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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 142


Yang Chifeng parked his car outside Shi Guang’s club. Leaning back on his seat, he lit up a cigarette and looked outside his window silently. It didn’t take long before he caught sight of that swimming coach his sister was talking about.

She looked rather decenta fair complexion with bunned up hair, dressed in casual sportswear. Young and innocent, she bore an image of someone who hadn’t been tainted by the dredges of society.

Yang Chifeng chuckled out.

He was thankful. If she were too ugly, he might not find her appetizing to devour at all.

At least if she were pretty, he could devote more effort into chasing her.

For a greenhorn like her, he didn’t need to resort to all sorts of tricks and techniques. All he had to do was show some devotion and she would definitely bite the hook obediently!!

The preliminary heats for the Flying Fish Cup was starting in the next few days, causing Shi Guang to be packed entirely from day to day. Thankfully, Lu Yanchen was busy for the past few days as well, and she did not have to go give him lessons.

On the day of the preliminary heats, as her coach, Zhang Shulin had to be there for her.

Before the heats, he instructed Shi Guang with many things to take note of.

“You must remember that you aren’t a match for the power-type swimmers. You must definitely take note of how much energy you are expending. Don’t strive for a higher frequency in your strokes. Place emphasis on the efficiency of every single stroke instead”

It was only till the heats was about to begin that Zhang Shulin left. He was extremely nervous today, even more so than Shi Guang.

This was the first time he was bringing her for a competition in the capacity as her coach.

At the same time, he had invited Head Coach Li of the provincial team to come and observe Shi Guang’s competition.

This was for the sake of Shi Guang’s selection test for the provincial team.

Head Coach Li looked at Shi Guang, who was preparing herself for the match, and said to Zhang Shulin, “Isn’t this child the champion of the College Game’s 200m Freestyle Category? However, even though she won the champion’s title, her results aren’t at the national level yet.”

Zhang Shulin replied, “If I were to tell you that this child had only been depending on herself the entire time, you would have realized what a good seed you’ve missed”

As the two of them chatted, the heats began.

When he caught sight of how Shi Guang’s body swerved and performed a flip turn at the end of the lap that could be described as nothing but perfect,Head Coach Li could not help but clap out. “Good!”

“Well, of course! Look who her teacher is!”

“HahaAren’t you shameless, old buddy?”

The results ended with Shi Guang taking the first place, entering the finals by beating even her own previous record. After the match, Zhang Shulin brought her with him to meet Head Coach Li.

At this moment, Head Coach Li wasn’t alone; there was a guy wearing a long sleeved shirt and trousers beside him. He was rather tall with distinguishingly handsome. Wearing a frameless pair of glasses above his nose, he looked decent and classy.

Extending his hand, he walked before Shi Guang. “Hello, I’m Yang Chifeng.”

Shi Guang had been smiling the entire time. But when she heard his name, her face froze up momentarily. Even though it went as quickly as it came, her expression after that was still rather indifferent.

“Hello” The moment she made contact with Yang Chifeng’s hand, she retracted it quickly. After that, she found an excuse to make her leave.

Yang Chifeng’s gaze, however, was lingering on her the entire time.

After Zhang Shulin left, Head Coach Li looked at him with some interest. “Why do you keep staring at her? Could you have?”

“You’re overthinking things. I’m merely a fan of hers,” Yang Chifeng smiled calmly and his expression couldn’t get any clearer. “How about having dinner together?”

“With your idol?” Head Coach Li asked with a complete understanding of things.

“Seems like you still know me best, Head Coach Li. Guess I haven’t wasted all these years sponsoring you guys,” As he smiled out calmly, Yang Chifeng patted Head Coach Li’s shoulders.