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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 138


Shi Guang’s little face flashed between shades of red and white as she could not find the words to reply him with for a moment or so.

‘Take advantage of him as well?’ She scoffed out. ‘No way in hell would I do that!’

She really wanted to ignore the cat, but she knew that Lu Yanchen did not like little pets. If she really left it in his care, Little Goody might very well just die in his hands.

She turned around to the kitchen and took out a slice of ham to feed Little Goody. “Come, eat slowly.”

Sweeping his gaze across that super cute face of the cat and Shi Guang, Lu Yanchen went back to sit on the sofa. Crossing his long, slender legs one over the other, he sat down with an elegant and natural poise.

There was a glass of wine on the coffee table. Reaching out for it, he gave it a swirl before tasting it sip by sip, exuding class with every single bit of his motion.

Shi Guang fed the cat another slice of ham and a small pack of dried anchovies, thinking that she should bring it down to digest the food after eating so much.

She asked Lu Yanchen, “Can I bring Little Goody down for a walk then?”

Lu Yanchen’s eyelids closed down further, casting a slight shadow underneath his eyes. “What did you call it?”

“Little Goody, why?” Shi Guang asked again patiently, “Can I bring Little Goody down for a walk?”

“Meow!” Little Goody, who was hugged in Shi Guang’s embrace, gave a slight stir. However, its blue eyes were looking at Lu Yanchen as though pleading to him.

His gaze swept by the cat and then lingered at Shi Guang for a moment before he spoke out with a deep voice, “Littly would suit it more.”

Shi Guang, “”

She wasn’t someone who thought too much about things, but what was up with Lu Yanchen today?

No, he had actually been rather strange recently.

Was he trying to tease her?

He was clearly really cold and aloof from the start, such that he didn’t even want to cast a single glance at her. What was he mentioning that name all of a sudden for?

Littly was her nickname!

However, the only person other than her family to call her that was none other than Lu Yanchen.

He suddenly asked again, “Don’t you think that it looks similar to youequally ugly.”

Instantly, Shi Guang felt as though someone had just stuffed grass down her throat, choking her into feeling miserable.

‘Teasing? More like mocking! What a venomous tongue!’

She had the urge to rush over and stick his tongue up with tape.

“How is it ugly?” Her petite face turned black right away as she raised her volume. “Little Goody is clearly really pretty. After a shower, it came out so white and cute that even I was shocked.”

Honestly, she wanted to flip a table right now.

Fine, she wasn’t the prettiest out there. But, she definitely wasn’t ugly as well, alright?

On the other hand, him!

What did a man have to do being born that beautiful? If not for the fact that he was born a Lu, nine out of ten times, he would definitely be called a gigolo outside!

Lu Yanchen curled his lips and mouthed out slowly, “Have you become short-sighted recently?”

‘Your eyes are the ones with the problem!’ Shi Guang glared at him coldly. “Young Master Lu, you’re the handsomest. Will that do?”

Even though she was clearly being sarcastic, Lu Yanchen accepted her compliment graciously. “Now, you’ve finally got some taste.”

Shi Guang was speechless, “”

Lu Yanchen stood up. “Take good care of your cat.”

Looking as though he was about to head out, Shi Guang asked, “Where are you going?”

Lu Yanchen stopped in his tracks and looked at her calmly. His gaze was deep, as though he was expecting something. “Do I have to report to you?”

Stunned, Shi Guang replied hurriedly, “Of course not! It’s none of my business where you want to go!”

“Good that you know!” He replied coldly.

After he turned away from Shi Guang, his eyes flashed with a look of disappointment.