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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 129


By the time Shi Guang got up, it was already noon, and there was no one beside her. She rubbed her eyes before rising slowly, without any idea of how she had fallen asleep last night. Meanwhile, she was clearly jittery all over, with her defenses up fully.

She could only blame the fatigue she had last night and the way he rubbed her tummy being too comfortable for her to fall asleep involuntarily.

Only, she was so dead asleep that she did not even know when Lu Yanchen had left.

Stretching herself, she headed to the toilet to wash up before heading to the kitchen, ready to prepare food.

To her surprise, there was already breakfast on the table, and the rice cooker in the kitchen was still on, keeping a bowl of brown sugar ginger water warm within.

He was really thoughtful in his actions, just like in the past.

However, Shi Guang wasn’t happy in the slightest bit. After all, their relationship was different now.

They had once met and loved, whispering of love under the afternoon sun while embracing one another for support in the depths of the night.

But, at the end of the day, they broke up nevertheless, each heading into a different path in life and disappearing from the other’s life as though everything was but a dream.

Now that she had awakened from that dream, she was determined not to return to that love once more.

And with that decision, she hoped that it would be clear cut, instead of sticking around with lingering emotions and ambiguity like this

As she sat before the dining table, Shi Guang took up her phone. There were many voice messages, all sent from Xiao Bai.

She ate breakfast while listening to his voice recordings.

“Sister, I’m going to head back home first before going over to my daddy’s. Initially, I had wanted to say goodbye to you, but Little Uncle told me that you were sick and I shouldn’t disturb you when you were sleeping.”

“Sister, rest well and take care, alright? I’ll come back and look for you after heading over to my daddy’s.”

“I’ll bring Little Goody with me back home and take care of it as well. You don’t have to worry, sister.”

Little Goody was the name they gave the cat yesterday.

Shi Guang replied with a voice message of her own as well, “Sister’s all fine now and has already recovered, so you don’t have to worry about me. Xiao Bai, enjoy yourself over at your daddy’s, alright? I’ll be missing you and waiting for you to come back and visit with a chubby Little Goody!”

It didn’t take long before Xiao Bai replied.

“Sister, I’ll definitely come visit you again! Let’s keep in touch when we’re free always!”

“Sister, one last thing. There’re rules in the army that I can’t casually send voice messages, so I’ll only send you text messages. Words that I don’t know how to type, I’ll ask the brother soldiers there!”

After he sent that voice message, Xiao Bai was all ready to keep his phone when Lu Yanchen, who was driving beside him, suddenly reached out with an empty palm. “Hand your phone over.”

Xiao Bai’s eyes widened just like little grapes.

“I’m already heading home now, so the phone should be mine! Furthermore, how am I going to keep in contact with sister if I pass you my phone? Weren’t you the one who said that I should tell sister to keep in contact with me regularly and that I can’t send voice messages, only texts in the army?”

‘Since I have already told her about me going to the army, I should be the one bringing my phone into the army, right? Why do I have to return it to Little Uncle now again?’

Lu Yanchen looked at him with an icy cold stare as he spoke with a tone clearly lacking any warmth, “You’re not handing it over, is that it?”

Xiao Bai licked his lips, contemplating for a moment before handing it over to Lu Yanchen still. However, he was rather unhappy as he opened his eyes with an accusatory tone, “Uncle, you have your own phone. Why do you want mine?”

“Kids shouldn’t always be playing with phones.”

Xiao Bai snorted coldly, “That’s an excuse! You told sister to keep in touch with me, but you took my phone away. Actually, you’re the one who wants to keep in touch with sister. You even said that I can’t send voice messages at daddy’s place. You must be lying!”