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Legend Of Legends Chapter 356

The enemy heroes were closing in. The distance between them was now thirty meters, and if the enemies had a long range attack, they would be able to use it then.

Junhyuk stepped back once the enemies got that close, and Malone laughed at him, stepping forward.

“Don’t be scared! I’ll sweep them up!”

Within that thirty-meter range, Malone started using his spells on the enemies. Purple lights flew out of Malone’s staff. It was a type of light energy Junhyuk had never seen before, and they headed toward the enemy line.

The enemy heroes raised their weapons to block their bodies, but the purple lights fell on top of their heads.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

A loud explosion rang out, and the enemies lost their health. Junhyuk was aware of the weakness of area-of-effect attacks. They could damage many at the same time, but it would be hard to deliver a critical with them, or deal significant damage.

The light bombardment had dealt 5 percent damage to Kamel, 3 percent to Mantes and 7 percent to Ellencia. Junhyuk had seen it all, and one of his eyebrows twitched at a result.

Next, Malone placed his staff ahead of him. The energy that came out of his staff that time turned oblong, almost parabolic, flying toward the enemy. Malone could measure the distance between them exactly, so he had to be a very experienced fighter. However, Junhyuk also thought that a hero should be able to do that, otherwise that hero would be useless.


The explosion engulfed all three enemies, but the damage dealt was the same as before. With those two attacks, Malone had dealt 10 percent of damage to Kamel, 6 percent to Mantes and 14 percent to Ellencia.

One might think that Malone’s attacks had been successful because they had dealt 34 percent damage in total, but Junhyuk thought the wizard was wasting time.

Junhyuk stared at Malone. What kind of items did the wizard have and why was his damage so low? Could the enemy heroes be carrying powerful items?

Junhyuk held tightly to the swords in his hands. He wanted to use the Spatial Slash right then, but he needed to be patient. He decided to continue watching Malone.

Malone created a light spear on his staff and laughed.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! How about this? Isn’t it so cool?”

That’s when Junhyuk realized that Malone couldn’t see the enemy’s health like he could.

Malone threw his light spear, and Mantes stepped forward to block. Kamel and Ellencia went left and right, so they weren’t even scratched by it. Mantes was hit by the light spear and lost an additional 7 percent of his health.

In total, Mantes had 87 percent of his health; Kamel had 90 percent; and Ellencia had 86 percent.

Malone had used nearly all of his powers, but the enemies had barely been scratched.

The enemy heroes closed in further, now within twenty meters of the allies, and they counterattacked.

Mantes rushed, so Junhyuk grabbed Malone’s shoulder and teleported. The minions tried blocking Mantes, but many of them bounced away from the impact. Then, Mantes stopped and raised both of his hands, slamming the ground with them.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Spikes of ice came out of the ground, and Junhyuk grimaced. The ice attribute was just like his own Frozen Rune Sword’s, it could debuff an opponent, slowing them down.

Junhyuk stepped forward to shield Malone and said, “Ready your ultimate!” After saying that, he ran forward and raised his force field.

Craack, craack!

The spikes of ice heading his way hit the force field and shattered. As they did, he ran forward and shouted, “Ultimate!”

Malone thrust his staff forward and shouted, “Disperse like dirt!”

Light arrows zoomed by Junhyuk’s head and flew toward Mantes.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

Seven arrows, and Mantes lost 21 percent of his health.

It was the strongest attack so far, but that was supposed to be an ultimate. The damage was pitiful.

Junhyuk realized why the other teams had not selected Malone. His damage was shitty. He was supposed to be a wizard and would normally be responsible for a team’s main attack force, so why was he so weak?

Junhyuk still kept hope for another possibility. The enemy heroes could be stronger than he imagined them to be. Malone wouldn’t simply be weak. The enemy would just be superior, and Junhyuk actively wished for that as he ran forward.

Mantes’ body shook, and ice covered his entire body, sharp spikes protruding out of it. Mantes was buffing his defense.

Junhyuk headed toward Mantes while shrinking his force field. When the force field covered just him, Junhyuk swung his sword at the enemy hero.

Mantes ducked like a boxer, but he did not know Junhyuk well enough. The path of Junhyuk’s sword changed, slashing down on Mantes’ shoulder.


“Argh!” Mantes screamed as his shoulder was sliced and torn. Junhyuk had thought Mantes would have high defense. The ice spikes were even buffing his defense, but Junhyuk took 12 percent out of his health with that single strike.

However, Junhyuk already knew why he was able to deal so much damage to Mantes: his piercing stat was through the roof. His attacks were especially effective against tanks for that reason.

Mantes’ eyes widened, and Junhyuk attacked him again and again, swinging his swords with flair and precision. Mantes tried to retreat, but Junhyuk chased after him, slashing him again. His sword sliced Mantes’ arm and stabbed into his chest.


It was a critical hit, and Mantes lost 30 percent of his health. His set’s effect even triggered extra damage during critical hits, making Junhyuk’s regular attack deal more damage than Malone’s ultimate.

