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Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 560

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“Hi, player Iron Bull, this is the North China region’s seventh monitoring group of <>. I am GM9527. Your account has entered checking mode. To uphold our fair and transparent principle, you have the right to access the results of your account’s checks. This scene has entered recording mode. According to People’s Republic of China’s Section xx of Chapter xx, this video recording has legal effect. ”

“F*ck” Wang Yu was confused by GM9527’s words. After he paused for a long while, Wang Yu said, “Can you explain it in layman terms?”

“This” GM9527 was dumbfounded by Wang Yu’s request and explained, “It means that we will now monitor if your account data is abnormal. This video recording will have legal effects.”

“Oh, oh, oh, start the checks then!” Wang Yu said indifferently. He had nothing to hide so naturally, he was not afraid. Since he did not externally modify anything, he was not afraid that the results would show anything abnormal.

“Alright! Please be mentally prepared. Based on the basic laws of the internet, your actions are classified as altering gaming data which will cause you to incur legal responsibilities. We reserve the rights to take legal actions against you.” GM9527 said.

Once Wang Yu heard those words, he was unhappy. With a straight face, he said, “I don’t understand what you are saying. I am playing the game law-abidingly. I don’t understand what you are saying about altering gaming data!”

“Hehe!” GM9527 snickered, “This is not up to you. It is up to our main computer. Based on the data of most players, since you were in the Beginner’s Village, a lot of your data has been abnormal. Hence, we will begin checking from the date your account was created.”

“Oh” Wang Yu nodded and said, “What if the checks prove that I did externally modify something?”

“We will follow legal procedure.” GM9527 said.

“What if I didn’t externally modify anything?” Wang Yu asked again.

“Based on our discretion, we may compensate you .”

“Such double standards? How evil” Wang Yu was taken by surprise.

If there was any proof, they would adhere to legal procedures. If they did not find anything, they would just give him something to dismiss him. It seemed like this was where the despicable NPCs of <> came from.

“The ultimate explanatory rights belongs to the game’s company.” GM9527 said smilingly, “I hope we will not meet in court.”

Wang Yu said with annoyance, “Enough rubbish, start the check. I have other things to do!” Wang Yu could not bring himself to feel good about this 9527. Although he spoke very professionally, he kept mentioning three words “you externally modified”.

“Ok! Hold on!”

After he spoke, 9527 walked to one side and said to the worker beside him, “Ok, begin an all-rounded check!”

“What?! Chief He, an all-rounded check requires a lot of work” Hearing what 9527 said, his worker started to lament.

An all-rounded check meant that the checks began from the day the game server was launched. <> had hundred millions of players and so, the amount of data they had was unimaginable. Every day, unexplainably large amounts of data are refreshed. Even the main computer would take some time to access the data collected when the server was just launched.

9527 said, “Well, this player’s attitude is making me very displeased. He is the one who messed the system up through external modifications and yet, he is still acting so daringly. He really thinks our company cannot do anything to him. Today, I want to convince him of his mistakes.”

“Chief He, I guess you have no idea. We have investigated this Iron Bull’s data. It is perfectly normally. He seems so ridiculously strong but it is because he is a martial artist.” The worker explained.

“Martial artist? What rubbish! Why don’t you say that he is practising to be an immortal? No more reading novels during working hours from now on!” 9527 said angrily.

In current time, practising martial arts was just like practising to be an immortal – they only exist on TV and in novels Telling his superior that someone was a martial artist was as though he claimed that someone was progressing to become an immortal, akin to lying.

Although the company which designed <> had several employees who had some fighting skills, to call those martial arts would be degrading these two words.


Seeing how 9527 was angry, everyone obediently kept quiet and started extracting data.

Fortunately, the monitoring team had observed Wang Yu’s account on multiple occasions previously so his data had been handled separately. Hence, they were quickly found.

“Is that all?” 9527 asked when he saw the data that the monitoring team extracted.

“Yes!” Little Zhang said, “Since the server was launched till now. All of this player’s data is here.”

“Ok, I will personally check through them!” As he spoke, 9527 started typing furiously on the keyboard.

On the screen in front of Wang Yu, groups of data in green started to appear. At the same time, the screen on the scene’s wall started to play video recordings of Wang Yu’s battles since the server was launched.

Silver Wolf King, Wharton, Sanguine Alliance One by one, the scenes passed and the data also flew by one group at a time.

9527’s expression became more and more solemn as he started sweating.

“How, how is this possible?” 9527 looked at the data on the computer in disbelief.

He witnessed how Wang Yu killed multiple elite BOSS who were 25 levels above him. In fact, he even killed some of the BOSS in only one move. These scenes were impossible not only to normal players but also to a GM. However, the check results showed 9527 that Wang Yu’s data were perfectly normal.

“Impossible. While he is injured, how could he still assassinate a BOSS?” 9527 shockingly opened the data to check if they were normal.

The data check system showed 9527: Everything is normal, the data has not abnormality.

“Could he have externally modified the damage level to the maximum such that the data would not reflect it but yet, he can inflict the most damage? What a scary hacker!” Thinking about this, 9527 quickly opened another window to extract more external data.

“Third-party application does not exist!” The data check results made 9527 speechless once more.

“Has this person’s hacking skills reach such a high level? 9527 said in disbelief.

<> has the most up-to-date virtual reality system. It is the best in the industry for both preventing external modification and hackers. However, in face of this person, all methods reaped no results. This made 9527 somewhat hopeless.

Although he was unconvinced, he thought for long and 9527 walked to Wang Yu, and said, ‘Mr Iron Bull, your methods have gotten my utmost respect.”

“What an overpraise!” Wang Yu nodded humbly.

“Can you tell me how did you externally modify the game such that our system cannot detect it? Don’t worry, the video recording has been switched off!” 9527 said.

“Externally modify?” Wang Yu smiled, “This isn’t external modification, this is called abilities!”