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My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 1851

Chapter 1851: One Punch Blowout.

Qingfeng Li’s promise to punch him left San Yin in a fit of laughter, as he looked at Qingfeng Li as if the man was a big joke.

He was a third stage spirit monarch realm master. Not only was he incredibly strong, but he was also in possession of spiritual treasures. Plus, he had on him a treasure robe, an immensely powerful armor with the ability to defend against attacks from third stage spirit monarch realm masters.

Qingfeng Li was clearly beneath the third stage of the spirit monarch realm, yet he was brazen enough to challenge San Yin. It was as if an ant had challenged an elephant to a fight. It was impossible for the ant to defeat the elephant, especially in one strike. It was natural for anyone to find his actions ridiculous.

Not only was San Yin laughing at him, even the dozens of self-cultivators, protectors, generals, and elders also looked at Qingfeng Li with disdain in their eyes.

Many of the self-cultivators had come from the Mystic Sun Realm. There were also quite a few from other kingdoms, and some were just passing by.

They heard noises from the battle and had gathered before Qingfeng Li and San Yin. Suddenly, more than 100 self-cultivators were surrounding the two men, wanting to witness a good show.

Some self-cultivators had recognized San Yin. After all, he was an emperor of a middle tier dynasty, and a master of the Spirit Monarch List ranked in the top 150. He was well-known in the Crimson Fire Continent.

As for Qingfeng Li, his fame was confined to the country of Lingyun. Outside of Lingyun, not many had heard about him, even though he was famous for being ranked in the top 50 of the Devil Rankings.

He got the ranking by killing the White Hair Devil, who was ranked 49th on the list. However, Qingfeng Li was categorized as one of the deadliest killers on the Devil Rankings thanks to his willingness to kill people of the same discipline.

Behind the Peach Blossom She-Devil stood a couple of self-cultivators, the only remaining survivors. As for the dozens of others, they had all died.

The remaining self-cultivators walked to the Peach Blossom She-Devil and whispered, “Boss, do you really think this guy can kill San Yin in one punch? It seems impossible.”

Although Qingfeng Li was on their side, the couple of self-cultivators had just witnessed San Yin’s unmatched powers. Even their Peach Blossom She-Devil was no match for the monster, how could Qingfeng Li defeat him?

The Peach Blossom She-Devil shook her head and said, “I don’t really know, but based on the Sky Wolf Emperor’s confidence in him, I think he may have a chance.”

Truthfully speaking, the Peach Blossom She-Devil was not too confident in Qingfeng Li either. She couldn’t show her doubts, however, as he was helping her. Plus, the Sky Wolf Emperor had spoken forQingfeng Li with the utmost admiration for the man, which had surprised the Peach Blossom She-Devil as he was always proud as could be.

A thousand years ago, the Sky Wolf Emperor was already a third stage spirit monarch realm master. What incredible talents had led him to such a feat! If it hadn’t been for his injuries, he would have probably reached the sixth stage of the spirit monarch realm already.

Even a man like the Sky Wolf Emperor admired Qingfeng Li, so this could only mean that the latter held more powers than he appeared.

The surrounding voices didn’t faze Qingfeng Li at all. He remained completely calm. He knew that his fist was the most convincing argument. The only way to shut them up was to could kill San Yin with one punch.

With a steady gaze on San Yin, Qingfeng Li said calmly, “Give me your best shot. Otherwise, you won’t even know how you died.”

Qingfeng Li’s words infuriated San Yin as he felt his powers were wholly disregarded by the man. He was a stage three Spirit Monarch pinnacle tier master after all. Since Qingfeng Li asked for it, San Yin decided to stop playing nice and strike first.

“Water Yin Spirit Fist!” With a loud roar, San Yin channeled all of his water-elemental vital essence into his fist.

Suddenly, a thousand-mile sized white fist formed before San Yin. The fist contained a white-water spout, twisting violently and gathering majestic energies.

As soon as the fist appeared, it tore into the atmosphere dozens of gashes, allowing outsiders to peek into its dimensional debris and beings of its foreign world.

On top of this, there were waves of anguished cries emitting from the depth of the dimensional debris, miserable from San Yin’s brutality.

At this sight, the surrounding self-cultivators all gasped in disbelief. They recognized the Water Yin Spirit Fist. It was more than famous within all Monarch grade Punching techniques.

Many self-cultivators of the Crimson Fire Continent had died under the technique, with some of the smaller sect patriarchs dying from San Yin’s single punch. San Yin would then steal away the women of these sects.

Although San Yin had a despicable reputation in the Crimson Fire Continent,no one dared to include him in the Devil Rankings due to his powerful background and his connection to the top tier dynasties. In actuality, however, he had done worse things than people who were listed on the Devil Rankings.

Qingfeng Li watched the thousand-mile white fist and white waterspout with complete calmness, cool as could be as if he was looking at a harmless sheep.

Many self-cultivators gazed at Qingfeng Li with eyes of mockery, thinking that he had been scared silly to the point where he had forgotten to react. What they didn’t know, was that Qingfeng Li’s inaction was because he felt completely unthreatened by San Yin.

“Godly Dragon Fist!” With a loud roar, Qingfeng Li unleashed his recently-learned Godly Dragon Fist.

He had previously practiced the fist with the Fire Dragon soul. However, he was only able to practice a few techniques due to the energy-exhaustive nature of the Godly Dragon Fist.

The dragon bone in Qingfeng Li’s right index finger fused with his dragon blood, creating a piece of dragon scale which held a more powerful punching technique than the Fire Dragon Fist – the Godly Dragon Fist.

The Godly Dragon Fist was also incredibly energy-draining, but it was still manageable for Qingfeng Li. So far, he had formed one dragon scale, meaning he could only unleash one punch.

But it was more than enough to kill San Yin. The technique was used only by the Godly Dragon of the Ancient Era after all.

Just as Qingfeng Li punched out his fist, a giant black hole formed in front of it. The empty black hole immediately blew up the surrounding air, sucking everything in.

A golden Godly Dragon shadow emerged from Qingfeng Li’s thousand-mile fist.

Although the image of the Godly Dragon was faint, it was strangely intimidating, as it was suffocating the entire world. Plus, it contained an energy so violent it could destroy everything.

The Godly Dragon Fist tore through space, leaving the sky dark and the atmosphere caved-in. Black holes began to form, lifting up stones and dirt off the ground and sending them into a storm. The entire atmosphere near the land entered complete darkness, blinding all the surrounding self-cultivators.


With a loud boom, the Godly Dragon Fist collided with San Yin’s Water Yin Spirit Fist, shattering it to pieces.

The Godly Dragon Fist continued forward, striking San Yin’s body with an unmatchable force, blowing it apart.

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