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King Of Gods Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013 – Province Teleportation Array

Zhao Feng and Emperor Ghost Scales passed through the crowded Spiritual Palace and soon arrived at a magnificent forging hall.

The instant they arrived, they saw an enormous black-and-white metallic warship. It almost took up the entire hall, and it was covered in an unusual array. The structure of the array lines on it was extremely similar to that of the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

Zhao Feng was able to see through this black-and-white warship with his left eye, and he realized that many aspects of the ship had been added on after it was first constructed.

“Looks like Ji Wuye’s management skills aren’t too bad.”

Zhao Feng could tell how skilled this Blacksmith-Array Grandmaster was from this product alone.

“Probably only three-star superpowers would be able to use such a flying warship.” Emperor Ghost Scales sighed with awe.

Who knew how many times better this warship was compared to the one he used to own? After being a pirate for several hundred years, Emperor Ghost Scales had a unique passion for ships.

Emperor Ghost Scales and Zhao Feng entered a side plaza. The interior of this plaza had its own dimension, and while it seemed very small, it was very big on the inside.

“Senior Zhao, I have upgraded the flying chariot as you commanded!” Ji Wuye went forward.

The other two disciples of the Ji Family were present as well, and they had joyful expressions as they surrounded the new flying flaming chariot.

Zhao Feng walked forward and inspected the newly-upgraded flying flaming chariot.

“According to your requirements, this flying chariot from the Heaven’s Legacy Race has been strengthened in every respect, and it has now reached the level of a peak Emperor,” a Blacksmith-Array Grandmaster introduced with a faint smile as he stood next to the flying chariot. These guests were all young and were already Emperors. For them to also have a complete item from the Heaven’s Legacy Race, they were definitely not simple.

Zhao Feng saw that the flying chariot was very different from before. Firstly, the size of the flying chariot had increased, so it could fit more people. Secondly, some of the mechanisms on the back of the flying chariot had been perfected, and a pair of wings had also been added to the side of the flying chariot, increasing its agility.

“If you have any more substandard God Crystals, you can put two onto the wings and increase the speed of the flying chariot to the level of a Sacred Lord!” the Blacksmith-Array Grandmaster added.

He obviously noticed the substandard God crystals when upgrading this flying chariot, so he made some adaptions with them in mind.

“Substandard God crystals!” Emperor Ghost Scales took in a deep breath. Even Sacred Lords wouldn’t want to use substandard God crystals on a mere flying item. Furthermore, two of them had to be used at once?

However, from what the Blacksmith-Array Grandmaster said, it seemed as if Zhao Feng used substandard God crystals to start the flying flaming chariot anyways.

“Speed of a Sacred Lord!” Zhao Feng was slightly moved. He didn’t expect that the flying chariot would be able to reach such a speed. However, substandard God crystals weren’t something to be used casually, so he would need to think about it first.

“This is the most I can do to this flying chariot. Since this flying chariot is from the Heaven’s Legacy Race, the price is extremely high two inheritance Sacred weapons!” Grandmaster Jin told Zhao Feng the price of upgrading this flying chariot.

Emperor Ghost Scales had a dazed expression. He and his friends had risked their lives for just one inheritance Sacred weapon, and now Zhao Feng merely upgrading a flying chariot required two?

Zhao Feng nodded his head. Every aspect of the flying flaming chariot had reached the limit. This price was very reasonable.

Right as Zhao Feng was about to pay:

“Grandmaster Jin, sorry for interrupting you,” an old yet powerful voice sounded from outside, and a skinny elder with several members behind him walked into the plaza’s dimension.

“Divine Official Gate!”

Hatred and anger surged in Emperor Ghost Scales’ heart as he looked at the white-robed Emperor amongst them.

“This is the Grand Elder of the Divine Official Gate!” Grandmaster Jin faltered.

The Grand Elder of the Divine Official Gate had brought many Elders and Regulators here. Were they going to cause trouble? From Emperor Ghost Scales’ expression, he could tell that these guests had offended the Divine Official Gate.

Grandmaster Jin sighed and prepared to warn those from the Divine Official Gate. Although the other party was a Grand Elder of a two-star power and a Quasi-Sacred Lord, this was a Spiritual Palace and it had the City Lord Palace backing it up, so Grandmaster Jin wasn’t scared at all.

However, before he could speak, the Grand Elder of the Divine Official Gate spoke and completely dazzled him.

“Little Friend Zhao, this old man is here to apologize to this friend.” The skinny elder put his hands together and bowed deeply toward Emperor Ghost Scales.

“All of you, kneel down!” the skinny elder roared.


The other Emperors all instantly knelt down on the ground.

“So, you’re the person in charge of the Divine Official Gate?” Zhao Feng walked forward with an indifferent expression and looked at this Quasi-Sacred Lord and the other Emperors.

“Zhao Feng!” Grandmaster Jin was stunned. No wonder this golden-haired and golden-eyed youth was so familiar; he was Zhao Feng, the one who helped the Ninth Prince become the Crown Prince.

“Little Friend Zhao, please calm down. These people from my force don’t recognize Mount Tai. I brought them here this time to apologize. You can do whatever you want with them!” The skinny elder was extremely obedient.

Someone from within the clan had recognized Zhao Feng from the images in the white-robed Emperor’s memories. Zhao Feng was the Grand Elder of the three-star Ocean Smoke Pavilion. Apparently, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, the Ghost Fire Clan, and Eight Star Tower were all three-star subordinate forces. The Divine Official Gate, which was only a two-star power, was nothing in comparison.

