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My Dad Is The Galaxy's Prince Charming Chapter 57

"Bai YiIneed to clarify something." Yao Si couldn't just let him continue misunderstanding; she had to set things straight!

"What is it? Can't we talk about it later?"

"No!" I know all about your inner wretched thoughts! "Listen! First, Idon't harbor any improper thoughts toward Gu Shucheng and see him solely as a younger nephew. Second, I'm a bloodling just like you. Got it?"

"You are a bloodling?!" Bai Yi sized her up."If you're a bloodling, why did you enter the academy's elementary branch?"

"Er..." Yao Si froze. Why did you have to mention that? "Thatis complicated, you can see it asme wanting toexperiencelife."

"Why didn't we receive any notification about a bloodling entering the academy?"

"Since it's a... life experience, Ideliberately concealed my identity." Yao Si instantly tossed away the exam result slip which had floated into mind before continuing to explain seriously. "Gu Shucheng's preferential treatment is solely due to my higher rank. He is doing it out of respect."

"Stop joking around!" Bai Yi wasn't the least bit convinced."There are other bloodlings with higher rank than him in the academy,but he doesn't revolve around them everyday." He is practicallya nannyfor you.

"That's because my rank is a little higher."

"Which generation are you from?"

Yao Si raised a palmwith her fingers splayed out. "Fifth generation!"

Bai Yi was taken aback at first, thenhis mouth started to twitch. He probed, "Is your guider perhaps..."

"Mu Xuan!" Yao Si replied decisively."That's why he came on the first day."

Bai Yi sank into silence, sizing her up once more before saying in a daze, "OhOh! I see." He didn't think the response was enough, so he nodded firmly, a sharp glint flashing through his gaze as he added, "I understand, I won't misunderstand anymore. But let's get Shucheng out first."

Yao Si heaved a sigh of relief, but the moment she glanced up, she froze, anger choking her throat.

What do you mean by understand?!


The words above himwere:

[Bai Yi is very confused. He hadn't known thatlove could blind someone to the point that they could abandon their race. The girl in front of him had to be crazy from love, even picturing herself as the cub of the bloodling ruler, His Majesty. Ah~ What an insane choice. Ah~ What a devastating love. Ah~ What deep love. Ah~]

"Stop withyour ahs!" You're the crazy one, your entire family is crazy! "I'm really a bloodling."

"I understand,I understand!"

What do you understand, listen to me!

"Someone's here!" Bai Yi's face tightened, and he pulled her into the corner.

A row of people came soon after, but they weren't like the scattered guards. The group of consisted of about seven people, all dressed in the standard white coatswith black casesin their hands. Their gaze were focused ahead as they entered the ship which seemed about to leave.

"We need to find Shucheng soon." Bai Yi's expressiongrew serious.

Yao Si inhaled deeply, suppressingthe curses within her. She pointed in the direction from which the group had come."The door is there." She held onto the card tightly, swipingitaccuratelyagainstthe security lock.

After a bend, they were in a completely different place. The entire area was a sea of white,with white wallsandwalkwayswhileweak lighting set a grim and bleak atmosphere. There also was a sour stench in the air.

"What's that smell?" Bloodlings hadsharp senses, and Yao Si was forcedto pinch her nose tight.

"It's medicine." Bai Yi frowned."Is the ventilation here that bad?" He glanced around, pushing up his sleeves."Thisbuilding is rather complex; they may have specifically designed it to mimic a maze. Any wrong move and we will end up in a dead end, triggering an alarm. There's some people over there, so I'll use my ability just in case..."

"Turn right."

"Eh?" Bai Yi stilled. To the right,there was another corridor branch."Why do you say that?"

"Hehe..." Yao Si's mouth curled slightly. Iglanced above the guy's head

[Guard A has been standing at his post for a day. He wishes to sit and rest for a while,but what he doesn't know is that the guards stationed in the three walkways to the right on the second levelareall seated while working!]

With such clear directions, itwouldbe hard for her not to know,right?

"I told you I'm a bloodling! It's normal for me to have special abilities."

Bai Yi frowned, going forth without probingher more.

Five minutes later.

"It's another cross road, let me read"

"Turn left!"

[The guard thought of his parents at home,but he wasn't aware that on the second floor, after taking a left turn and passing two doors, there were guards who couldvisit their parents during their time off.]

On the left turn, the coast was clear.


After ten minutes.

"The passcode here..."


[Employee B is an avid fan of lottery. He buysa ticketeveryday,but he doesn't know that the passcode for the door,08715, is also the winning number for today's Galactic lottery.]

Ding! Access granted!


After fifteen minutes.

"The electrical trap here..."

"There's a switch on the left wallatabout 1.9m height."

[Dashing and tall employee D prides himself for being 1.88m tall,but he doesn't know that the company's corridor closure button isat1.9m; he'dneed heels to reach that height.]

Ding! The trap is disarmed, access granted!


"President Yao."


"I'm partially convinced you are a bloodling."

"Oh." I'm anyways.

"Can Iask you something?"

"What is it?"

"Is your ability called...plug-in?"


At that time, Yao Si's passive ability was more reliable than ever before. Itwas akin to having an all-rounded navigator. In the beginning, they had to be careful around the guards,but soon, she was met with the words: [Invaders would never knowthat the exclusive licence card from the equipment room would ensure that they would not be caught]. After that,they abandoned all secrecy, going forth without obstruction. It was as though they had entered an undercover modewhich allowed them to reach the fourth floor with ease.

The entire process was so smooththatthey lost the fundamental anxiety of being in the enemy's lair.

Untilthey encountered a door which was tightly shut.

"President, how do we open this door?" Bai Yi glanced at her with bright eyes, expecting her to provide him with asolution. Ever since his comradehadactivated her plug-in, he had completely given up on using his own brain.

Yao Si glanced at theirempty surroundings. There wasn't a person in sight, only a door so bright she could see her own reflection, andeven the words above her head.

[Now that Yao Si met with another problem, she was remindedaboutthe amazing ability of Master of Subtitles. She wanted her ability to tell her how to open the door,but what she didn't know wasthat even Lord of Subtitlescouldn't figure it out.]


"What's wrong? Is the door hard to open?" Bai Yi couldn't help rushingher after seeingher lack of progress.

"Would you believe it if I said thatthe plug-in stopped working?"