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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 128


Lying on her bed, Shi Guang looked at Lu Yanchen in surprise. He looked particularly frustrated as he undid the top two buttons of his shirt before turning around to walk out. Before long, he returned with a bowl ofbrown sugar water1.

“Sit up and drink this first.”

In the past, during her menstrual periods, he would prepare brown sugar ginger water and take care of her tenderly as well.

The current situation was quite reminiscent of the past.

Unconsciously, Shi Guang gripped her fist. “I-I’veI’ve already drunk it.”

“One more bowl then.” Lu Yanchen’s gaze was icy cold as he said that while scooping up a mouthful of the dark brown liquid and looking at her. “Open your mouth.”

Shi Guang, “”

For a moment, the entire room went silent.

Suddenly realizing that he was about to feed her, an uncomfortable look flashed across Lu Yanchen’s eyes as his face darkened. “Your stomach is hurting, not your hands. Hurry and take it over.”

“Oh!” Shi Guang replied as she took over the bowl.

‘This man is really unpredictable, making it seem for a moment as though he was about to feed me.’

Forced to drink yet another bowl of brown sugar ginger water, she placed the empty bowl beside her bed gloomily before turning to Lu Yanchen. “I’m done drinking. I’m going to go sleep.”

She wanted to chase the guest away.

However, not only did Lu Yanchen not leave, he sat down at the side of the bed. Shi Guang looked at him with wide opened eyes. “You still want to talk? Can’t it wait till tomorrow?”

“Lay down properly.” As he said that, he pushed her down flat onto the bed with his hand as he laid down as well. Shi Guang was surprised. But, by the time she came to her senses, she was already pushed down by Lu Yanchen’s arm.

Immediately, she turned around and tried getting down the other side of the bed. But, he was faster than her as he hugged her from the back, the two of them joined together in a tight embrace.

“Lu Yanchen! You!”

“Don’t move.”

As Lu Yanchen ordered, he moved his hand beneath her clothes before placing his palm firmly on her tummy.

That warm palm was placed next to her skin snugly. It would occasionally move, helping the warmth of his body seep into her tummy. Soon, it didn’t seem as painful anymore

In the past, if her tummy hurt, he would always hug her in the same way as well, helping her soothe her tummy with his hand so that she would feel better.

But, that was when they were still together.

Now that they had broken up for more than two years, this was really inappropriateshe did not want to carry on with any ambiguous acts with him like this.

Furthermore, with him being like this right now, she felt a little uncomfortable

“I don’t need it! Hurry and let go of me!” She pushed him hard, but her cramp worked up again immediately as she flinched while gasping out in pain. Instantly, her body went limp once more.

“I told you not to moveDidn’t you hear me?” The man’s voice was deep and husky, like a rich, aged red wine.

Shi Guang’s body froze upshe could feel a hard, throbbing object that was pressing against her with a fiery brazenness.

‘God! Is he thinking of doing anything?’

Shi Guang got a little flustered instantly. “Then youyou should let me go now!”

“If you move again, I’m going to strip off your clothes!!”

Lu Yanchen’s threat was gruff as his hot breath pressed down by her ear, causing her to feel like melting. Shi Guang’s eyes widened in shock while her little face was flushed completely redshe really wanted to wallop him to death right now.

“What are you acting all unreasonable for?” Even though she muttered that, she truly did not dare move anymore. She knew that Lu Yanchen was a man of his words.

Furthermore, it wasn’t as though he hadn’t stripped her before