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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 134


Once again, Yang Sitong was displeased with Shen Lingshuang’s uncooperative response. But, she was still glad nevertheless that her goal had been achieved.

She looked at the latter with a gleeful face of smiles, expecting her to continue.

“Actuallyauntie, I know how to swim as well. How have you forgotten that I was the one who had saved Yanchen back then? Right now, I’m in the marketing department of the provincial swimming team as well. Actually, I can be the one to teach him, auntie.”

“This” Shen Lingshuang did not know how to respond to her now. Naturally, she knew that Yang Sitong knew how to swim; and she was rather decent at that as well.

But, if Yanchen was willing to have her as a coach, things wouldn’t even have gotten to this point. The issue was that Yanchen did not even want to see her, let alone let her be his coach.

Yang Sitong continued, “Even though I didn’t win any champion’s title or whatsoever in swimming, there’s definitely no issue with me teaching Yanch”

Before she even finished with her statement, a weak voice drifted over from the stairs.

“Grandma, I’m hungry”

The moment she heard this voice, Yang Sitong froze up!

How was this voice so similar to that swimming coach’s son that day?

Bolting up, she looked at the direction of the stairs as she saw a small little figure coming down slowly.

Just as Shen Lingshuang was ready to reply Xiao Bai, she saw Yang Sitong’s eyes opening wide, looking totally aghast. She then asked hurriedly, “What’s wrong?”

When that little figure at the stairs was displayed in her eyes, Yang Sitong heaved in a deep breath of cold air.

Her head rang loudly.

‘Wasn’t this the son of that female coach?!’

‘No, not right!’

This was the son of the Lu Family’s eldest son Lu Yanzhi!

It was definitely not the son of that female coach!

The child that day was dirty through and through, definitely a b*stard child! As for this child, he was dressed in a handsome set of harem pants with exquisite features, looking exceptionally cool and cute.

Clearly, they were not the same person.

‘Only, how are these two kids so alike?’

Without his phone and Little Goody, Xiao Bai went to the toy room but was still feeling bored all over. Unhappy, he decided that he didn’t want to play with any toys at all and wanted to head down for some food. But, to his surprise, he didn’t expect to see that bad woman who had bullied him the other day.

The initially fatigued Xiao Bai suddenly quivered before shouting out with a loud voice, “Why are you here!”

Yang Sitong, who was feeling slightly relieved because she had come to the conclusion that they merely looked alike, suddenly froze up anxiously.

This was no similarity.

‘They were the same person!’

Her face was filled with disbelief as though she had just seen a ghost.

But why was that female coach’s son at the Lu Family?

Shen Lingshuang looked at Xiao Bai and commented unhappily, “How are you talking? Auntie Yang is a guest. Where are the manners that I’ve usually taught you?”

Immediately, Xiao Bai ran over to his grandma with a wronged look and declared in a huff, “Grandma, she’s a bad woman!”


‘This kid just called Shen Lingshuang grandma!’

Yang Sitong’s face looked as though she had just been struck by thunder.

‘Wasn’t he that female coach’s son? How was she Shen Lingshuang’s grandson then?’

‘Could that female coach have been the one who had given birth to a child for Lu Yanzhi those years ago?’

Yang Sitong’s face was filled with incredulity.

Shen Lingshuang looked at her and asked, “What happened?”

Even though Yang Sitong came over often, she had not met Xiao Bai that much. Furthermore, kids grew up really quickly, and things changed rather significantly as well. Could her grandson have met with Yang Sitong outside and they had gotten into some conflict?

Yang Sitong was so flustered that her head was almost exploding as she replied in a fluster, “There’sa misunderstanding!”