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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 148


Lu Yanchen, who had been listening to their conversation the entire time, suddenly broke out into a chuckle.

Chu Mubei was totally stunned.

Each time he talked about his ex-girlfriend, Lu Yanchen would turn frosty immediately if he said the slightest bad thing about her! He would exude forth an iciness as though he was treating Chu Mubei like a foe!

But, this was the first time that Lu Yanchen was not only not getting angry, but even laughing out when he said that his ex-girlfriend was ugly!

“I’d say, Old Lu, are you actually laughing?”

“I’ve got to say that you have a point correct there. She IS rather ugly indeed,” Lu Yanchen rubbed his chin as he looked at Shi Guang with a sparkle in his eyes. “Have you seen that silly cat at my home? She looks just like that silly cat.”

The moment he was done with that, Shi Guang could not help but yelp out, “How in the world is Little Goody ugly? Are you blind!”

Lu Yanchen looked at her. “Not only is it ugly, it’s stupid too.”

Shi Guang snorted from her nose, deciding to ignore him completely as she picked up the chopsticks to grab some food. Chu Mubei merely thought that Shi Guang was unhappy because she was getting jealous at the mention of Lu Yanchen’s ex-girlfriend.

He then continued to Shi Guang. “Little Sister Shi Guang, that ex-girlfriend is nothing but a relic of the past now. Our Old Lu here doesn’t have the slightest bit of emotions for that ex-girlfriend of his. Even if he does, it’s nothing but detestation. Right now, he only has”

After saying that, he winked at Shi Guang. His real meaning was, ‘He only loves you now.’

However, Shi Guang’s face turned even darker. “That’s right, his ex-girlfriend is a relic of the past, and so is my ex-boyfriend. I’ve long lost every single bit of emotions toward him! Right now, the only thing I have is loathing for him, and can’t wait to get as far away from him as possible!”

Chu Mubei clapped in agreement. “That’s the way! That’s exactly how the two of you should thinkthat exes are nothing more than short-sighted judgments of the past! That’s how you guys can have a brighter tomorrow!”

He had initially thought that the two of them would applaud out in agreement to his speech. But unexpectedly, the two of them glared at him coldly.

‘What did I say wrong?’ Chu Mubei looked at Shi Guang, who turned her head around to eat the food. Not only that, she only ate the most expensive dishes and ordered more after she was done.

He then turned around to look at Lu Yanchen, whose head was lowered, drinking the beer. And of course, he was also only drinking the most expensive ones, ordering more after he was done.

When the time came for him to foot the bill, it really stung Chu Mubei quite badly. However, he obviously wouldn’t get bothered with this bit of money.

Since the two men had a little too much to drink, they had to get a chauffeur. The car belonged to Chu Mubei, and he had the chauffeur drop Shi Guang and Lu Yanchen home first.

As the car stopped at the neighborhood, Chu Mubei helped Lu Yanchen down intoxicatedly before passing him over to Shi Guang. “Take good care of him.”

He then got back inside the car immediately.

“Are you kidding me, Chu Mubei!” Shi Guang could not even call him back when the car left entirely. And indeed, Lu Yanchen was rather tipsy as his entire weight was leaned down onto Shi Guang.

“Stand properly!”

Shi Guang pushed him. But, she didn’t manage to push him away, and instead, he crushed down on her even more heavily, causing her to get squashed into the wall beside her.

Her face was squashed between his body and the wall, almost deforming into a different shape.

“You’re squashing me, Lu Yanchen!”

Shi Guang pushed and pushed, but she just couldn’t push him away.

Men were way too heavy, and she could only hug him by the waist and put his arm around her shoulders before supporting him upstairs.

“So heavy! What have you been eating for you to be all muscles? So heavy!”

“Why did you drink so much when you can’t hold your liqueur?”

“Honestly, the suppers of that Great Master Chu aren’t one that can be accepted. To think that he would throw this drunkard to me! Damn, this is killing me!”

By the time she supported Lu Yanchen to his room, she felt as though her entire body was breaking apart. When she helped him onto the bed, he pulled her down as well.

Shi Guang laid sprawled on his body in a huff.

She tried getting up, but somehow, somebody’s hand found his way around her waist