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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 123


Surprised, the cat scurried rapidly on the ground and pounced on Yang Sitong

She shrieked out and stumbled back a little. However, she could not manage to dodge as the cat scratched her hands before landing on the ground.

Looking at the injury on her hand, then at the dirty cat on the ground, she could not prevent the pent-up emotions within her from pouring out entirely as she raised her leg and aimed it at the cat with a hard kick.


The already injured cat had no way of avoiding that kick as it was sent rolling a few rounds after being struck. As that sharp pain surged through its entire body, the cat laid there motionless while squealing out tragically.

Xiao Bai’s eyes widened in shock, unable to believe everything before his eyes as he sprinted toward the cat. Looking at him with its eyes, the cat raised its quivering paw while panting out heavily, as though it was begging for Xiao Bai to save it.

Infuriated beyond anything else, that tender, petite face of Xiao Bai exuded a cold aura. “Why are you such a bad woman! Why did you have to kick the little to death?”

Dark clouds shrouded above Yang Sitong’s face. “Brat, your cat was the one that scratched me first.”

“The stone that you kicked struck the little kitty and me! That’s why it struck at you!” Xiao Bai’s face was totally icy, unfazed by Yang Sitong in the slightest bit. “You’re an evil, vicious woman! You’re the type of supporting venomous female character that everyone hates in television dramas!”

Annoyed by Xiao Bai’s remarks, Yang Sitong could not help but lecture out, “Shut up! I’m warning you! If you continue to spout nonsense, don’t blame me for being rude!”

“HMPH!” Xiao Bai snorted coldly as he insisted on scolding her, “You’re an ugly and evil woman! You can even lay your hands on an injured little kitty! You’re going to suffer a bad death and go down to hell!”

Yang Sitong’s face was filled with absolute contempt as she barked out loudly, “Old Zhou!”

The chauffeur in the car ran out immediately and came before Xiao Bai. “Where did you come from, wild child? Hurry and leave.”

He even tried using his hand to pull Xiao Bai away. Because he was grabbed from the wrist by surprise, Xiao Bai was lifted off the ground entirely with a massive tug.

Using every single bit of strength he had, Xiao Bai sent a tight kick over at the chauffeur, Old Zhou. Because of the ensuing pain, Old Zhou flung him away on the ground. Even though he landed on his bum, it still hurt nevertheless.

Xiao Bai was someone who had been pampered since he was born; since when had he ever been treated by anyone like this?

His widened eyes were reddening, seeming as though he was about to burst out into tears. But, he held it back in.

Suddenly, he bolted up and opened that little mouth of his, chomping down on Old Zhou’s arm!

“ARGH!” Old Zhou screamed out in pain and swung his hand out furiously. Instantly, that petite frame of Xiao Bai’s was sent flying onto the ground, even rolling back a little.

Shi Guang happened to witness the scene as she returned riding her bike. She was so frightened that her soul nearly popped out of her. She didn’t even park her bike properly, throwing it at the roadside before speeding over to Xiao Bai’s side.

While quivering, Xiao Bai reached out and rubbed his little arm and backside. The moment he caught sight of Shi Guang, that frail body of his pounced over to her as he pouted his lips in indignance. “Mummy!!!”

“Where did you land on? Let me see!” The worried Shi Guang checked his body from head to toe. His palm was so swollen that it was entirely red; there were even patches of bruises where the skin was peeled. Clearly, he had tried using his hand to support the fall earlier on.

It must be really painful. But, because he did not want Shi Guang to worry, he put on a brave front. “I’m alright, it’s just a small injury. You don’t have to worry. But, the little kitty is dying”