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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 140


The amount of dissatisfaction she had toward Shi Guang in her heart was already reaching its peak limit. However, when she thought about the purpose of her visit this time around, she bore with it once again.

Smiling out gently, she continued, “Since you’ve already made your words clear as such, Shi Guang, I’ll say it out as well. I went to the Lu Family in the morning and saw Xiao Bai there. When I thought about how Xiao Bai called you mummy, I was really filled with curiosity, hence the question!”

Shi Guang laughed out coldly, “I’m not Xiao Bai’s birth mother. He only called me mummy for fun.”

The moment Yang Sitong heard that, she let out a sigh of relief in her heart.

Thankfully she wasn’t the birth mother. Otherwise, she really did not want to marry into the Lu Family together with this female coach.

That would be way too low class.

But, she had really underestimated this female coach. She had initially thought that this was nothing but a fool who knew nothing but sports, hence the reason for her disinterest toward Lu Yanchen.

Who would have thought that her actual target was the eldest son of the Lu Family, Lu Yanzhi!

She chuckled out gently, “Shi Guang, a single look within our city and one can tell of the number of lasses from noble and rich families who want to get married to Big Brother Lu. Indeed, he is a really exceptional man who has way too many girls liking him! However, Big Brother Lu is in complete disregard for all of them naturally because of Xiao Bai. From what I know, Xiao Bai has always hated every single woman who has appeared around his daddy. That is, until you, Shi Guang. Not only are you pretty, you are ambitious and modest! It’s only right for a girl like you to gain the affection of Big Brother Lu!”

As she said those words, Yang Sitong kept her gaze on Shi Guang. If anyone liked a guy, they would definitely be filled with joy when they heard those words.

However, Shi Guang’s face remained expressionless as ever, without revealing a single bit of joy.

Because of that, Yang Sitong began to doubt her own judgment.

“So, why are you here looking for me, Miss Yang?” Shi Guang’s lips curled into a slight smile.

Looking at how the other was smiling, Yang Sitong thought that she had made the right guess. Since she had made the correct gamble, she continued somewhat gladly, “I want to cooperate with you, Shi Guang. I’ll help you chase Big Brother Lu while you’ll help me get Yanchen’s anger toward me quenched.”

Shi Guang could not help but scoff out as she looked at Yang Sitong with a sneering look in her eyes. “Miss Yang, if a man loves you, he will forgive you even if you do nothing at all. And if a man doesn’t, even if you strip off all your clothes and stand before him, he will ignore you all the same. Hence, you shouldn’t get too presumptuous on your own. After all, if you get overboard with your acts, you’ll only cause the man to dislike you even more.”

Even though her voice was all tender and soft, there was a deep underlying meaning beneath it.

It was a cold mockery that was throwing shade at her.

Yang Sitong’s eyes widened as she felt like exploding entirely. Instantly, her face turned nastier than ever as she snarled out with slightly bloodshot eyes, “How dare you not take the face I’m giving you!”

‘If not for the fact that Xiao Bai liked her that much, why else would I have to come and talk to her about cooperating? Does she really think that she can get married to Lu Yanzhi just because a kid calls her mummy here and there?’

‘Everyone knows that Lu Yanzhi has no interest in women. Who knows, that kid may even just be a test tube baby!’

Besides, with her family background? There was no way the Lu Family would accept her!

Shi Guang stood up and looked down at her from above. “I’ve never once felt that you were giving me any face, Miss Yang.” Her eyes were icy cold, seemingly shooting invisible daggers toward Yang Sitong’s body.

It was as though she wanted to slice her apart!

Uncontrollably, Yang Sitong broke into a slight shiver. She could feel a deep hatred hidden within the gaze of this female coach. It was frighteningly scary, just like a venomous viper that was sticking out its tongue and glaring at her with a death stare!!