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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 130


Lu Yanchen, “”

At times, it wasn’t too good of a thing for kids to be too smart as well.

He just ignored Xiao Bai and continued driving.

As for Xiao Bai who could not get his phone back, he was really sad and dejected right now. His lips were pouted so much that one could almost hang a lantern on them. “I’m going to tell sister that you are a liar, and that the phone wasn’t with me at all!”

It was a red light, so Lu Yanchen braked on the car before turning around to look at Xiao Bai, mentioning calmly, “Seems like you really do like her a lot.”

“That’s right, I like sister! Super duper a lot!” Looking at him, Xiao Bai’s eyes suddenly twinkled as he spoke in an impish manner, “You like her too, uncle? Are you thinking of making her myLittle Aunt?”

Lu Yanchen did not reply, merely remarking once more, “Oh, I forgot to tell you. Pets are not allowed into the army.”

Xiao Bai turned around and looked at his little kitty sprawled on the backseat with a totally dejected face. “What? I can’t even bring pets? What should I do then? I’ve already told sister that I’ll take care of Little Goody!”

Why didn’t Little Uncle say that before they left! If he had known, he would not have brought Little Goody!

While sighing, he slumped his shoulders. “Seems like I’ll have to ask grandma to take care of it.”

Lu Yanchen replied indifferently, “Your grandma’s going traveling in the next couple of days.”

“What should I do then?”

Xiao Bai was flustered as he looked at Lu Yanchen with a sorry expression. “Uncle, can you take Little Goody back for sister to take care of it then?”

Lu Yanchen curled his lips before asking in a low tone, “Didn’t you say that you were going to tell sister that I’m a liar? She will definitely not want a cat that a liar brings back”

Xiao Bai was in such a dilemma that his brows were furrowedAfter a moment, he spoke up gloomily, “Forget it! I won’t tell sister about the phone. But, I have a hunch that she doesn’t want to be my mummy, neither does she want to be my Little Aunt.”

Lu Yanchen’s face darkened as his tone got colder as well, “Is that something you should be concerned about?”

Xiao Bai went silent.

Little Uncle seemed to have gotten angryhe was even scarier than daddy when he was angry. Everyone in the family had to give way to him, even a kid like Xiao Bai himself.

However, he wasn’t even the one who had said that. That was clearly the meaning behind sister’s reply when he had asked her the same question the other day.

Furthermore, didn’t Little Uncle already have a Little Aunt?

With his phone and little kitty taken away, Xiao Bai felt that he had truly been happy for nothing.

Ah, he felt so tired right now.

‘The world of the adults is so complex, hais!’

When Xiao Bai arrived at the Lu Family, he hugged Little Goody tight in his embrace.

Catching sight of her grandson had Shen Lingshuang totally elated. When she looked at that little kitten in Xiao Bai’s arms, she asked in surprise, “Where did this cat come from?”

She then looked at Lu Yanchen. “Yours?”

Xiao Bai raised his hand. “Mine!”

Lu Yanchen replied as well, “Someone else’s. I’ll be bringing it back later on.”

Shen Lingshuang was astounded and suddenly ignored Xiao Bai’s words. Instead, she thought about the ‘someone else’. She knew that her son was someone withmysophobia1. How would he agree to help someone look after their cat?

There must definitely be something fishy about this.

“Whose is it?” She asked.

“It’s sister’s!” Xiao Bai rushed to reply.

Shen Lingshuang knew that she would definitely not be able to get anything out of her son. Hence, she rushed in front of her grandson. “Which sister?”

Xiao Bai smiled sweetly. “The sister downstairs.”

Just as he placed Little Goody on the sofa, it ran off right away. At this moment, Xiao Bai was a total slave to the cat as he gave chase right away. Shen Lingshuang wasn’t hurried eithershe had all the time in the world to ask her grandson after he returned.

But her son? She had to clarify things now.