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History's Number 1 Founder Chapter 1080

"Xiao Yan, the rest is up to you. If you lose, we lose the Trayastrimsa Elixir of Creation. I shall then throw you to live in the Crucible of the Divine Lands from then on." Lin Feng laughed as he communicated with Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan laughed too and he answered, "That will be too scary. I rather live in the Yin-Yang Sea."

Since they had not competed before, Xiao Yan could not be sure that he could win the Qing Ning Holy Man. While he was confident, it didnt mean that he was blind to the situation.

But Xiao Yan was fearless and he was as calm as ever.

The brilliance of the Qing Ning Holy Man and Gu Yuankai actually spurred on his competitive spirit even more.

"Thats why I say, for a real destined individual, he is always prepared for any huge battles. Lets not talk about others, but a real destined individual has a big heart." Lin Feng was very assured of Xiao Yan. He was so assured that he was even a little distracted at this critical period, "During the crisis then, the Great Void Sect lost a lot of its outstanding pill formulas and they had no choice but to restore them slowly. But my Trayastrimsa Elixir of Creation and Spiritual Replenishment Pill pill formulas dont seem to have this problem. Dont tell me that they dont take the same approach?"

Lin Feng pursed his lips and looked at Gu Jun and the rest. Gu Jun did not speak and left everything to Gu Yuankai.

Gu Yuankai coughed slightly, "Both of you, please follow me. We shall go to the fourth level of the Xuanling Pavilion."

He looked at Gu Liancheng and the rest, "Come along too. This is a rare event. Rather than doing nothing, watching can help all of you in your cultivations."

After Gu Yuankai spoke finished, he did not lead everyone up the stairs connecting to the third level. Rather, he pointed on the ground in front of him and a formation appeared. A huge light beam shot in the sky and seemed to turn into a light stairs.

After the stairs appeared, Gu Yuankai led the way. Gu Jun, Lin Feng, Yan Nanlai and the rest then followed him.

After ascending the stairs, the scene in front of everyone changed suddenly.

The sky flashed with the intersection of red and blue, which provided a miraculous view for everyone.

The ground beneath everyone was golden in color, achieving a contrast with the red-blue color in the sky.

As the Qing Ning Holy Man saw this, he sighed and said, "The Nanming Longevity Pavilion is indeed as miraculous as it sounds."

Gu Yuankai stepped on the golden ground. As he walked forward, he said to Lin Feng, Yan Nanlai, the Qing Ning Holy Man and the rest behind him, "Inside this world, the use of the cauldron will be beneficial to everyone. I wont take advantage of the two of you."

"Cultivating pills in this Nanming Longevity World will not give me any geographical advantage. Please rest assure."

Lin Feng, Xiao Yan, Yan Nanlai and the Qing Ning Holy Man all walked together within the world. They were sensing the change of spiritual energy within. After a few moments, they all nodded their heads.

Gu Jun, Gu Yuankai, Gu Cheng and the rest could not control the movement of spiritual energy in the world to aid Gu Yuankai secretly. After all, the purpose of this world was to help the Gu Family disciples to cultivate more high-quality spiritual pills. To supplement ones powers with the powers of the Heaven and Earth, that should be the point of it.

But if Gu Yuankai really did something like this, Lin Feng and the rest would discover at the first instance. Thus, Gu Yuankai wouldnt be so stupid to cheat in front of them.

Taking a step back, if Gu Yuankai could really cheat and not allow Lin Feng, Xiao Yan, Yan Nanlai, the Qing Ning Holy Man and the others from noticing, then he was really powerful.

Yang Qing lifted his head to look around him. After that, he passed a message to Xiao Yan, "Eldest Senior, this world seems to be related to the Nanming Primordial Fire?"

Xiao Yan was also similarly interested as he looked at the sky. After hearing Xiao Yans question, he replied, "When this world was opened, it cultivated a huge amount of the Nanming Primordial Fire. From a certain perspective, its a small world formed from the Nanming Primordial Fire."

Yang Qing nodded his head, "Not only is it very useful in cultivating pills over here, cultivating magic items and magic treasures will also be more effective."

Regardless whether it was the disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders or Great Void Sect, they were all curious as they looked at the world in front of them. Even for the junior disciples of the Gu Family, many of them had not been into this world before. To them, this was just a fortune world that they had heard in the legends, but today, they finally experienced for themselves what it was like.

The bunch of them proceeded forward together and came to the center of the world. Gu Yuankai conjured spells with both his hands and the golden ground flashed with white light. A huge white lotus flower bloomed and converted into a huge lotus platform, as if it was a small city.

Gu Yuankai ascended the lotus platform first and clasped his palm and fist towards an elder on it, "Barren Celestial Elder, sorry to interrupt."

Lin Feng and Xiao Yan turned their attention to the platform and saw an elder on the platform. He looked very old and he nodded his head at Gu Yuankai. After that, he looked at Lin Feng, Yan Nanlai and the rest. He also bowed slightly, "I am the Barren Celestial Elder. Greetings to all."

