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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 139


Right after Lu Yanchen left, Shi Guang carried Little Goody out of the house as well, intending to just circle around the neighborhood.

How was Little Goody even ugly? It was clearly really pretty, with a snow white body. This was not even including that pristine pair of clear, blue eyes it sported, causing it to look really sharp.

Not only was this cat not ugly, it could even be considered as a gorgeous little beauty of the cat world.

Shi Guang wanted to let the cat walk to digest the food. However, it was really lazy and didn’t want to do so, choosing to sprawl around cutely in her arms.

By nature, girls had a low resistance toward these furry little cute pets. Hence, Shi Guang naturally let it be.

A little tired, she found a bench nearby to sit down on while stroking the fur of the cat tenderly.

“We meet again, Miss Shi,” A gentle female voice drifted over as a shadow appeared near her.

Instinctively, Shi Guang raised her head and caught sight of a familiar looking face. It was still exquisite as ever when Shi Guang met with her gaze, her lips curving up slightly and bringing a friendly, smiling intent in the warmth exuded from those eyes.

“I feel like I’ve really got an affinity with you, Miss Shi, for us to keep bumping like this. No, I think I should just call you Shi Guang. That sounds friendlier, doesn’t it? You can just call me Sitong too.”

Shi Guang’s face was impassionate, without a trace of emotion.

Were they bumping into one another once more? No, she had a feeling that Yang Sitong was here to look for her intentionally this time around.

And indeed, Yang Sitong chirped out cheerily, “I know a rather decent dessert place nearby. How about letting me treat you to dessert, Shi Guang?”

Shi Guang leaned down and looked at Little Goody while stroking its fur, merely listening quietly. She then replied indifferently, “It’s fine. Just tell me what you wish to say here if you’ve got anything.”

‘To think that this Shi Guang would dare to not give me face! I had already said that we should take one another as friends, yet she is still acting so arrogantly!’ Even though Yang Sitong was thoroughly displeased in her heart, she didn’t reveal a single bit of that on her face.

After all, she needed Shi Guang’s help to reconcile the issue with Xiao Bai.

She had to consider the bigger picture here. If Lu Yanchen were to find out about that, he would most likely ignore her even more. But, the fact that the other was being so careful and restrained had her feeling like she was going mad.

She truly did not know how long more she could carry on like this.

Yang Sitong sat down on the bench as well. “That day, it was truly a misunderstanding. I’ve felt really reproachful after you guys left as well. The reason why I’m here today is to offer my apologies.”

She tried reaching out to hold Shi Guang’s hand, but she caught sight of Little Goody glaring at her viciously.

Immediately, she retracted her hands.

With her expression freezing up, she then chuckled out momentarily before reaching out to hug Shi Guang’s shoulders, showing how close the two of them were.

While chuckling, she continued, “I always feel particularly close to you each time I see you, Shi Guang. I feel so happy as though you’re a long-lost sister of mine! Really, I wish for you to be my best friend, Shi Guang.”

“I wouldn’t dare to think that I’m befitting. Furthermore, Miss Yangthe one you should be apologizing to isn’t me, but Xiao Bai,” Shi Guang looked at her with a dark face, bringing with it a shivering chill as though she was mocking her pretense.

Her fingers jerking slightly, Yang Sitong relented on her hold of Shi Guang unconsciously. A ball of rage was growing within her chest, causing her to feel extremely terrible.

‘This female coach truly does not know what’s good for her!’

She smiled again; yet, this smile couldn’t get any faker. “Xiao Bai is merely a child. Furthermore, I can tell that he’s especially obedient to you. I wish to askare you Xiao Bai’s birth mother?”

Shi Guang raised her eyes and looked at Yang Sitong, seeming as though she wanted to see through her. She curled her lips and asked, “Just what are you really trying to say, Miss Yang?”

The fact that Yang Sitong’s cover was torn apart mercilessly by Shi Guang without holding back the slightest had the former feeling a little wretched.