Shi Guang was totally speechless. She had finally managed to get a break, and instead of being able to visit her sister or rest properly, she ended up being Xiao Bai's nanny?

However, no matter how angry she was, she could not ignore Xiao Bai. After all, the latter was really cute and nice to her. Andshe really did like him a lot as well.

After making breakfast for him, she played a couple of rounds of Kings of Glory with him. In the afternoon, she received a call from Boss Lei. He seemed to have something urgent and requested her to make a trip to the club.

Initially, she had arranged with Xiao Bai to go play soccer in the afternoon. Because of that, she brought him along with her, intending to continue with their plans after she was done with the issues of the club.

When Boss Lei caught sight of Shi Guang arriving with a child, he inquired in a particularly gossipy manner, "Whose kid is this? Don't tell me that it's yours, Shi Guang!"

"That's right, this is my mummy!" Xiao Bai tugged at her hand and raised his chin saying.

"No, he's my neighbor's kid," Shi Guang explained hurriedly.

"This kid is rather cute!" Boss Lei stepped forth with a cheery face, wanting to caress Xiao Bai's cheeks. But suddenly, the latter shunned him with an arrogant look of cold disdain!

Seeing that, Boss Lei froze up for a moment. Looking at this kid, he suddenly felt a sense of inexplicable familiarity. Suddenly, his eyes brightened upthis kid resembled Lu Yanchen!

He then looked at Shi Guang with a deep contemplative gaze before chuckling out, "I've got good news to share with you here today."

He took a form from his table and held it in front of Shi Guang. "Next month, the University Flying Fish Cup held by the National Swimming Association is about to start. For the side of our club's female team, we've decided to send you for it. You must definitely work hard! This is the application form. Hurry and fill it in. Once you're done, I'll send someone to revert it."

"Thank you, Boss Lei!" Shi Guang took over the form and pen and started filling it up immediately.

"What's the thank you for? You're someone of my club, after all. Furthermore, your performance has been the most stellar all this while. So, it's only right to send you for it," Boss Lei continued chirpily, then eyed Xiao Bai. "Say, Shi Guang, should you meet with any difficulties in the future, feel free to come and look for me."

"Thank you, Boss Lei!"

"I've already said that you don't have to thank me. Just based on your relationship with Young Master Lu alone, I shou"

Shi Guang cut him in his words. "Boss Lei, you've misunderstood! I have nothing going on with Lu Yanch"

Sensing that Xiao Bai at the side was eyeing her with a skeptical expression, she shut up immediately. However, remembering that he was only a kid, she presumed that he should not have thought too deep about Boss Lei's words.

But, who knew that the moment they got out, he asked, "Sister, are you dating my Little Uncle? Are you the Little Aunt that grandma was talking about?"