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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 136


Not only did Shen Lingshuang speak up, but she also consoled Yang Sitong, “Don’t cry nowEven if you cry here, it’s useless.”

Xiao Bai, who was listening from the side, opened his jaws wide in shock.

‘To think that this bad woman would even be thinking of getting together with Little Uncle!’

He scolded angrily, “My Little Uncle will never fall for a bad woman like you! You’re so bad that no man would like you at all!”

The moment she heard that, Yang Sitong bawled out even louder.

Shen Lingshuang twisted her head and faced Xiao Bai. “Go back to your room first. If you continue being so rude, you’ll get no dinner.”

In a huff, Xiao Bai glared at Yang Sitong angrily before stomping his feet upstairs. He turned around and looked at Shen Lingshuang one last time. When he caught sight of how his grandma was forgiving that bad woman, he could not help but sigh.

He hoped that his mummy wouldn’t be an innocent vanilla sweetie like his grandma.

Shen Lingshuang turned around and looked at Xiao Bai as well. Naturally, she knew what Xiao Bai was thinking about. For an adult to get into a conflict with a child, that was enough to tell of the character of that adult.

However, this person was Yang Sitong. Back then, she was arranged to get married to Yanchen. After he had broken off the arrangement, he had ignored her for the past few years as well, causing her to be the laughing stock of many people behind her back.

It wasn’t easy being her as well.

At the end of the day, Shen Lingshuang was only forgiving her for the sake of guilt

But, she could finally understand why her Little Chen didn’t like this girl at all. At the same time, she was thankful that he didn’t.

But, that swimming coachjust what was going on with her and Yanchen?

Why did Xiao Bai call her mummy?

Shi Guang spent her entire day at home. In the past, this was how she had spent her rest days as well, feeling especially refreshed with just reading novels and watching dramas randomly.

However, she felt especially bored today, even having an inexplicable sense of frustration.

Leaning on the sofa, Shi Guang looked at the drawing board leaning against a cupboard beside. She stretched out for it and took out a pencil from her pencil case before starting to sketch on the topmost piece of white paper on the drawing board.

Slowly, she began to calm down.

Each time she felt a little uneasy, she would draw.

Drawing was something that helped her find tranquillity.

Her sister was the reason why she had learned to draw; the former was a genius in drawing who could bring life to images with a few mere strokes. From her sister, Shi Guang had learned to do some simple speed sketches. However, she wasn’t all that great, and was still way too far off when compared to her sister.

As the memories of her learning to draw from her sister reeled around her mind, Shi Guang continued drawing with an exceptional focus. By the time she placed her pencil down, she realized that she was actually sketching Lu Yanchen

It had been two yearsTo think that she would sketch him again.

Shi Guang really felt that she must be sick in the head as she immediately wanted to tear off the paper before crushing it into a ball and throwing it away.

But, just as she was about to do so, her phone rang.

She turned her head aroundit was Lu Yanchen.

After hesitating for a moment, she picked it up.

“Hi” The voice of the man on the other end was deep and gruff, “Open the door!”

Shi Guang held up her forehead and gritted her teeth before asking, “What do you want again?”

“We’ll talk after you open the door.”

“No, we’ll talk on the phone,” Other than teaching him to swim, Shi Guang did not want anything more with him right now.

“Don’t make me repeat myself,” The voice of this man was one that did not permit her having a say. She could not help but roll her eyes. Even though she did not wish to open the door, she didn’t seem to have a choice.

She then placed the drawing board down and went for the door.

The tall man stood outside, wearing a white t-shirt, long pants, and black military shoes. Even though it was a casual way of dressing, he exuded the cold aura of a natural king.

“What do you want again?”

Now that Xiao Bai was already gone, what was he here for?

‘Did he come just to pick a fight with me?’