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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 150


Unable to break out of the man’s grasp and locked tightly in his embrace, Shi Guang felt really infuriated and could not help but snarl out, “Hurry up and loosen off, stupid Lu Yanchen!”

However, there was still no reaction.

“Hais! Don’t you really despise me? Won’t you feel really terrible hugging me then?”

Still no reaction.

“Didn’t you say that I’m ugly? Aren’t you afraid of getting nightmares when you hug such an ugly woman in your embrace?”

No matter what Shi Guang said, the only reply she got was silenceA complete and deafening silence.

The man laid there, closing his eyes peacefully while slowly pursing his lips gently. Under the dusk lights, his handsome countenance exuded a pure charisma.

Lu Yanchen had already entered a sleeping state, a drunken sleeping state at that. Therefore, no matter what she said, he wouldn’t budge a single inch.

Her eyes were fixated on that face of his.

At the start, she was still filled with nothing but anger as her eyes seemed to be ablaze, looking as though she wanted to murder him with just her gaze alone.

However, it was really tiring to keep getting angry at someone. Hence, she could only close her eyes after a while. No matter her reaction, she knew that Lu Yanchen wouldn’t be able to see them at all. Hence, she chose not to get herself burnt out by blind rage as her mood slowly subsided.

Thereafter, her exhaustion got the better of her as she slowly entered slumber.

The night got even darker when suddenly, the deep asleep Lu Yanchen opened his eyes without a single sign. Half squinting, he looked at Shi Guang.

Slowly, he moved his finger out and poked at Shi Guang’s cheek.

Poke poke

Poke poke again

Curling his lips, he adjusted his sleeping position and only closed his eyes once more after ensuring that she was still snug within his embrace.


Stirring slightly from her slumber, Shi Guang felt that her body was really hot. When one felt hot while they were asleep, their subconscious reaction would be to kick the blanket away.

However, she found herself incapable of moving. It was as though she was tied down tightly.

Her body got hotter and hotter, as though she was hugging a ball of fire. ‘Just what in the world is going on?’ Shi Guang opened her eyes slowly. Right after that, she caught sight of a man’s face, one that was both charming and exquisite, seeming like a portrait that was able to draw the soul out of one’s body.

Surprise, mixed with fear arose in a flash. Shi Guang’s gaze froze up, feeling as though her head was about to explode.

‘Why the hell is Lu Yanchen on my bed!’

Not only that, his hand was wrapped around her waist while his legs were locking onto hersthe two of them seemed like they were melded, without leaving a single gap!

In fact, she could even clearly feel athrobbing, scalding hard object that was pushing against her dangerously.

Breaking out into a cold shiver, Shi Guang’s face was filled with nothing but mortification.

‘What had we done last night!’

‘No, not right! This isn’t my bed Lu Yanchen had gotten drunk last night, and I had supported him home! In the end, he was hugging me so tightly that I couldn’t leave at all, hence the reason why I spent the night with him!’

Just as Shi Guang was caught at a loss, Lu Yanchen stirred awake as well. Caught by surprise, Shi Guang’s face appeared in a pair of eyes that looked somewhat relaxed and lazy.

The moment he woke up, his mind seemed to be taking in what was going on right now as well.

Narrowing his gaze, he let go of her immediately as though he had just awakened from a dreamscape before sitting up immediately. “Why are you here?”

Finally, Shi Guang had regained her freedom.

She sat up immediately as well before getting down the bed and explaining hurriedly, “Last night, you were drunkI helped you upstairs before you heldonto me with a death grip. I couldn’t even leave.”

Lu Yanchen refused to believe her. “Then, we”

Afraid that he might misunderstand, Shi Guang waved her hands immediately. “N-No! Nothing happened! You were already that drunk.”

He looked at her with a contemplative gaze as though he had some other thoughts. “I was drunk, but you weren’t.”

Shi Guang was stunned. “What do you mean by that?”

He harrumphed coldly, “What I mean isWhat did YOU do to me last night?”