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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 133


Be it as a daughter of the Shen Family or as a daughter-in-law of the Lu Family, Shen Lingshuang was someone who was protected way too well, born with a silver spoon, without any worries. Because of that, she might be overly nave.

Of course, the nicer way of putting that would be innocent and sweet.

But realistically, she was a little dense.

As a person, she was someone without much consideration toward the things she usually did, and hadn’t been through many things in life. Because of that, she didn’t have a scheming heart, and was naturally less thoughtful when it came to resolving matters.

Furthermore, in her heart, this Yang Sitong was quite the decent lassgentle and kind. The reason why she didn’t think of her as a daughter-in-law wasn’t because she didn’t like her.

It was because her son didn’t like her.

To her, a married couple should only get together because of love.

She could not sense any bit of motive behind Yang Sitong’s words as she asked in surprise, “He’s already called her mummy, so it must definitely be her kid. How old is he?”

Even though Yang Sitong was gloating in her heart, she acted hesitant on the surface. “Seemed likefour to five?”

“He’s so big already! Doesn’t that mean that she gave birth in high school? This” Shen Lingshuang was stunned.

‘Were the young women these days so loose? Getting pregnant in high school!’

Even though this was someone else’s family affair and shouldn’t be something for her to get involved with, this was her son’s swimming coach. She did not want women with a messy personal life to wander around her son day and night.

“By the looks of it, she doesn’t look that oldShe must have given birth in high school. Perhaps it was because of her young age as well that her parents must not have approved of this child. Hence, there was no one to take care of him, causing him to not really know of any manners without anyone to guide him”

Yang Sitong sighed out, putting on an expression as though she was feeling pity for Shi Guang. On the other hand, Shen Lingshuang remarked sadly, “She’s onlyjust a child herself. How can she know how to raise another child?”

Yang Sitong was displeased with Shen Lingshuang’s reaction.

Shouldn’t you be scolding Shi Guang right now? What are you doing getting worried about whether or not she knows how to raise the child?

Yang Sitong sighed again, “By the time I was sensible, my mummy had always been telling me that one must grow up with self-love. It is only then that others would love you. You must never defile yourself and mix around with all sorts of random guys day and night, or you will learn to regret it one day.”

Even though she was talking about her mother’s teachings, she was just secretly hinting that Shi Guang was a girl without self-love and a messy personal life.

Shen Lingshuang remarked somewhat reproachfully, “It’s all my fault that I hadn’t done a thorough check before recruiting her to be a coach for Yanchen. This won’t doI’ll have to replace her.”

Giving birth in high school? No matter the reason, Shen Lingshuang was unable to accept it. She was a simple person with a really innocent set of emotions and lifestyle. To her, love, marriage, and children weren’t things to be done on a whim.

Therefore, the one thing she could not accept the most was for a girl to not know self-love.

‘Girls should know how to cherish themselves.’

The moment Yang Sitong heard that, she was overwhelmed with joy in her heart.

‘Hmph! So what if you’re Lu Yanchen’s coach? Anyone who messes with me will be gotten rid of all the same.’

“Only, where should I get another coach if I replace her?” Shen Lingshuang found herself in a dilemma. The little prince of their family had only agreed to learn to swim after much difficulty. What if he changed his mind after she replaced the coach?

Right now, Yang Sitong was filled with satisfaction. However, she did not reveal a single trace of that on her face as she looked at Shen Lingshuang without saying anything more.

She was waiting for Shen Lingshuang to say something.

In the end, Shen Lingshuang asked nothing, muttering instead, “Or perhaps, I should get someone to investigate it for a little. Perhaps, she might be married. Students in universities these days can get married as well.”