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Immortal And Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 967

The turbid yellow water had a pungent stench. Occasionally, illusory and ghostly faces would appear in the river, looking horrifying and frightening.

Beyond Xiao Chens expectations, Xiao Bai, who was sitting beside him, did not show any fear at all; she looked calm and normal.

Feeling a pang in his heart, he could not help but tightly grasp Xiao Bais hand.

He wondered what this girl had experienced in the past few years.

Xiao Bai giggled and let Xiao Chen hold her small hand and gently leaned on his shoulder.

Although the Underworld River already lost its various strange powers, its nature remained. If one fell in, one would start corroding and rotting immediately. No Secret Treasure in the world could protect against that.

The river water also contained a demonic attribute. One could not fly over it. Otherwise, one might fall into it for no reason at all; it was extremely eerie.

Only the Specter Boat made by the Ghost Race could travel on it. As a result, the Ghost Race controlled the entrance to the Nine Layers of Purgatory. No matter who went across the river, they had to pay large amounts of Astral Coins.

The Specter Boat moved very quickly. The area in front of the boat turned completely dark. However, specks of lights appeared in the air. They were all wandering spirits.

When one looked around, they could see skulls piled up to form all sorts of pillars.

As the boat traversed the water, it moved through the bodies of these wandering spirits. The strong lifeforce of the group caused these spirits to dissipate on contact.

During the Immortal Epoch, this place was split into Yin and Yang. One would arrive at the Underworld Kingdom after passing this area.

However, if one could not cross this place, they would be stuck here, unable to return to the world of the living or the cycle of reincarnation, drifting in this place forever.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen felt something was wrong. The Specter Boat stopped moving, coming to a halt in the middle of the river.

Kong Yuans expression changed. He gestured to Yuan Xu. Then, he looked at the cloaked boatman at the helm. He asked, Why are you not continuing? We have not reached the Nine Layers of Purgatory yet.

You will not be able to get there. Just retire here. Then, become wandering spirits, drifting here forever.

A hoarse voice came from the boatman at the bow without that person turning his head back.

With this, the expressions of Xiao Bai, Kong Yuan, and Yuan Xu all changed. They all circulated their Law Energy, preparing to attack at any moment.

Xiao Chen remained calm. He said, You must be thinking of extortion. I heard of some black-hearted boatmen that would bring their passengers to the middle of the Underworld River, to a place where both advancing and retreating is difficult before using the opportunity to extort their passengers.

Haha! Extortion? Young Master Xiao, Young Master Xiao, you should be the expert in that area!

Strange laughter resounded as the boatmans cloak exploded apart to reveal a pretty figure in a white dress. That girl turned around. It was the Ghost Races Qing Cheng.

Xiao Chens expression did not change. However, he had a sinking feeling in his heart. Why did he meet this girl here?

Qing Chengs shockingly beautiful face revealed a pleased smile. Jiang Chengzi told me that the few of you were coming to the Ghost Domain. I originally thought that was false news. Unexpectedly, you really dared to come. Arent you very capable? Lets see how you are going to deal with this today, how you are going to play me in the palm of your hand.


Qing Cheng hit the boat, and countless small holes immediately appeared at the bottom of the craft. Then, the Specter Boat began to sink slowly.

Yuan Xu and Kong Yuan instantly attacked at the same time, charging towards the girl. However, Qing Cheng merely laughed and gently drifted away.

Eight spirits carrying a palanquin appeared. Qing Cheng flew through the window and sat inside. Then, she peered through the window at the slowly sinking Specter Boat.

Yuan Xu and Kong Yuan quickly rushed back. Qing Cheng had the Eight Ghost Palanquin and dared to fly above the Underworld River. However, they did not; they would end up dying even faster.

Gurgle! Gurgle!

The river water bubbled as the Specter Boat continued to sink. When the boat was sunk, that would be the end of the group.

Aside from Martial Emperors, no one could survive in the waters of this river, no matter how strong their body was. Even Xiao Chen was no exception.

The expressions of Yuan Xu and Kong Yuan turned grave.

What should we do?! At the crucial moment, everyone turned to Xiao Chen without any prior arrangement.

Xiao Bai said calmly, Let me use my adoptive fathers will clone. With Adoptive Fathers strength, it should be able to send us to the Nine Layers of Purgatory.

Naturally, this place would not be able to hold back the Spirit Fox Kings will clone. However, once they crossed over, how would they return?

Furthermore, the will clone was something that the Spirit Fox King gave to Xiao Bai to protect herself. How could Xiao Chen use it at this moment? So he rejected the suggestion without debate.

The true solution lay with Qing Cheng, who was in the Eight Ghost Palanquin.

Xiao Chen thought very quickly. If this Qing Cheng really wanted to kill him, she could have made the Specter Boat capsize without any warning, not giving them the chance to use a will clone.

Qing Cheng had to be plotting something. Before she got what she wanted, they were all safe.

Hehe! Young Master Xiao, youre fond of playing people in the palm of your hand. You must not have expected that today would come, right?! I will not bother speaking nonsense with you. If you want to enter the Nine Layers of Purgatory alive and return alive, then hand over all the Spirit Veins that you extorted from me the last time and all the Astral Coins plus interest!

Indeed, Qing Cheng, who was in the Eight Ghost Palanquin, believed that she held the advantage. She looked at the group for a moment and made her demands. She did not think that Xiao Chen had any room for negotiation.

I wonder if this Peak Spirit Vein is enough?

With the flip on a hand, a Peak Spirit Vein in the Universe Ring turned into a dragon and flew towards Qing Cheng.

Peak Spirit Vein!

