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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 132


Lu Yanchen and Yang Sitong were practically brushing by one another; she caught sight of that well-built body of his far from the distance, entering his car. Seeing as he was about to sit in, her eyes sparkled as she yelled out, “Yanche”

She had her chauffeur stop the car. But, by the time she got off her car, Lu Yanchen had already driven off without any signs of stopping as he passed by her.

Standing there and staring at Lu Yanchen’s car disappear into the distance, she could only grip her fists tightly. She wanted to chase after him, but she had a meeting arranged with Shen Lingshuang.

Yesterday, Lu Yanchen did not pick up her calls the entire day, and she had even gotten into a small fight with his swimming coach below his apartment. Because she felt really uneasy about the entire thing, she went to look for her eldest brother and told him everything.

He harrumphed coldly, “To think that a mere swimming coach would dare to be so cocky!”

She truly felt really aggrieved such that she cried outshe had already given her that much face, yet the swimming coach did not know what was good for her!

“She must have seen Lu Yanchen ignoring me. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have thought that I’m such a pushover!”

Her brother’s face turned dark as he consoled her, “Don’t cry anymore. What’s the use of crying? You might as well spend your energy thinking about how to capture Lu Yanchen’s heart.”

“That’s impossible already!” As she got to this point, she bawled even harder, “It’s already been so many years, and yet he’s been treating me the same! I just don’t get what’s so bad about me that he just refuses to like me!”

“Silly, how could that be? Your marriage was arranged by the Old Master Lu! Even if Old Master Lu isn’t around anymore, unless we disagree to it, he will have to marry you no matter what!”


“Listen to your brotherGo to the Lu’s tomorrow and don’t mention anything about Lu Yanchen ignoring you. Show some concern to your future in-laws and then pretend to mention about thatswimming coach. Talk about how messy her personal life is and that she is someone without any upbringing. With that, the Lu Family will definitely not let her continue to stay around Lu Yanchen’s side!”

That was right! She shouldn’t chase after Lu Yanchenshe had something to do at the Lu Family today.

Yang Sitong kept back her stare and turned around, heading into the Lu Family house. During all these years, she had visited the Lu’s countless times. Yet, there was always just Shen Lingshuang attending to her.

Even though she was always polite to her, Yang Sitong could tell that she did not take her as Lu Yanchen’s future wife at all.

That year, because of Lu Yanchen breaking the marriage agreement, Yang Sitong had turned into a laughing stock in her circle.

Thankfully, Master Lu had expressed his view that it was a marriage arranged by the elders and thatLu Yanchen’s solo agreement meant nothing.

However, did Master Lu like her then?

Whether or not he liked her, he had to acknowledge the marriage agreement. After all, it was something that was set down by the Old Master Lu.

Even if the entire Lu Family did not like her, so what? Lu Yanchen would still have to marry her.

Rumors had it that Master Lu was about to be promoted once again into someone at the top of the entire army.

That would be for the best as well. With his position up there, he would definitely have to respect the promise. As long as the Yangs do not reject the marriage arrangement, Lu Yanchen would definitely have to marry her.

And just like in the past, Shen Lingshuang was the only one welcoming her. However, that did not matter to Yang Sitong. Smiling sweetly, she engaged in conversation with her in an endearing manner.

As they chatted, she shifted the conversation topic and casually mentioned, “That’s right, auntie! I bumped into Yanchen’s swimming coach yesterday. Really, I had not expected that she would already be a mother of a child!”

The look of envy on her face spilled out entirely. “She’s younger than me, and yet she married earlier than meHow lucky! Her son looks rather smart.”

Shen Lingshuang frowned. “Little Chen’s swimming coach? How can that be? She’s only a university student?”

“Is that right? But, that kid called her mummy” Yang Sitong’s face widened in shock as she raised her hand and cupped her mouth in surprise before acting out pretentiously, “Perhaps I might have heard wrong?”