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Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 35

"Did it hurt?" Yuan Xuan asked with a low voice. Even though his voice became gentler, his sentence was as brief as usual.

"It didn't hurt. I didn't even make a sound..."

Mu Chenyan looked as if she was used to the pain. The indifferent tone in her voice made her sound very miserable.

Although it genuinely did hurt, she downplayed the sensation when she spoke to him.

"You were previously so afraid of pain. I remember when you once cut yourself a little while peeling an apple, you immediately started to tear up and make a fuss. Now you're telling me that such a deep burn wound did not hurt..."

Yuan Xuan caressed the scars while trembling slightly. He remembered Mu Chenyan's spoiled personality from the past.

Although Mu Feng never liked Mu Chenyan, her mother, Yan Mei raised her to be a mighty fine young noblewoman.

How did someone as spoiled as she get through such gloomy days?

"The reason why I behaved like a spoiled child in the past is because I wanted to be protected and loved. Besides, I knew that I could always get what I want just by pouting a little."

"Behaving in a delicate manner in prison would only cause me to get a heavier beating! Why could I continue to act that way? Thus, after a long time, I found that these injuries didn't really hurt me anymore."

Yuan Xuan stared at Mu Chenyan's face blankly. Her tone was overly calm and there was not even a hint of resentment in it. Yuan Xuan seemed to understand the reason why she was so cold and quiet after her return.

He was the one who had killed the old Mu Chenyan!

"Chenyan, no one will ever hurt you again..."

Yuan Xuan pulled her head closer to him and leaned it against his chest.

She could smell the faint smell of his sweat mixed with the sweet aroma of red wine. Mu Chenyan felt her heart jump slightly when she noticed the sound of his strong heartbeat beating away in his chest.

She could not figure out what Yuan Xuan was trying to do.

He was partly to blame for all the pain that she had suffered. However, he looked so aggrieved now. Could he finally be repenting?

Someone as arrogant and lonely as Yuan Xuan should not be apologizing or repenting!

In her opinion, Yuan Xuan was like a dark and deep fathomless sea, whereas she herself was like a small boat floating on this huge sea. Even if the boat were to overturn one day, it's not like she would expect the sea to suddenly apologize to her.

Whatever, she was probably overthinking things.

Mu Chenyan forced a smile and blurted, "I want to sleep. I'm very tired tonight."

Yuan Xuan remained silent after seeing the way she ignored his advances. He then carried her out of the water, dried her body with a soft towel and then used a hair dryer to dry her hair.

"Your long hair from before suits you better. Keep your hair long so that when we have another wedding, it will look nice if you style it up."

Yuan Xuan stroked her fine, black, short hair and stated in a commanding tone.

Mu Chenyan shivered slightly. Another wedding?

The scene from two years ago flashed through her mind once again. Her wedding was interrupted and Yuan Xuan watched her get taken away by the police without batting an eyelid...

Now he was telling her that he wanted to have another wedding... Could it be that he wanted to make up for the past?

The saying "a broken mirror pieced together" (TN: a Chinese idiom which metaphorically means the reunion of husband and wife after a forced separation) cannot be used to describe the relationship between the two of them!

Certain things had already happened that could not be changed. Mu Chenyan could not imagine how weird things would be if they actually ended up getting together again.

Not to mention, she could not rest until she found the culprit!

The Mu Family was ruined, her father had passed and her mother was hurt. Moreover, she had rotted away in prison for two long years.

These were all undeniable facts. However, both she and Yuan Xuan were trying to turn a blind eye to them!

She had been madly in love with him for the past ten years, whereby her sole purpose in life was to marry him. However, things were different now.

Some events had transpired that even time would not bury.

She knew very well that if she remained a suspect, then even if she remarried Yuan Xuan, she would not be loved!