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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 206

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In the mountains, several monster hunters were walking in the forest with all their gear on. They carried bulging bags on their backs that contained very valuable monster organs.

The ground beneath them suddenly shook. The squad’s familiars let out uneasy growls.

“What’s wrong, Bei Bei?” one of the monster hunters stopped, turned his head and gently stroked a big white cat next to him. The big cat turned its head, its sapphire blue eyes full of panic and anxiety.

“Go, we need to go quickly,” the big cat said quickly and anxiously.

Several of the monster hunters’ hearts skipped a beat. Bei Bei had reacted very similarly in the past. Once, it had been because a Legendary-tier monster flew overhead. Luckily, the Legendary-tier monster hadn’t noticed them, or it might have been that it just hadn’t paid them any attention.

It was the same reason a person wouldn’t step on a small bug for no reason. Only when the bug climbed up the person’s leg would that person shake it off and then kill it.

“We need to leave this place quickly. Let’s go back to Yuzhou City first,” said one of the squad members immediately.

Just as they turned around, the earth beneath them shook. The earth seemed to have turned over!

When the earth turned over, a few of them and their familiars were thrown into the air.

They then saw something that gave them a very big shock…

“Dozens of monster hunters have gone missing in the mountains and forests in the northeastern part Yuzhou City,” said a senior police officer in uniform with a frown. He was at the Yuzhou police station.

“Such a large number of monster hunters wouldn’t go missing under normal circumstances,” another senior police officer pointed out.

He gently tapped the table and decisively said, “Send some people to investigate immediately. We also need to seal off the northeast entrance to Yuzhou City. Prevent any entries and exits.”

The meeting ended right after he finished speaking.

It wasn’t the first time something like this had happened. Such things usually occurred when there was a rise in the number of monsters, or when new ferocious powerful monsters migrated to the vicinity of Yuzhou City.

It was the weekend, and Gao Peng had arrived at home. Grandpa sat at the dinner table wearing a white loose shirt. He lowered his head to drink some soup, then wiped his mouth with a napkin. “Don’t leave the city during this time. It isn’t safe outside the city.”

Gao Peng placed the piece of meat in his chopsticks into his mouth. He felt the juices of the meat burst out in his mouth. He swallowed the meat in one gulp, not very sure what was going on.

It seemed like grandpa had just mentioned it in passing, but Gao Peng would remember what he said. He wouldn’t go outside of the city no matter what.

“A lot of monster hunters have gone missing outside the city recently. The number keeps growing the military has sent out teams to investigate, but some of them have gone missing as well. The situation is quite dangerous, so you need to be careful,” Ji Hanwu said slowly as he watched Gao Peng eat.

“Okay.” Gao Peng nodded.

That was all they spoke of the incident. Gao Peng didn’t pay the situation any mind and life went on as usual…

Three days later, a message spread throughout the city. Yuzhou City had entered level five martial law. No one was allowed to go in or out without permission. The city had also entered high alert mode.

Immediately, there was a huge commotion throughout the entire city. In all the alleys and corners of the streets, people were talking. Countless numbers of people were discussing the matter.

Once the news was out, even the streets that were usually very busy had gone quiet. Most people stayed at home, and when they needed to go out, they would try to move quickly.

Many factories outside the city had been shut down. They were waiting for the police alert to end before resuming work.

In contrast, Southern Sky Group’s factories were operating normally. The only difference from usual was that the factory workers were earning overtime pay.

The level five martial law hadn’t been imposed since it had been created, though it could have been said that it was imposed during the Cataclysm.

It had taken many years for people to forget the pain caused by the Cataclysm, but this incident had renewed the memories of the pain. Most people scared easily. The atmosphere in the city had turned tense. In order to prevent any chaos from occurring, the city police had stepped up the number of patrols.

“Is the situation so serious that the White Dragon is needed to dispel the anxiety of the employees?” Gao Peng frowned. He lifted up his head to look at the Southern Sky Group’s headquarter. The White Dragon rested on top of the building, its tail dangling off the building and swaying gently.

The White Dragon’s mane moved with the wind. Its yellow pupils looked in every direction. Some of the group’s employees who felt anxious about the current situation in the city were relaxed when they noticed the White Dragon’s presence.

There was rain outside the window. The rain became heavier and heavier, but grandpa hadn’t arrived home yet. Usually, grandpa would be home by this time.

Gao Peng stood on the second-floor balcony and looked in the direction of the company’s building. He could see the top floor of the building from where he stood. If it weren’t for the fact that the White Dragon was resting on top of the building, making him feel more at ease, Gao Peng would’ve called his grandpa to check on him.

Maybe he’s in a meeting…

He looked over, worrying again. Then Gao Peng walked to the living room and switched on the TV.

The local Yuzhou TV station wasn’t reporting about the martial law. It was showing entertainment programs or shows about the lives of ordinary people. Gao Peng watched the TV absentmindedly while gently touching Flamy’s soft and smooth feathers.

Gao Peng suddenly heard the door open. He got up from the sofa and saw grandpa coming in with a black umbrella in hand.

“Grandpa, you’re home.” Gao Peng gave a sigh of relief. Learning of grandpa’s status didn’t make him happy. Instead, it gave him a sense of burden in his heart.

He had never wanted his relatives to be the so-called protectors of the city, nor did he want them to be heroes.

Protectors and heroes were celebrated and seen in a good light.

However, they also lived dangerous lives.

Gao Peng would be willing to admit he was a selfish, narrow-minded person who didn’t have great ideals like saving the world.

He was willing to help others if he was able to, but if it was something that was out of his scope, he wouldn’t force himself to help.

“Your Uncle Liu’s Shadow Japalura has been promoted to the Lord-tier. I just went and helped a bit.” Ji Hanwu smiled. “Thunder Shell Lord will also be promoted, too. It’s at the peak of the Commander-tier. It should be able to break through to the Lord-tier this time.”

“Was it successful?”

“It was. The changes to the Shadow Japalura were quite big. You might not even be able to recognize it.” Ji Hanwu laughed.

“Grandpa, what’s the reason for the martial law?” Gao Peng asked cautiously. He couldn’t learn any information from the TV, but grandpa should have known something.

“It’s a new type of monster” Ji Hanwu shook his head, “It’s a new type of monster. It isn’t only us in Yuzhou who are facing this problem. There are signs of change all over the world. It’s as if the monsters have become self-aware.”

“New types of monsters?” Gao Peng couldn’t imagine there being any new types of monsters that hadn’t been discovered before.