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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 141


Not only did she fail to please Shi Guang, she even got dissed. Because of that, Yang Sitong returned to the Yang Family in a fit.

‘A mere swimming coach! The nerve of her! To think that she would dare to ignore her as such!’

The more Yang Sitong thought about it, the more furious she got as she hammered her pillow nonstop, venting the frustration in her heart. Her elder brother, Yang Chifeng entered her room to witness her doing that.

Standing by the side, he asked his sister, “What’s wrong? Who would dare to rile our little princess?”

“Brother, I’m so pissed! That swimming coach of Lu Yanchen is about to piss me to death!”

She told the entire day’s happenings to her brotherof her going to the Lu’s and bumping into Xiao Bai by accident before heading over to look for Shi Guang for a cooperation but ending up being sneered.

Yang Chifeng raised his brow. “So, what you mean to say is that the kid is Lu Yanzhi’s son? That female coach has an ambiguous love relationship with Lu Yanzhi?”

Yang Sitong nodded her head. “Yes!”

“Why would you care about her then as long as it has nothing to do with Lu Yanchen?” Yang Chifeng replied nonchalantly.

“Yes, she does have nothing to do with Lu Yanchen. But because of her, my relationship with Yanchen might worsen! That is something I can’t ignore!” As Yang Sitong said that, she threw yet another punch at the pillow. “She really thinks that I’ve got no other ways of dealing with her? She’s but a mere swimming coach! Messing with her to death is something that I can do on a whim at any given second!”

“Don’t act brashly,” Yang Chifeng warned.

“I didn’t want to, and I didn’t act rashly either. The moment I found out that the kid was Lu Yanzhi’s son, I was initially really flustered. But, it didn’t take long before I gathered my composure. At the end of the day, kids will be kids. As long as the adult tells them that everything that had happened was nothing but a misunderstanding, everything will be settled. That’s the reason why I went looking for her”

Yang Sitong clenched down on her teeth hard. “Every single word I said to that female coach was with politeness and courtesy. But, who knew that she wouldn’t take the face that I gave her! This time around, I’m really darn pissed. If I don’t step in and teach her a good lesson, she would really think that I’m a mere nobody whom she can just shove around!”

Yang Chifeng thought about it for a moment. “Some things are inconvenient for you to do. You must remember that you’re going to marry into the Lu FamilyIt’s a must! She’s just a mere woman. It’s not as though you don’t know what she’s worth. What can she amount to? No matter what she does, it’s definitely all for the sake of greed. What’s so difficult about dealing with her?”

“Really, brother?” Yang Sitong was truly not feeling all that confident after her two setbacks.

“Relax, hand it to me! I’ll have her listening to your words obediently in less than two monthsShe’ll definitely obey your beck and call at that time!”

Yang Chifeng wasn’t merely saying that for show or to placate Yang Sitonghe was truly going to make his move to help her settle Shi Guang.

The marriage between Yang Sitong and Lu Yanchen wasn’t a matter concerning her alone.

It was a matter of the entire Yang Family.

Back then, before the Yang Family was arranged for marriage with the Lu Family, they were a family of nouveau riche that were laughed at by everyone.

But after the engagement, it took a few mere years for the fortune of the entire Yang Family to multiply by a few folds.

All of the people who had looked down on the Yang Family ended up bootlicking them, wanting to get on their good side. And of course, the reason behind it all couldn’t be any clearer to Yang Chifeng.

It was all due to the marriage agreement with the Lu Family.

With the Lu Family as the Yang Family’s backing, their path forward was simply smooth sailing. His sister MUST get married to Lu Yanchen. He must not let a single swimming coach ruin the marriage agreement between these two families.

The best way for a man to deal with a woman was to have the latter fall in love with him! That way, wouldn’t she just obey his whims and wills and every single demand of his?