Apart from that, many reports said that Zhao Feng himself had the ability to kill Sacred Lords after the end of the Crown Prince trial.

Because of all that, the skinny elder could only use such a plan and bring all the members that had once chased after Emperor Ghost Scales over. He believed that Zhao Feng wouldn’t be so ruthless and kill all of them. After all, they were still within the Spiritual Palace.

“Emperor Ghost Scales, forgive us!”

“We made such grave mistakes because we were blinded by treasure!”

The members of the Divine Official Gate knelt on the ground and begged Emperor Ghost Scales for forgiveness.

Emperor Ghost Scales looked at the Emperors kneeling on the ground. He could still remember the arrogant and almighty expressions these people had, but now they were all kneeling in front of him.

Emperor Ghost Scales thought about the pirates that had come with him to the continent, and killing intent appeared in his heart.

“Emperor Ghost Scales, we’re willing to hand over the inheritance we obtained the other day and pay for all the fees of upgrading this flying item,” the skinny elder immediately said after seeing killing intent flash through Emperor Ghost Scales’ eyes.

Emperor Ghost Scales and the Divine Official Gate had each obtained one half of the inheritance of the Sacred Lord. Now, the Divine Official Gate had to give Emperor Ghost Scales the half that they had obtained.

“If you are willing, the Divine Official Gate will now be a subordinate force of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion!” Zhao Feng walked forward and said while patting Emperor Ghost Scales.

Now that Zhao Feng was supporting the Ninth Prince, killing people in the Spiritual Palace would leave a bad name for the Ninth Prince.

“This the Divine Official Gate is willing to become a subordinate force of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion!” The skinny elder hesitated for a while before gritting his teeth and speaking.

“Zhao Feng, let’s go.” Emperor Ghost Scales didn’t speak, he just turned around and left. Zhao Feng hadn’t just saved him, Zhao Feng even made these people kneel in front of him and admit their wrongdoings. This was something that he couldn’t have even thought of in the past.

All of this was due to Zhao Feng, so he couldn’t cause more trouble for Zhao Feng.

“You will pay the fee to upgrade the flying transport item.”

Zhao Feng took away the brand-new flying flaming chariot and left this place with Emperor Ghost Scales and the three from the Ji Family.

“Grand Elder, how can you agree to Zhao Feng’s terms?” The white-robed Emperor got up after Zhao Feng and company left.

“Yeah, Grand Elder, Zhao Feng won’t dare to kill us in the Spiritual Palace!” Another Emperor revealed a disdainful expression.

“He might not kill you, but what if he cripples you!?” the skinny elder roared and continued to speak, “The Ocean Smoke Pavilion supports the Crown Prince and is expanding rapidly. If the Crown Prince becomes the Sacred Emperor, then the Divine Official Gate is obviously willing to be the Ocean Smoke Pavilion’s subordinate force.

“Hmph I’m sure you all know what is happening between Nine Darkness Palace and Ocean Smoke Pavilion though. If Nine Darkness Palace attacks Zhao Feng and the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, then we will be set free.” The skinny elder snickered coldly as he looked at this group of people without brains.

The remaining Emperors blinked when they heard what the Grand Elder said.

“Grand Elder has everything thought out!” The white-robed Emperor revealed a cunning smile.

“Grandmaster Jin, how much was the fee to upgrade Zhao Feng’s flying item?” the skinny elder asked.

“Two inheritance Sacred weapons,” Grandmaster Jin replied honestly.

“What!?” The skinny elder almost coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood, but the Spiritual Palace wouldn’t trick people. Furthermore, Grandmaster Jin was an extremely famous Blacksmith-Array Grandmaster.

“This brat used so much just to upgrade a flying item?”

The skinny elder and several Emperors finally managed to squeeze together this fee.


Zhao Feng and company sat on the completely new flying flaming chariot and left the Spiritual Palace with a flash of chaotic seven-colored light.

“What speed!” Ji Tianming exclaimed.

This flying flaming chariot could easily carry the five of them, and its speed surpassed peak Emperors. It was more than twice as fast as before, which dramatically reduced the time of their journey.

“Maybe we can meet the Ninth Prince and Old Ying on the way,” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

The Ninth Prince and Old Ying had left a month or two earlier than Zhao Feng. With Zhao Feng and company’s current speed, they might be able to meet the Ninth Prince and company before they arrived at the battlefield. After all, their goal was the same, and the route was roughly the same as well.

A month later, the group arrived at the center of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

“Senior Zhao, I heard that the Spiritual Palace within the Imperial City of the Gan Province has already built a Province Teleportation Array,” Ji Tianming said.

“Oh? A Province Teleportation Array?”

The Province Teleportation Array could directly pass through several dozen city arrays.

The Imperial City was located in the Gan Province, and it was probably the first to build a Province Teleportation Array.

Crossing a province directly should be able to save them about a month’s time.

Zhao Feng and company arrived at the center of the Imperial City. The Province Teleportation Array was built in the very center of the Spiritual Palace, and it was guarded by the three-star forces under the imperials.

“From the looks of it, we don’t have the right to use the Province Teleportation Array.”

Ji Tianming looked into the distance. Countless guards in black armor floated above a magnificent hall. Each one of them had the cultivation of a half-step King, and some radiated several powerful auras.

“Let’s give this a try.”

Zhao Feng flied forward, and the others could only follow after him.

“Please show your identity. This is the Province Teleportation Array. Those that aren’t an imperial or part of a peak three-star power aren’t to approach!” A black-armored guard immediately came forward when he saw Zhao Feng and company arrive.