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Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 466

Overall, the BOSS was definitely considered an agile-type BOSS. After falling to his knees, he wanted to do a backward flip to get out of this situation.

How could Wang Yu not know what he was planning to do? Just as the Ape King flipped backwards, Wang Yu took a huge stride forward. Before the Ape King could even stand up again, Wang Yu's pole struck him again. Similarly, it struck the back of the Ape King's knee and he fell back to the ground.

Wang Yu retracted his pole and suddenly knocked the back of the Ape King's head. The Ape King cried out as he was lying on the ground with his hands on his head.

"Are you almost done? We cannot hold them for much longer."

Fearless sent the message.

It wasn't because the people at the mountain waist were useless but because the opponents were too unique. If they were any other type of monsters, the members of the Quan Zhen Sect were confident of exterminating them, let alone holding them back. However, it was simply too difficult for two-legged humans to try and hold monsters with wings back.

"What's the rush? We just started fighting" Wang Yu was too busy handling the Ape King so he couldn't reply Fearless. Crotch Lord replied on his behalf.

"Just started fighting?" Fearless asked in shock, "How? I thought he was already going to die?"

Initially, Fearless thought that the Ape King was beaten very badly which was why he called out for his underlings to save him. He never imagined that Wang Yu and co. had yet to fight the BOSS yet. To think that the Ape King still had over 90% of his health left.

"No, but just try your best to hold them back. The BOSS is under our control now and we will kill him as soon as possible." Crotch Lord responded to Fearless before joining the battle with Yang Nuo.

Without his eagle, the Ape King's attack attributes decreased by 80%. Initially, he was still hoping to escape after playing with Wang Yu's pole for a while. However, even an Ancient grade BOSS wouldn't be able to escape from Wang Yu. It was basically an impossible dream for a mere monkey like the Ape King to think about escaping.

Wang Yu's long pole was not what you would imagine in novels where the pole had a sky full of pole shadows trapping the opponent.

Wang Yu's style wasn't fast and every move would leave a footprint that others could track easily. However, this plain and simple looking attack was just like a firm and sturdy iron gate, sealing up every possible escape route the Ape King could have.

Every time the Ape King moved, Wang Yu's long pole would be the first to reach the position to hit the Ape King. This resulted in the Ape King crying for help but dared not stand up. After a few rounds, he was more willing to just lie there and not move at all.

Even though the Ape King's attack attributes decrease by 80%, he was still a BOSS. Just by looking at the insane health bar of the BOSS, one could easily lose hopes of defeating him.

Even if he were to lie there and not fight back, it would still take the trio some time to kill him.

At this moment, the monsters at the waist of the mountain were rushing back and the players below were starting to feel increasingly helpless.

These monsters started pulling away into the sky and broke free from the players' encirclement of attacks.

"Mage, let's climb the mountain and do whatever it takes to pull the aggro back to us."

Fearless knew that the moment the monsters flew back up, Wang Yu and the two others would be doomed. This was why he made the decision and ordered the others.

"Got it!" Ming Du received the instruction and immediately ran back up.

Prideful Frost heard this but his expression was not very pleasant.

"F*ck! Are you crazy?" Thunderlord shouted.

While Wang Yu and the two others were dealing with the BOSS, Fearless and co. were struggling with these monsters for some time too.

Therefore, everyone here knew that these monsters had a unique characteristic - Rapid increase in aggro.

If the players below could hide and attack, these monsters could only casually throw some rocks from above. If during a short period of time, the damage exceeded a certain threshold, these monsters would go into rage mode together.

This timing was dependent on the spillover numerical value of the damage down in comparison to the threshold.

Earlier on, the players at the mountain waist caused significant damage really quickly which resulted in the rage of these monsters. Because of the rage, they were almost wiped out by the monsters.

A Mage was one with the most violent attacks and Ming Du was the worst. Presently, Fearless actually ordered Ming Du to do whatever it takes to draw the aggro back down. This was clearly a deathwish.

Fearless replied, "If we don't do this, we will not be able to clear the stage. So why don't we try our luck? I can guarantee that we will be safe."

"You have an invulnerable skill so you can say this. I don't trust you." Thunderlord Block was still filled with disdain.

This fella had every reason to doubt Fearless because he had been tricked and fooled by Fearless countless times over the years.

"Spear Dog, what about you?" Fearless couldn't be bothered with Thunderlord Block as he turned to ask Nine Solitary Spears instead.

Fearless' message was clear to Thunderlord Block. He was implying that Thunderlord Block was not even the boss, so he had no rights to comment.

Nine Solitary Spears hesitated for a while before turning to Prideful Frost, "Prideful Frost, go and help out."

"You!!!" Thunderlord Block was instantly furious. He would never expect Nine Solitary Spears to support the other party at this crucial moment.

Nine Solitary Spears replied, "If we can clear the stage by drawing their aggro, why shouldn't we go for it? I trust Fearless dog and I believe he will not let me down."

Spring Halo chuckled, "Spears dog might still be annoying as ever but you are still responsible as always."

"It's the same for you guys."

Prideful Frost was Nine Solitary Spears' closest disciple which was why he would definitely listen to anything Nine Solitary Spears had to say. After receiving the order from Nine Solitary Spears, he followed closely behind Ming Du as they ascended the mountain again. As the duo climbed to about the same height as the monsters, the monsters were already flying over.

Ming Du pointed at the monsters behind, "3 seconds after I release my skill, aim your [Snowstorm] towards the back and then descend the mountain."

"En." Prideful Frost was slightly taken aback but agreed anyway.

Prideful Frost was also a top expert and he knew that Ming Du was letting him escape safely first. Prideful Frost was taken aback at the fact that a member of the Quan Zhen Sect could be so selfless.

In fact, the members of the Quan Zhen Sect were only extremely ruthless and vicious against opponents. When treating their own members or allies, even a ruthless Ming Du, would know what was the value of teamwork. Since Nine Solitary Spears trusted Fearless, Prideful Frost also treated Ming Du as a true teammate now.

Without waiting long, the flock of monsters flew in front of the two of them. Ming Du waved his staff around and his Flaming Lightning Barrage landed right in the middle of the flock of monsters. It was followed by a devastating shriek.

The damage Ming Du caused would not be inferior to a disgustingly good expert like Wang Yu. After the release of his Flaming Lightning Barrage, all the monsters in the sky was covered in red light as they went into a rage just three seconds later.

Looking at the intensity of this red light, it seemed as though these monsters wouldn't be able to calm down for the next thirty seconds.

After the aggro was drawn, Prideful Frost threw out his Snowstorm at the back of the monsters before hurrying back down to the mountain waist.

The monsters stared at the Flaming Lightning Barrage as they rushed to Ming Du's position. Presently, they were increasingly closer to Ming Du. At this moment, Ming Du ran forward and his body landed right below the Snowstorm.

The monsters in the sky roared as they chased after him. The monsters flew right into the snowstorm and they were evidently slowed down.

Ming Du took this opportunity to return back to the mountain waist.

Fearless saw Ming Du's return and pointed, "Those weaker in defense, go and hide in the corner! Those with greater defense try and hold up this wave of monsters."