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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 79

Translated by Aletx

Al made a critical detail mistake in the last chapter. In the last line He suddenly realized that he unconsciously arrived before her bedroom door should be He suddenly realized that he was subconsciously reaching for the door k.n.o.b. In other words, he was actually still at the medical room, and was about to head to her room subconsciously.

The cause for the mistake is Al misinterpreted the scene. CN authors tend to exclude location + transition. In contrast, theres stronger emphasis on Five W (who where when what) in English. Al didnt spot this mistake until translating this chapter.

Also Als sanity took a ma.s.sive hit translating this chapter.


Gong Jue maintained his hand posture on the door k.n.o.b.

For a long time.

Long enough that the air inside the medical room started to freeze.

It was so cold enough that hardly anyone can breath.

"F***, that was my bedroom to begin with. Why am I not allowed to freely return my own room!"

Gong Jue fiercely cursed himself.

Without any degree of hesitation, he pressed on in his military boots. He opened the door, went downstairs, and headed toward the bedroom.

The moment when he roughly opened the bedroom door, Gu Qi Qi was dumbfounded.

"Youyou're not sick anymore?"

She was lying on the bed face up in a "" body posture1 with a bath towel draped over her shoulders.

When she discovered that Gong Jue had barged in, she immediately rolled to the side with a shriek. Changing her body posture to lying face down in order to prevent her chest exposure.

"I am not sick!"

Gong Jue casted an unpleasant sidelong glance at her.

The stupid woman truly had little intelligence. Did she really think that lying face down on her stomach would be safe?

She would never realize that from a man's perspective, lying face down was exceptionally deadly in enticing power than lying face up in comparison.

That small waist was begging to be pinched!

That small b.u.t.tocks were begging to be spanked!

Furthermore, that tender meat buns were being pressed by the hard bed into an unimaginable shape. It was practically an object of shamefulness that allured man into committing crime.

Gong Jue's throat coa.r.s.ed as his face was blushing red suspiciously.

Gu Qi Qi felt that something was amiss, so she covertly performed a stare crotch cat inspection. She was truly irritated by what she saw.

This wretched impotent man unexpectedly had a reaction!

How was he impotent at the first place?

He clearly had a potency disorder!

"Stop! You can't come any closer! Your body is still sick, and you can't touch any woman! Have you forgotten? A single touch would cause ma.s.s swelling for your body, youyouyou will regret this!" Gu Qi Qi roared until she was out of breath.

"It's not like I haven't touch you for the first time." Gong Jue replied.

He discovered that her pair of eyes were faintly redden. Smear of teardrop traces could still seen on her cheeks, and her eyes were a bit swollen.

Gong Jue's steel-like heart indescribably softened a bit.

Was she crying really hard a while ago?

But his second thought was placed by a stronger resentment.

Stupid woman, she was acting tough against him, yet she was speaking sweet talk and crying like a puppy for another pretty boy.

She was practically seeking death!

He approached her, grabbing on her chin while gazing at her face in close up.

Gu Qi Qi nervously gripped the bed sheet underneath.

Hold on, she was still lying on her stomach!

He was going to sprain her neck if he grabbed her chin like that!

"II bought some itching powder from the pharmacy a while ago, do you want to give it a try? If you are going to keep messing me around, I am going to spray itching powder all over you. I guarantee that you will be scratching yourself for months to come!"

Gong Jue stared at her lips without blinking his eyes.

Those lips were like a silent invitation that could cause someone to lose their rationality.

He was so drawn to her lips that he almost lost his rationality too!

He really wanted to give it a try!

Since he was fine after touching her once, maybe he would be fine after kissing her. Maybe he was even able to carry out more intensive exercise

Bai Lang warning echoed at his thought once again: "Gong Jue, the severity of your sickness is no laughing matter. You cannot touch any unfamiliar woman. If a serious allergic reaction were to happen, your heart and lung could fail. Not even a G.o.d would be able to save you by then. As the commander-in-chief, you should value your life not for yourself, but also for the sake of countless soldiers under your command!"

Gong Jue's throat coa.r.s.ed.

Although there was a possibility of dying, he really wanted to give it a try!

In his whole life, he never had any thoughts of laying his hands on a woman before.

Yet various kind of sinister thoughts were provoking him at this moment.

How does kissing that lips taste like?

How does loving her physically taste like?

And how taste to do it from behind?

1. ["" body posture. Just imagine looking at someone lying down, the upper middle line is the persons head.]