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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 131


A little anxious, Shen Lingshuang looked at Lu Yanchen and asked with a full face of smiles, “Did you know the girl after moving there or did you move there because you knew the girl was there? When are you bringing her home for me to take a look?”

She had already automatically associated the ‘sister downstairs’ together with the girl who had appeared in Lu Yanchen’s room.

“We’ll see.”

“Don’t ‘we’ll see’ anymore. The Yangs had called earlier, saying that she’ll be coming later because she tried contacting you the entire day yesterday, but just couldn’t get to you no matter what,” This ‘she’ was naturally referring to Yang Sitong.

“I’ve got something on, so will be leaving now,” Suddenly, Lu Yanchen’s gaze turned cold as he stood up, wanting to leave. He said nothing about leaving earlier on, yet he was all ready to leave now. Clearly, it was because he didn’t want to see Yang Sitong.

Shen Lingshuang pulled him back gently. “Son, I don’t really like the Yang Family that much either. Back then, the two of you were arranged to be married verbally, and there are not any emotions between the two of you after the engagement. But, she did save you back then. No matter what, we mustn’t cross the lines on our side. It’s all fine if you can find someone back, but if you were to just remain singleyour father’s definitely going to get you guys married in the long run.”

After running a round, Little Goody returned to the sofa area.

Reaching out, Lu Yanchen scooped Little Goody into his arms. Xiao Bai ran over and joined in the crowd, extending his hands and wanting to hug Little Goody. “Little Uncle!”

However, Lu Yanchen did not pass the cat over to Xiao Bai, hugging it in his embrace still.

Stroking the fur on its back gently, he stood up while saying, “I’ve already rejected this verbal marriage a long time ago. I made it clear to themWhether or not I’m single, it’s impossible between her and me!”

Lu Yanchen emphasized on his pointeven though she had saved him, he wasn’t familiar with them in the slightest bit, let alone get married with their family.

Looking at the back view of her son, Shen Lingshuang sighed. She naturally knew about him going to annul his marriage. That year, this matter had caused quite a stirno one had expected him to go do that all of a sudden.

However, as his mummy, she knew.

Before he had gone over to the Yang Family to annul the marriage, he came looking for her first. “Mum, I really don’t like that fiance of mine in the slightest bit. Furthermore, she has caused me a really deep trouble.”

“What sort of a trouble?”

“If I meet with someone I actually like, I will not be able to get together with her because of this fiance. Otherwise, she will inadvertently become the third party instead. This wouldn’t be fair to the person I like. Also, I’m not even familiar with this fiance of mine.”

Back then, his entire face was solemn and troubled while his deep voice filled the empty room, causing it to seem particularly gloomy.

She asked in surprise, “You found someone you like?”

He stopped for a moment before shaking his head. “I’m only talking about the future. I don’t wish to come into a situation as such.”

“With this matter, even mummy cannot help you. However, you can go over and break the marriage on your own. After all, it’s only a verbal agreement, and you guys haven’t even been through any official ceremony. After you go break it with them, you can then accept the girl you like, and that girl wouldn’t be a third party anymore.”

Back then, that was what she had said on a whim. But, she had not expected him to do so right away on the next day.

After annulling the marriage, he disappeared for a period of time. When he finally returned, he said that he wanted to study abroad. He then fell out of love

Now that she thought about it, he wasn’t talking about an ‘if’ back then.

‘He really should have had a girl he really liked back then.’

But because of that fiance, he couldn’t get himself to do anything about it.

After he asked her, he then went over to break the marriage before chasing after the girl he liked so that he could have her as a girlfriend.

Actually, she was somewhat afraid that he hadn’t gotten over her yet