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Lazy Dungeon Master Chapter 328

Scout (DP)

Haku-san and Misha headed back.

Which is why I figured I should start with the all-out remodeling of Oranges dungeon.

When I told Orange that, he just groaned sullenly.

But my dungeons survival rate is 0%, nkyuu. I thought it was good

Thats also a downside though.

Is it?

Not one of the beginners made it out alive. That was a good thing as well as a bad thing.
As a result of there being no survivors, this place was basically unknown. As said by the saying dead men tell no tales (except undead), the number of people coming here never increased.

Nkyuu. Isnt that a good thing?

You wont get DP.
Oooh. Right.

Therell be nothing trying to kill you without enemies coming along, so you could live another day. Thats a good thing.

However, without enemies, the dungeon will stall.

By the way, I told Haku-san that youll be moving, but well actually be making two or more.

Really? Nkyuu, wonder if theres enough DP

What, youll easily get this much back here on out, dont worry about it Ill be making you a dungeon with a 100% survival rate. For that, I had to guarantee you a location near the capital.
Half a days trip at an all-out pace from the capital, double that at a more normal pace. Therell definitely be repeat visitors.

100% return rate? Can kyuu get DP from that? Wouldnt kyuu only get DP from the earth vein if kyuu dont kill anyone?

You didnt know? Youll get DP even if you dont kill people for as long as theyre in the dungeon.

Eh? Really?

Eh, he really didnt know?

You should be getting a good amount just from Meat and Ichika being here, how is it?

Seriously? Seriously!
Guess he looked at his menu. He should already be getting some portion of Meat and Ichikas daily DP worth.

Still though, I thought it was common sense for Dungeon Cores that theyd get daily DP from people. Was I wrong?

Wait. What about the opposite and theres ways of earning DP that Rokuko doesnt know about?

Lets think about that later.
Hoheeh, so kyuu can get DP like this. Convenient~

Pretty much.

So dungeons with a 100% survival rate nkyuu, cram and lock them in?

In truth, the large scale ones are called human farms.

No, you will be locking them in, but you wont be cramming people in. Youll make a shop.

A shop?
Wait, Kehma. Youre talking about trading with humans like at our dungeon right? No. 629, can you use humanization?

Ukyuu trading, huuuh. I cant use it. Kyuu, I might be able to if I reeeeally try, but itd cost 300,000 DP.

Still petting a rabbit, Rokuko hopped into the conversation. She had a point.

Being able to use humanization was like a kind of prestige amongst Dungeon Cores.

This was because the Dungeon Cores [Father] took the shape of a human and the veteran cores first acquired humanization in order to show respect to him.

It was also why Rokuko and Haku-san, who didnt need to do anything to humanize since thats how they were from the start, were so disliked.

300,000 so Orange would have to blow the majority of his savings, huh.

Even if you knew humanization, I cant see it being too beneficial

I dont know either, kyuu. Ive never done it before!

Orange didnt have the leeway to spend 300,000 DP on something like that, so thats just how it would have to be.

Well, there are a number of things that could mimic being human to work in the shop, so its not like you have to. Silkies and the like.

Mmm, wait a sec. Was there anything like that?

With that, Orange ran his eyes through the empty air. He was probably looking through his catalog from the menus function.

No silkies Theres soldier rabbits though? They can walk and kyuse weapons. Cant speak humanese, though.

Ichika, what do you think?

Itd be hard passin em off as rabbit beastkin. Pass.

Mmm, well, even if they can walk on two legs and carry a spear, theyd still be a rabbit. Thatd be a bit much.

Show me your catalog, I want to see your selection.

Sure thing.

Orange did a few things before a menu suddenly appeared in the air. He was showing me his catalog.

Hmm. His UI was no different from ours. Lets see yep, yep. Rabbits really are cheapI mean, theyre practically all rabbits.

The pitfall traps were uselessly cheap. Same with items, there were only cheap ones.

Well, I guess Orange was a fundamentally different Dungeon Core from Rokuko. Of course what they could do would differ. Still though, worst case scenario I can just do what I want by purchasing monsters and items myself with his DP and transfer the ownership to Orange. No problem.

Oh, maybe hell be able to get silkies and the like once he uses humanization? Probably.

Oh, this wererabbit one doesnt look bad? Mishas a werecat, so shouldnt it be able to change into a human too?

I-Its 50,000 DP a bit much, nkyuu

Meanwhile, there was no wererabbit in our catalog. And 50,000 DP was so-so.

Even from Oranges point of view, it was around a seventh of his assets.

It was definitely a lot, but it was a necessary expense.

Ill handle the cost if it doesnt work out, so give it a go.

Uuu, I will then! Hikyuuu, Im super nervous. This is the first time Ive spent over 10,000, and its 50,000

Just let er rip man. Go for it.

Uuu, kyuull really take responsibility if it doesnt work out right!?

Even while saying that, Orange started to summon a wererabbit.

A magic formation around two meters wide appeared.

Soon after, a red-haired, rabbit-eared girl appeared with a plop. Contrasting Oranges ears that hung down, hers were more perky like youd think a bunny girls would be Fur covered most of her body, like she was wearing a one piece swimsuit despite having no clothes on. Her arms from the elbow down and legs from the knee down were furred as well, like gloves and boots.

Oooh, so she appeared like the other rabbits, nkyuuu a human rabbit

Umm, nkyu. HelIm pleased to meet you.

She taaaaalked! She can speak humanese~!

It was all too similar to when I summoned Rei and the others.

Her face is pretty cute, will she work out? Kehma.

Yeah. She could probably even work at our inns reception desk.

If its like this, shes at the level where she could deceive people even without being able to turn into a human.

When I looked at her face, her cheeks reddened and she hid her face with her hands. Whoops, excuse me.

Orange, give her a name. A girlish one would be good.

Eh? Make her a named monster? Well, she cost 50,000 so I guess, nkyuu hmm Bloodpool? Kyuu, no

The f*ck was that name? Scary.

Orange looked up toward Ichika.

Hey, kyuuu there, human. Kyuu named me, so think of another. I dont even know what a girlish name is, so Ill leave it to kyuu!

Huh? Gonna let me decide? Hmm, how about Strawberry then? Shes pretty red.

Nkyuu! Alright, kyour names Strawberry! Nice to meet kyuu!

O-Okay, thanksthank you!

And whats with Ichikas naming sense? Does she only use food for names?

Well, I guess Strawberrys pretty girlish.

So, to what extent can you mimic humans?

Nkyu! Show him, Strawberry! Show him what kyuu can do!

Umm nkyuu, fuah!

Taking a guts pose and covering her mouth with her fists, Strawberry showed up her transforming into a human. Her ears didnt change, but the fur covering her arms, legs, and body started going away to look more like a humanwait, clothes, she needs clothes! Eh, you dont have any? Rabbits dont usually wear any, you say?

I quickly turned my head away from Strawberry to not see her nakedness.

R-Rokuko, please give her some clothes.

Kehma. Pervert.

It was an act of god!

She gave her clothes. I mean, there werent any in Oranges catalog, after all.

By the way, what would the shop sell? Rabbit skewers?

Nkyuuuu!?!?!? Th-Th-Theres no way I could sell my comrades meat though!?

Oh, dont worry. Youll sell rabbits, but not as meat. Guess its time I give you an explanation

And so I began to tell him my plans for the dungeon.