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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 126


It didn’t take long for the vet to clean up the cat’s wounds and even give it a quick shower and trimming of its fur.

With that, the cat looked even tinier than before, around the size of a man’s palm. However, it was really pretty. Compared to its initially dirty look, it was completely white after being showeredall the blackness it had earlier on was dirt! Not only that, it had a pair of pristine, sparkling blue eyes.

Xiao Bai was absolutely enamored by it.

He wanted to hug it, yet he didn’t dare to as he looked at the vet with a serious expression. Raising his brows, he clearly exuded a sense of maturity that was far beyond his age. “How’s the little kitty. Is it going to die?”

The vet chuckled before telling him rejoicefully, “The wounds are only superficial. It should recover after being taken care of for a period of time.”

“Thank you, vet!” Xiao Bai extended his arms, wanting to hug the cat.

However, the vet did not pass the cat over to him. “This doesn’t seem like a cat that you’ve raised, right? You should have picked it up from the streets, right?”

“That’s right, but it was injured because we were careless.”

“Since that’s the case, let me vaccinate it as well before you take it back to care for it.”

Xiao Bai immediately retracted his hands before thanking the vet with extreme politeness, “Thank you, vet!”

Knowing that the cat was all fine, Xiao Bai was ecstatic and told Shi Guang that he was going to raise it in the future, even asking her to help him name it.

By the time they got out of the vet clinic, the skies had already darkened. Shi Guang brought Xiao Bai out for some food before sending him to the twelfth floor.

Initially, she had intended to make dinner for him. However, she was really feeling rather uncomfortable right now. Furthermore, there was a deep sense of fatigue that seemed to be brewing from the depths of her heart, causing her to feel particularly miserable.

When Lu Yanchen reached home, he found an additional occupant in the house. His little nephew and that cat were both looking at him with their bright eyes.

“Little Uncle!”

Placing the little kitty down, Xiao Bai slid down from the sofa and sprinted all the way to Lu Yanchen with his little legs before giving him a big hug.

Lu Yanchen, “”

This was way too friendly of him. In the past, before this little nephew of his even knew how to talk, he already knew how to treat everyone around him with additional friendliness whenever he did anything wrong.

His glance landed casually on the little white cat that was wrapped with bandages all over on the sofa. “Where did it come from?”

Looking at his Little Uncle’s line of sight aimed at the little kitty, Xiao Bai chuckled, “I picked it up when I went out to play with sister today. From now on, I’m going to raise it. Don’t worry, Little Uncle, it has been vaccinated.”

Lu Yanchen sat down on the sofa opposite the cat. “You’re going back tomorrow then.”

“Can’t I stay till it’s time to go over to daddy’s place?”


Xiao Bai ran over and hugged the cat unhappily. Lu Yanchen spotted that his hand was also wrapped with little red bandages and knew that he was injured immediately. “What happened to your hand?”

“A bad woman caused it. She even bullied sister into crying.” Xiao Bai replied while stroking the back of the cat.

Lu Yanchen’s eyes narrowed as a dangerous look flashed by them. “She the sister downstairs cried?”

“Yes!” Xiao Bai nodded his head before pouting his lips. “She caused sister to cry out really sadly. Sister said that she didn’t protect me well enough. But, it was actually not sister’s fault at all. It was all that bad woman who was too evil and fierce! The moment sister saw her, she was really angry. That bad woman must have bullied sister before in the past as well! She had even wanted to use money to humiliate sisterThat’s too much! I remembered her car plate number. Next time, I’m going to teach her a lesson!”

After listening to Xiao Bai elaborate everything in a huff, Lu Yanchen’s gaze turned frosty.