Beside this elder, there was a huge cauldron. It looked extremely ancient, but the most eye-catching part of it was that it was entirely snow-white and seemed similar to the white lotus platform beneath it.

Lin Feng and Yan Nanlai nodded their heads at the same time, "Elder, you are too kind."

This elder was the original soul of a Mahayana level magic treasure that belonged to the Gu Family, the Barren Celestial Elder.

"I already know about whats going to happen. For such a prestigious and rare event, I am very excited myself. But I will be used?" The Barren Celestial Elder asked, as Gu Yuankai nodded his head slightly, "Well need you to guide us, Elder."

He turned towards Xiao Yan and the Qing Ning Holy Man, "Do the both of you have any objections if we use this cauldron?"

As he shrugged his sleeves, three greenish-black crucibles landed in front of Gu Yuankai. They were all the same. They were three parts that formed an entire crucible.

Xiao Yan and the Qing Ning Holy Man swept their supernatural awareness across this crucible and knew that it was not a magic treasure. But it was still a crucible of rather good quality. It did not seem to be inferior to the crucible that was used earlier.

The three of them would each use one part of the crucible, since all three parts were the same. This would be fair. But it was natural that they wouldnt be as powerful as the Sun and Moon Divine Cauldron or Barren Celestial Cauldron. However, it would depend more on the techniques of the three of them.

Gu Yuankais gaze was mostly fixated on Xiao Yan. Although the Gu Family had the Barren Celestial Cauldron and the Great Void Sect had the Sun and Moon Divine Cauldron, they were nothing compared to the Celestial Sect of Wonders Crucible of the Divine Lands. Even if they were combined, they were still not up to the match of the Crucible of the Divine Lands.

Although Xiao Yan was still young, with the pill cultivation standards that he had shown, the difference in cauldron was sufficient to alter the balance in the determination of the victor and losers.

He was not revealing his weakness nor was he diminishing his own might. It was also not that he was not confident. He just didnt want to make a foolish move.

Even the Qing Ning Holy Man remained silent. If everyone used the same crucible, he had the confidence to beat Xiao Yan. But if he used the Sun and Moon Divine Cauldron and Xiao Yan used the Crucible of the Divine Lands, it would be a different matter.

Even Yan Nanlai and Wu Mengqi were silent.

The Mahayana level magic treasure, Yan Heaven Crucible, of the Heavens Gate was destroyed, the Barren Celestial Cauldron of the Gu Family did not reveal itself, the Heavenly Dao Crucible of the Ancient Satanic Sect was destroyed and the other strong crucibles in the history of the Divine Lands also disappeared.

The most outstanding pill cultivation treasure was then the Sun and Moon Divine Cauldron of the Great Void Sect. It cemented the invincible position of the Great Void Sect.

But as the Crucible of the Divine Lands appeared, this advantage was converted to nothing.

From the moment that the Crucible of the Divine Lands was shown, it became the strongest pill cultivation treasure in the Grand Celestial World. There was nothing like it, but after it was cultivated, it disappeared within the Starry Sea and never once revealed itself again. It slowly became a legend thereafter.

But now, it re-appeared again and caused the positions of the Sun and Moon Divine Cauldron and the Barren Celestial Cauldron to fall.

Xiao Yan looked at the three parts of the crucible and said, "I have no objections."

Gu Yuankai nodded his head, "Then, we shall begin."

He grabbed onto one part of the crucible and tapped his finger lightly on the body of the crucible. A fire rose in the crucible and a streak of radiance shot into the sky.

Gu Yuankais fingers tapped lightly and a pitch-black pill floated above the crucible, revealing an ancient sense. An aura of life prospered. Although it was just a pill, it seemed like a life on its own.

This was an outstanding pill of the Gu Family, the Longevity Pill.

As Xiao Yan saw this, he chuckled slightly. He used his powers to lift one part of the crucible up to and ignited a fire in the crucible. A treasure light shone.

At the same time, a pill the size of an adults thumb appeared in his palm. The shape of this pill was not round and smooth, but seemed more like a ball formed from clouds.

There seemed to be unlimited space contained with the ball of clouds, as if there was a celestial palace there.

It was the Trayastrimsa Elixir of Creation.

Xiao Yans actions originated from the Antiquity Age, where cultivators would display their pill before the competition segment in the pill cultivation contests. Not only was it a show of respect, it was also a display of ones work.

On another hand, besides competing during a pill cultivation contest, there were also social interactions during a pill cultivation contest. Normally, cultivators would exchange their items.

After the pills were displayed, the competition would start.

Gu Yuankai started the ball rolling, which Xiao Yan followed up with his own action. The Qing Ning Holy Man also did the same thing. After lifting the third part of the crucible up, a huge Aurous Core appeared in his hand. The surface of the Aurous Core appeared with the light images of huge beasts. This was the Ten Sages Aurous Core of the Great Void Sect.

As the three light beams shot up into the sky together, they brightened up the lotus platform.

Lin Feng and the rest backed away from the center of the platform towards the side, as they got ready to watch this ultimate battle.