Yuan Xu and Kong Yuan were stunned. Xiao Chen actually let go of a Peak Spirit Vein just like that. However, at this moment, protecting their lives was more important. Because Xiao Chen understood that, he could bear to give up a Peak Spirit Vein.

A definite change appeared on Qing Chengs face. The value of a Peak Spirit Vein was even higher than some King Grade Secret Treasures. Only a Sovereign Sect or a Holy Land would be able to take out a Peak Spirit Vein in such a casual manner.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen did not even flinch at doing this, nonchalantly bringing out a Peak Spirit Vein. That was quite bold of him.

However, Qing Cheng was after all a Ghost Race cultivator. Although a Spirit Vein was good, it was useless to her.

A light flashed in the surroundings of the palanquin. A crack opened in the Eight Ghost Spirit Locking Defense Formation, allowing the Spirit Vein in before quickly mending.

A bright light flashed in Xiao Chens eyes when he saw all this. However, his expression did not change at all.

A Peak Spirit Vein has immeasurable value. However, Xiao Chen, you should know what I really want. Hand it over. Not only will I guarantee you smooth passage on this trip, but I can also send people to help you.

Qing Cheng did not rush to subdue the Spirit Vein. The thing she referred to was naturally the Death Throne.

The rumbling grew louder. Xiao Chen and the others were already floating in the air, doing their best to decrease the weight of the Specter Boat. Even so, they could not stop it from sinking.

The situation was dire; they had to make a decision quickly.

Xiao Chen waved his hand to stop Xiao Bai from activating the will clone of the Spirit Fox King. The Cycle Banner appeared, and dense Death Qi merged with starlight spread throughout the entire banner.

I have refined the Death Throne, Massacre Throne, and Ruin Throne into the Astral Banner. If you want it, take it.

Even someone as calm as Qing Cheng could not help but feel excited as the Astral Banner slowly flew over. Three thrones! Xiao Chen actually collected three thrones!

Very good. Once Ive verified it, I will bring you and your friends away from this place.

Qing Cheng stretched out her hand, and the Eight Ghost Spirit Locking Defense Formation that protected the Eight Ghost Palanquin opened a crack and allowed the Cycle Banner in.

However, just at this moment, something strange happened. A pair of pure-white wings unfurled behind Xiao Chens back, and he took a step forward. His body turned into spiritual light, and in the next moment, he arrived before Qing Cheng in the palanquin.

Everything happened in an instant, within the time it took for a spark to fly. She had no chance to react at all.


Qing Chengs expression changed as she quickly retreated. However, how could Xiao Chens well-planned strike be so easy to dodge?

He extended his finger and poked Qing Chengs forehead.

A strong saber Qi immediately flowed into Qing Chengs meridians. Cold Qi assaulted her, damaging her body. A sharp saber Qi circulated continuously.

Qing Cheng could die immediately at Xiao Chens whim.

After Xiao Chen put away the Freedom Wings, he stretched out his other hand and caught the Cycle Banner, which just arrived.

He slowly retracted his hand, and a crystalline flower appeared on Qing Chengs forehead. She rolled her eyes but did not dare to move a single inch.

As Xiao Chen looked around, he sighed to himself. The area inside this palanquin was much large than he imagined. This spaciousness was brought home to him when he noticed the soft white bed at the back.

He casually took back the Spirit Vein flying around inside and sat down on the soft bed. He smiled faintly and said, Miss Qing Cheng, you sure know how to enjoy life. This palanquin is really comfortable.

Qing Cheng turned her back on Xiao Chen, feeling furious and frustrated. She blamed herself for being too greedy, wanting to take the Death Throne and kill this fellow.

If she had just drowned them right away, this situation would not have happened. Now, she was under the thumb of that fellow again.

When Qing Cheng heard what Xiao Chen said, she immediately cursed, You bastard, if you have the guts, then kill me. The Specter Boat is about to sink. None of your friends will survive.

That pair of wings behind your back must have some restriction on them in this place. Otherwise, you would have taken your friends and fled long ago.

One should not fly above the Underworld River. Naturally, Xiao Chen did not dare to risk it.

The Freedom Wings used the powers of space. However, it was as Qing Cheng said: they were under great restriction here.

This place was completely dark. Even Xiao Chens Spiritual Sense could not see beyond one kilometer.

When he executed the Magic Skill of the Freedom Wings, the scenes farther than one kilometer were just complete darkness. Hence, Xiao Chen did not dare to use them.

When Xiao Chen remain silent, Qing Cheng felt assured. Given his character, he would definitely not leave his friends behind. She still had leeway for bargaining.

Whats wrong? Did I hit the nail on the head? The Specter Boat can last only fifteen more minutes at most. Xiao Chen, you are very scheming. However, you still fell short in the end. If you have the guts, just kill me immediately. Your friends fate depends on your decision.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly without a care. He flicked his finger, and Qing Cheng immediately felt her body go cold.

Her white dress slid off, revealing her fair back and red bra and panties.

[TL Note: As mentioned before, the bra here is the ancient Chinese bra, know as a dudou. It covered more of the body than the modern one does. Think the top of a two-piece swimsuit rather than bikinis.]

Qing Cheng had just regained her confident expression when her face flushed red with extreme embarrassment. She cursed, Xiao Chen! You shameless pervert! You despicable, obscene person!

Xiao Chen smiled. Then, he lay down on the bed without a care as he said, This bed is really big. It is too much of a waste for just one person to sleep on it. I feel that there should be one more person on it.

Qing Cheng felt enraged. She wished that she could immediately tear Xiao Chen in half. However, the ice flower on her forehead deterred her from moving.

Her heart was as regretful as it could be. She should not have provoked this fellow.