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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 125


Yang Sitong looked at Shi Guang. “I kicked the stone by accident. Look, I’m also injured because your cat came to scratch me immediately!” As she said that, she raised that injured hand of hers.

Xiao Bai replied brashly, “You have only yourself to blame! If you didn’t scare little kitty with that stone, it wouldn’t have scratched you!”

“I know, so I’ll foot the medical bill!” As she said that, she took out a stack ofRenminbi1from her wallet and handed it over to Shi Guang. However, there was a tinge of mockery on her lips, looking as though she was someone high and above donating some chump cash to beggars.

Shi Guang’s hands by her side were curled tightly into a fist so fiercely that her nails were digging into her palms. She laughed out coldly, “There are many things that can’t be solved with money. I think you had better keep that money for yourself to visit the doctor, Miss Yang.”

With that said, she held Xiao Bai’s hand and walked away silently, prepared to send the cat to the clinic. By now, Yang Sitong’s face was green with rage. She had given more than enough face now, and yet that b*tch really thought she was a somebody! The nerve!

Once she had settled Lu Yanchen, the first thing on her agenda would be to change this female coach away.

She then gave Lu Yanchen another call. However, no matter how much she tried, he refused to pick up. Infuriated, she gave yet another stone a kick.

‘Lu Yanchen, why! Why would you not give me a chance! Could there be another woman who loves you more in this world?’

Shi Guang and Xiao Bai brought the cat to the nearest vet clinic nearby. For the entire duration, the cat did not budge much. Xiao Bai had been talking to it the entire time, but it didn’t even respond with a single mew, causing him to be extremely distressed, afraid that something might happen to it.

It was only when the vet said that the cat would not be in any fatal danger that Xiao Bai heaved out a sigh of relief.

Because she knew that Xiao Bai’s hand was injured as well, Shi Guang requested for some antiseptic from the nurse, wanting to help him clean his wound.

Because the wound that was bleeding from earlier was not treated, it had formed some scabs.

Shi Guang placed his hand in her palm while saying gently, “Xiao Bai, bear with it a little. It’s going to sting a bit!”

While nodding, Xiao Bai patted his little chest with his uninjured hand like a small little man. “Don’t worry, mummy! A small injury like that is nothing much. There was once when daddy brought me to climb a mountain. I rolled down from the mountain! Even then, I didn’t cry at all!”

“Xiao Bai is so brave!” Shi Guang started to clean the wound for Xiao Bai. His little palm was all swollen. Because he had used a tissue to wipe earlier on, there were some scraps and traces of the tissue left around it.

Even though it wasn’t an extremely severe injury, it looked rather horrifying

Shi Guang felt as though there was a stinging blow in her heart as she felt a series of pain she could not describe.

“I’m sorry, Xiao BaiIt’s because I didn’t manage to protect you” Shi Guang’s eyes reddened gradually.

“I’m alright! It’s only a small injury. I’ll be alright tomorrow.”

“It’s all because I’m useless. I didn’t manage to protect you, causing you to get bullied by othersI’m so sorry” While sniffing, Shi Guang could no longer hold back her tears as she hugged Xiao Bai tightly in her embrace.

Xiao Bai was stunned, able to feel the back of his shirt getting wet. Even though she made no sound, Xiao Bai knew that sister was crying.

She was sadso sad that she was crying.

He too wanted to cry.

However, he knew he mustn’t.

‘It’s all the fault of that woman todayIf not for her, sister would not be so upset!’

‘From now on, I am going to protect sister! I’ll never let that bad woman hurt sister again!’

‘I must even help sister get back at her!’