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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 122

Shi Guang turned around to look at Xiao Bai, her face turning somewhat pale as she denied it immediately, "No, how could that be? Weren't we going for soccer? Let's go, I'll bring you there!"

She tried to change the topic, but Xiao Bai insisted on it as he said with anticipation, "Then, will you start dating my Little Uncle, sister?"

Shi Guang could not help but let out a laugh, "Why?"

"If you guys date, you'll be able to marry my Little Uncle. If that happens, we'll be family!" He then scratched his head in embarrassment. "I really like you, sister. It'd be wonderful if you were my mummy. But still, I want my own mummy. I hope that she'll come for me one day. You won't get angry at me for that, will you sister?"

"Of course not!" Shi Guang fondled his headit was only natural instinct for a kid to want his mother.

"Then, can I still call you mummy today?" Xiao Bai looked at her hopefully.

"Sure, go ahead."


Holding his little hand, Shi Guang chatted with him while walking.

There was a small little field outside their neighborhood where many kids would often play. At this moment, a few people that looked like students were playing on the field as Shi Guang brought Xiao Bai over.

Xiao Bai really loved to play soccer; he was overwhelmed with joy even just running around by himself.


Suddenly, he fell onto the ground. Even just watching, Shi Guang could feel the pain from it. But surprisingly, he got up and continued sprinting, even calling Shi Guang to join him.

Afraid that he might get bored, Shi Guang got onto the field as well. However, it didn't take long before she felt some discomfort.

She had almost forgotten that this was still her menstrual period.

She had thought that she would be able to tide through it peacefully. But, who knew that just by exerting herself and running a little, her old problems from her menstrual period arose once more.

She could only sit down and watch Xiao Bai play.

Her stomach gradually felt even more uncomfortable as the skies started to darken.

Xiao Bai was all drenched in sweat as his face flushed so red that it was as though he had applied rouge, while his entire body was muddy as though he had climbed out of a pit.

Shi Guang hurriedly brought him home.

His playfulness was not satiated fully as Xiao Bai continued to kick the ball left and right on the grass fields in the neighborhood while walking back.

Suddenly, Xiao Bai ran somewhere while yelling outhe seemed to have kicked something.

"What's wrong?"

Chasing after him, Shi Guang found him hugging onto a cat which seemed injured. There was a thin, long wound on its body. Initially, the blood had already dried up and turned brown, but it seemed to have split open and was bleeding once more after being struck by the ball.

Xiao Bai asked with a face full of guilt, "Did I injure it with my ball? Is it going to die?"

Shi Guang checked the wound. "It's alright. I'll go buy some medicine and it'll be fine after applying."


"Hug the cat and wait for me here. I'll just ride my bike over to the pharmacy and will be back in a couple of minutes," Shi Guang only left after repeated reminders.

Xiao Bai hugged the cat over to the apartment obediently.

A black sedan was parked below the condominium. Yang Sitong had come looking for Lu Yanchen today. However, no matter how many times she called, no one picked up.

Feeling really frustrated and indignant, she could not help but kick out at a stone beside her leg violently. She had only wanted to vent her frustrations, but to her astonishment, it struck someone!

With a single yelp, a kid fell onto the ground.

Because Xiao Bai collapsed, the cat in his hands fell onto the ground as well. Surprised, the cat scurried rapidly on the ground and pounced on Yang Sitong