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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 124


Shi Guang’s gaze followed the direction Xiao Bai pointed at, where the cat lay in a fresh pool of blood. She went over to check on its injurythat kick from Yang Sitong earlier on had caused it a huge blow.

Right now, it hadfainted over, with only a feeble breath of air left. Shi Guang gently stroked the fur on its body before carrying it up carefully.

“Is it dead?” Xiao Bai’s eyes were totally red right now.

“Not yet. We might be able to save it if we send it to the clinic now.”

“Let’s hurry and send it over then!” Xiao Bai reached out to hug the cat immediately before glaring hard at Yang Sitong, as though he wanted to burn her into his memories and take revenge in the future.

Ignoring Xiao Bai’s vengeful look entirely, Yang Sitong looked at Shi Guang and asked gently, “Is this your son?”

She tried her best to maintain her composure and did not let a single bit of disdain that she had expressed earlier on seep out.

Shi Guang turned around to look at that Yang Sitong, that woman with her intricate makeup, expensive dress, and exquisite fashion sense who was even smiling right now.

‘Son? Yang Sitong thinks that Xiao Bai ismy son? Isn’t she Lu Yanchen’s fiance?’

‘If that were the case, shouldn’t she always be at the Lu Family? If she were there, how could she have not seen Xiao Bai before? How did she not even know that Xiao Bai was Lu Yanchen’s nephew?’

To think that she would even dare to ask if he was her son!

Did that mean that if he were her son and not someone from the Lu Family, he was worth being abused in that manner?

Shi Guang puffed up her chest as a surge of irrepressible hatred found itself cruising through every single one of her limbs.

With that insatiable rage, she shouted out at Yang Sitong’s face fiercely, “Miss Yang! Don’t you think it’s overboard to treat a kid that way? ”

The calmness on Yang Sitong’s face vanished entirely. ‘This female coach! If I do not show her a thing or two, she might really start acting up and thinking she was a somebody, huh? Why don’t you take a look at your background and status!’

If not for the fact that she was Lu Yanchen’s coach, Yang Sitong would have seen her as nothing more than a wretched piece of sh*t!

Suddenly, Yang Sitong’s gaze turned completely icy as she spoke out indifferently, “Your son was the one who was being rude in the first place. Miss Shi, your family’s kid has way too poor of an upbringing, doesn’t he? How could he scold people casually?”

Xiao Bai tugged at Shi Guang’s hand before replying angrily, “You’re the one with no upbringing! You kicked me with the stone and even kicked the little kitty!”

Shi Guang laughed out coldly, “Miss Yang, he’s only a child. Even if he has no upbringing, are you the same as him? Or, were you someone who had loved bullying others since you were young? If I hadn’t arrived in time, were you prepared to have your chauffeur strip him and give him a good beating? Before you ask others if they have upbringing, has your upbringing been fed to the dogs, Miss Yang? Or, are you someone that vile and venomous that you will not even let a child off?”

The sudden shouting, wrath, and unconcealable hatred that was exuding forth from Shi Guang had Yang Sitong taken aback, making her frown.

Old Zhou rushed over and barked at Shi Guang, “You screaming and shouting here is proof of the type of upbringing your child has! To think that he would spit out such vile words at such a young age! You don’t look old, and yet you already have a child that big. It’s only with a mum like you that there’s a b*stard child like him who doesn’t know any manners!”

Not wanting the matter to escalate, Yang Sitong waved at Old Zhou. “Forget it, Old Zhou.”

After all, this female coach was Lu Yanchen’s swimming coach.

For now, Lu Yanchen was still ignoring her, even avoiding her calls. She did not want him to catch wind of the entire matter, which would result in an even worse impression of her in his mind.