Kamel and Ellencia flanked him from left and right. Mantes had only 24 percent of his health left now, and the hero had done practically nothing against Junhyuk.

Mantes ran back quickly and shouted, “Help me!”

Kamel came to Mantes’ rescue. Kamel attacked, but Junhyuk smiled coldly. The hero had already seen what Junhyuk’s force field could do, but he had still attacked. That made him laugh.

Junhyuk triggered acceleration. It was difference from before. Now, Junhyuk could sense things at faster speeds. When Kamel attacked him, he put his back against Kamel’s attack.


He was hit intentionally, and that hit propelled him forward, allowing him to catch up to the retreating Mantes. Junhyuk swung his sword. The hero had not expected Junhyuk to focus entirely on him. His swords slashed through Mantes’ ribs, and because Kamel was nearby, the shockwave hit him as well.

It wasn’t a critical hit, but Kamel had received significant damage. His eyes widened, and he retreated quickly. The shockwave had dealt 8 percent of damage to Kamel.

Mantes only had 12 percent of his health left. He didn’t want to die, so he retreated even faster. Thinking that he had run away successfully, Mantes turned and looked for Junhyuk, but Junhyuk had disappeared.

He was now behind Mantes, and the hero hadn’t even noticed. Junhyuk sliced through Mantes’ neck, and the hero died, dropping a glove. Without checking on the stats, Junhyuk picked it up and chased after Kamel. The force field had disappeared.

Malone shouted at him, “Are you fishing for last hits?!”

From Malone’s point of view, Junhyuk had only used regular attacks to kill Mantes, so he thought Mantes had been on the edge of death when Junhyuk attacked him, just to land the last hit.

Malone thought he had nearly killed the enemies, so he shot more light arrows. Junhyuk did not expect anything from the wizard at that point.

A light arrow struck Ellencia, and she went berserk.

“You worthless old man!”

She whipped Malone with her fire whip, but Junhyuk kept his focus on Kamel. The hero still had 82 percent of his health left, and Junhyuk slashed at him.

Kamel parried the attack with his bastard sword.


The swords clashed, and Junhyuk swung the Frozen Rune Sword next, thinking that he had the advantage because acceleration was triggered.

As he swung the Frozen Rune Sword, Kamel smirked, swinging the bastard sword to meet it. The bastard sword moved from left to right, but suddenly, Kamel swung a different sword from right to left.

Junhyuk had already teleported, so he blocked the attacks with his dual swords. However, a power could still deal damage when blocked.


Junhyuk was hurt from the exchange, but when he checked the damage, he had only lost 6 percent of his health.

Among champions, Kilraden had had the most aggressive damage. When Kilraden used to attacked normally, Junhyuk would lose 10 percent of his health.

Still, Kamel couldn’t be ignored. Junhyuk was surrounded by lobster minions, and they were clawing at him. Quickly, Junhyuk slashed through two of the lobsters’ necks.

Each of the minions’ attacks could deal 1 percent of damage to him. They were now more dangerous than those heroes.

There was some distance between Kamel and Junhyu, and Kamel raised the palm of his hand toward him and shouted, “Judgement of Justice!”

Suddenly, a bright cross of light hit Junhyuk.


Junhyuk was stunned by the shock and also lost 5 percent of his health. When he was judged, he was paralyzed.

Kamel laughed and busied himself attacking Junhyuk.

“It’s my turn now!”

Slash, slash, slash!

Junhyuk couldn’t move, so every one of Kamel’s attacks was a critical hit. However, the critical hits only did 4 percent of damage to him. While stunned, Junhyuk lost a total of 12 percent of his health.

Since Kamel was wielding a two-handed sword, he could attack at one-second intervals.

By then, Junhyuk had lost a total of 23 percent of his health. He still had 77 percent left, and he wanted to keep fighting. Once he could move again, he ran at the hero, who was still busy laughing.

Junhyu had been pressured by Kamel while stunned, and Kamel had thought him to only be a champion. The hero had felt Junhyuk’s shockwave, but he had decided to ignore what had happened as simple coincidence.

Kamel swung the bastard sword at Junhyuk, but Junhyuk parried the attack with the Frozen Rune Sword and stabbed with the Blood Rune Sword.


Kamel’s eyes widened. The hero had just been stabbed in the stomach, but he still lost 32 percent of his health from it.

“What the hell ?!”

Junhyuk sank the sword in deeper, and Kamel received an additional 14 percent of damage. The hero had lost half of his health.

Kamel pushed Junhyuk away with his eyes on fire and barked, “I will kill you!”

Kamel’s made an arc with his sword in the air, and rings of blades appeared as the sword travelled that orbit. It was Kamel’s ultimate, but Junhyuk laughed at it and stepped back.

Junhyuk spun around, and the Blood Rune Sword flashed.


The Spatial Slash penetrated Kamel’s neck, and as Kamel died, he dropped his boots. Junhyuk picked them up and turned back to Malone.

“Help me!”

Malone looked like a bloody rag as he ran away.