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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 137


Lu Yanchen’s gaze was cold and deep as it landed on her face. On the other hand, she was still looking rather pale, with a sense of guardedness. It took a while before he curled his lips. “You’ve caused this trouble, so take care of it yourself.”

“Trouble I’ve caused? What trouble have I caused?” Shi Guang did not understand what he meant.

“That catIf you don’t go and feed it, it’s going to starve to death,” Lu Yanchen regurgitated that sentence slowly.

Shi Guang was puzzled, “Cat? Didn’t Xiao Bai take it away, saying that he’s going to take care of it?”

Lu Yanchen merely asked in a deep intending tone, “If Xiao Bai says that he’s going to marry you after he grows up, are you going to marry him?”

Shi Guang was at a loss for words.

“Whether or not you want to go feed it is up to you.” With that said, Lu Yanchen swerved around and left her with nothing but a glorious back view. Biting down on her teeth, Shi Guang took the keys on top of the shoe rack and chased after him in a huff

When Little Goody caught sight of Shi Guang, it was especially elated and ran over to her right away, running circles around her legs.

Immediately, Shi Guang hugged it up and poked Little Goody’s face a little. With that, its ears drooped down as though it was trying to act cute to Shi Guang, causing her to chuckle out uncontrollably.

“Since Xiao Bai can’t take care of you, let me do it then!”

As though it could understand Shi Guang’s words, Little Goody’s beautiful eyes stared right at her before it mewed out sweetly. The moment Shi Guang heard that, she could feel her heart going soft entirely.

She then hugged Little Goody in her embrace and stroked the fur on the back of its neck. “Come on, let’s go home.”

Just as Shi Guang had turned around, a soft voice drifted over. “Who said that you could take it away?”

Shi Guang asked in bewilderment, “What do you mean?”

With his arms crossed, Lu Yanchen leaned against the wall and looked at her. “I promised Xiao Bai that I will keep the cat in my home till he gets back to pick it up.”

“Then what did you call me up for? Isn’t it fine if you take care of it?” Shi Guang put down the cat, feeling rather speechless.

“I agreed to keep it, not to take care of it,” Lu Yanchen replied frostily.

“Wouldn’t it do for me to take it down and take care of it then? That way, it won’t disturb your personal space here.” Shi Guang said, “Furthermore, Little Goody likes me more as well.”

“Can’t tell how it likes you at all.”

“So, are you going to let me carry it off or what?”

“You think I don’t want to? You were the one who said that you were busy daily with your training. Xiao Bai emphasized that the cat MUST be at my place.”

Shi Guang shut her eyes, her temple hurting somewhat as she murmured, “Fine I’ll give Xiao Bai a call.”

She tried calling on her phone immediately. However, Xiao Bai’s phone was shut off, and she could only send a message over.

Lu Yanchen looked at her before reciting a chain of numbers.

“What’s that?”

“The passcode to unlock my apartment.”

Shi Guang looked at him in incredulity, really wanting to throw a sentence back him, ‘You either let me take it back or you’ll feed it.’

Lu Yanchen then replied with another cautionary advice, “Remember, you have to prepare food for it daily. Otherwise, it’s none of my business if it dies.”

Bloody hell! At times, Shi Guang really wanted to scold out with a stomach full of indignation.

Lu Yanchen looked at her. “What’s wrong with having you take care of a cat? I took care of you yesterday.”

Everything would have been fine if he didn’t mention about yesterday. Now that he did, Shi Guang was even more enraged. “Get lost! Who needs you to take care of me?”

Lu Yanchen harrumphed coldly, “Heartless.”

“You were clearly the one getting touchy with me, taking advantage of me all because I was feeling uncomfortable!”

“Even if I were taking advantage, the advantage’s already taken. What do you want to do about it now?”