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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 149


Shi Guang wanted to get up, but she could not move at allhe had her wrapped too tightly.

“Oi, l-loosen up!” As she said that, she pushed Lu Yanchen. However, he didn’t budge a single inch. Shi Guang, who hadn’t had a single drop of alcohol, felt as though she had a splitting headache as she roared out loudly, “Lu Yanchen!”

Because of the volume, the man was finally awakened. Slowly, he opened his eyes dizzily, staring at her slowly with a lost expression. The distance between the two of them was really short right now, causing their breaths to intertwine. Slowly, the scent of alcohol made its way into Shi Guang’s nose as she felt a slight sense of danger all of a sudden.

She wanted to retreat. However, he held onto the back of her head firmly with his palm, forbidding her from moving.




Shi Guang could feel the thumping that arose from the man’s chest one after another. His body was really hot right now, and the heat was seeping into her body as though he wanted to melt her along with him.

Her heart was palpitating really quickly right now as well, skipping beat after beat, threatening to drive her crazy.

“Lu Yanchen, since you’ve woken up, hurry and let go of me.”


“Loosen up.”


With that mutter, he brought his lips onto her tender ones.

Shi Guang’s eyes widened.

He had her lips completely sealed. From a gentle touch to a tender smothering, he rotated bit by bit before invading her space little by little. He was thirsty, just like someone who had been dried up in a desert and had finally found a source of water.

Shi Guang was so stunned that she even forgot to struggle. It was only when she finally found it hard to breathe due to his kissing that she finally started fighting back, pushing at his chest.

‘If you are thirsty, just go drink water! It’s not as though my mouth is a water bottle!’

His chest was as firm and steely as a bronze wall, and Shi Guang could not push him away or struggle out. She could only use her legsBut instantly, his legs moved and wrapped hers up tightly such that she couldn’t move at all.

With a slight swerve, the two of them landed onto the bed together.

Her heartbeat was like a drum right now as Shi Guang felt the pressure crushing onto her. In a complete frenzy, her head was as mushy as a marshmallow.

‘Where is that cold and distant man gone? How could he have such a stark change in character after getting drunk, turning fiery hot from icy cold in a split second?’

His kiss was getting even more passionate right now as that iron grip on her waist drew her in even tighter. It was as though he was trying to have her melt into his body.

Shi Guang was both flustered and embarrassed as her heart felt like popping out of her mouth. However, this tall and well-built man merely coiled her around him with all his strength, such that she couldn’t escape at all.

Embarrassed to death, Shi Guang spoke with a hint of crying in her tone, “Lu Yanchen, don’t get reckless now”

However, he did not stop.

“Lu Yanchen, you must be crazy! Hurry and wake up! With your status, you can get any women you want! Hurry and let go of me, and I can take it as though nothing has happened! Otherwise, don’t think just because you are drunk, you can”

Just as Shi Guang thought that she was about to be ravished by him in a moment of drunkenness, the man came to a stop, merely continuing to hug her tightly.

Shi Guang did not move at all, afraid that he might continue if she budged even slightly. After a long time, she realized that he was still maintaining that position of his.

‘Has he really fallen asleep?’

Shi Guang waited for yet another moment before whispering out softly, “Lu Yanchen?”

No reaction.

Seemed like he was deep in slumber.

Shi Guang then heaved out a sigh of relief and tried to get out of his embrace. However, the man was still hugging her tightly despite having fallen asleep.