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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 127


Lying on the bed, Shi Guang had wrapped herself in her blanket while hugging herself all into a single bundle. She was feeling so miserable that she did not want to budge even a single inch.

When the doorbell rang, she ignored itshe didn’t want to bother with anyone, no matter who it was. It didn’t take long before the phone beside her bed rang as well. However, she wasn’t bothered to look at it either.

However, the ringing of her phone and doorbell were incessant. Because she was already frustrated enough in her heart, this noise brought about even more frustration. Reaching out for her phone, she saw who it wasLu Yanchen.

The person ringing on her doorbell should be Lu Yanchen as well then.

She picked up the call, “Young Master Lu, what do you want?”

“Open the door,” Lu Yanchen’s cold voice came over from the other end, domineering and imposing.

“Just say anything you wish to.”

“Open the door!” His cold authority was not to be disobeyed.

Left without a choice, Shi Guang could only go and open the door with her brows furrowed. “Just what in the world do you want?”

She did not want to stand upher stomach was still feeling discomfort. Hence, she was slightly hunched over.

Looking at the somewhat pale face of hers and that impatient expression, Lu Yanchen noticed that there was something off about her even down to her gaze. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m fine. Just say what you want to.”

Shi Guang turned her head around and rested it on the doorshe had no intention of letting him in at all. Anyway, he stuck his foot at the base of the door. “What happened this afternoon?”

Shi Guang forced out a fake laugh while replying calmly, “Nothing much! We met your fiance downstairs. She didn’t recognize Xiao Bai, and there was a small misunderstanding. You can ask Xiao Bai for the complete story. I’m really tired, so I’m going to sleep now.”

As she said that, she tried to close the door. But, she couldn’t do so with Lu Yanchen’s foot blocking it. Her stomach was really feeling bad right now such that even speaking an additional word would cause her misery.

However, he wouldn’t pull back his foot.

Unable to contain all the frustration in her heart, Shi Guang could not help but bark out at him, “Why are you so annoying! Can’t you just let me be alone for a while?”

Lu Yanchen knitted his brows, looking at her as though he was looking at an idiot. Extending his hand, he pushed the door open. “You had better understand what in the world you are trying to say right now.”

Sitting down on her sofa, Shi Guang could not help but blurt out again, “Shouldn’t I be the one asking you what you’re trying to say? Are you here to settle the debt with me because you feel uncomfortable thinking that I’ve bullied your fiance?”

Lu Yanchen gripped her wrist with such strength that it seemed as though he was about to eat her up. He bit down on his lip and pulled her over slightly. “You think that that’s the reason why I’m here?”

Shi Guang stared at him straight in the eye. “Why else then?”

“I really want to choke you to death right now,” Lu Yanchen’s face turned even more terrible as he remarked coldly, “The only thing you’re good at is venting your anger at me.”

“I’m venting my anger at you? Since when have I been venting my anger on y” Shi Guang was so speechless that she laughed out. “You’re clearly here to cause trouble for me.”

With that said, Shi Guang sat back downher stomach was really uncomfortable right nowextremely uncomfortable.

This time around, she could not bear with it anymore as she pressed her hand against her tummy, rubbing it in gentle circles. Lu Yanchen’s sharp gaze landed on her body immediately.

He knew that her actions were for her menstrual cramps.

Taking two steps forward, he carried her up expressionlessly before streaking over to her bedroom. Stunned, Shi Guang’s eyeballs were about to pop out of her sockets. “Lu Yanchen, what are you doing! Let me down, quick!”

However, Lu Yanchen ignored her. The domineering man was always someone in the leading position.

He laid Shi Guang down on her bed before ordering, “You had better lie down properly!”