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Mystical Journey Chapter 960

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“Yes, this is the crux to me saying all these to you.” Mincar nodded and finally came to a white door with a silver bat handle. He gently pushed the door open.

Inside was a white screen of light. There was nothing else and nothing could be seen.

“This is the gateway to the real point. It’s the teleporting point to one of the three main cities in the special ability space. Once you enter it, your spirit and body will enter that space together.” Mincar said nonchalantly.

“How big are the three main cities?” Garen asked with a slight curiosity.

“Huge. Each main city is almost as big as a region on Mother Planet. Not all who live in it are Energy Machinists. There are also aborigines but many of these aborigines make a living by providing services for Energy Machinists. You will know how it is once you have gone in.”

“Why would you think of helping me to enter the main city? It should be very costly, right?” Garen asked.

“That is for sure. It did cost quite a lot, but I also have my own interest at heart.” Mincar was frank. “My teacher is seriously ill in bed. There is no way for senior and junior sisters to take up the burden. Keeping you here will only delay your progress, so why not send you to a better platform. Maybe when you have reached greater heights, you can come back to help us a little. That is my only hope.” He forced a smile. “Regardless of how small we are as a tiny sect, we are a registered place. There are two recommended spots an annual basis. It would be a waste not to use them. I have already recommended no less than ten people to go to the main city before you, awaiting the same hope from them.”

“You are just casting a widespread net…” Garen shook his head and was speechless.

“I can’t help it. We will not be able to maintain this point any longer. Perhaps it will not be long before this point will completely collapse and vanish. My junior sisters and I will also leave here then. So, it’s better to send you there in advance while there are still places available,” Mincar spoke frankly.

Garen was also able to understand. During his time as a helper here, although he was able to produce Wild Wolf Imprint, there were increasingly fewer people entering the shop. This was not something that he could help now.

“It will collapse soon here and we will leave. If you want to go to the main city or metropolis, it is best to let me know in advance.” Mincar finally said.

“Which metropolis is it?” Garen remembered that the Energy Machinist space had three main cities on Mother Planet.

“This is directly connected to the City of Nagadako, which is also the main city of Central Metropolis. It is the most prosperous place,” Mincar answered. “It has the most comprehensive and capable Energy Machine Imprints and the greatest self-modification energy machinery technology.”


“Yup. That is retrofitting oneself. The modification of other human bodies is against the law but no one would care if you modify your own body. The City of Nagadako is very skilled in this respect. This is because the most powerful metropolitan City Master of all time is a Naga Energy Machinist with a double snake tail. They have transformed their ordinary human body to a pinnacle state. Even if they don’t use biochemical cannon fodder and elite units from the experimental platform, their individual strength is powerful enough.”

He turned to look at Garen.

“I see that you seem to be taking this path of self-modification, so going to the City of Nagadako would be your best choice. What do you think?”

Garen was silent for a while.

“This is indeed the case.” The change in his body could easily be noticed by Mincar this type of senior Energy Machinist.

“When you want to leave, let me know in advance so that I can prepare the application,” Mincar concluded.

“Yea, I will.” Garen nodded. In fact, he knew that he was sure to leave, but it was just a matter of time. After all, the radiation belt was not a place to stay for long. He did not find Clint and Baylon either, so he could only drop it. The issue now was how to place East Perrin and the others.

“Does the main city of the real space point take people in?” he asked.

“Yes they do, but it’s not what you and I can afford now. Only the top powerhouse can afford such expenses.” Mincar revealed a smile. “If you want to take someone with you, I have no way of helping you with that.”

“Actually, I’m in the radiation belt now. If my subordinates left me, their survival will be…” Although Garen did not finish his sentence, Mincar could guess what was coming next.

“The radiation belt has a secret region of Energy Machinists. Don’t you know?” He was slightly surprised. “It is not only you who have radiation people subordinates. Many of us Energy Machinists come into contact with radiation. There are many of those who have radiation people as subordinates. Although they cannot be brought into the region, there is a single place near the region that accommodates these people. These people are regarded as followers. Later on, when they have become high-level Energy Machinist and have their own advanced Biochemical Pool, they can get rid of their radiation disease. Although the cost is not little, it is better than having no hope at all, right?”

“Such a place exist?” Garen was also hearing this for the first time.

“Yes, otherwise where do you think the anti-radiation protection technology in other regions come from? It came from us. A biochemist and what not could do it if it was thousands of years ago, but right now… hehe.” Mincar seemed to be displeased with Biochemists and sneered.

“What are the conditions for bringing people in?”

“There’s no need for that as long as you prove that you are an Energy Machinist. Oh right, if you can work up some military credits there, it will be very helpful for you in relation to an Energy Machinist’s way of actual combat. It would be best if you can befriend other Energy Machinists. Humans are social creatures after all. It is impossible to embark to a higher level if one doesn’t communicate with others and just stay behind closed doors…”

“That’s right…” Garen seriously considered this. Although he felt that there was some deeper meaning to Mincar’s proposal, his main consideration for now was the placement of East Perrin and the others. At the same time, he had to go to other points to inquire carefully whether the information mentioned by Mincar was true or not.

After leaving Mincar’s special ability point, Garen went directly to the other two nearest points. The flow of people inside was very large when of course, compared to Mincar’s Coco Energy Machinery shop. Garen had been working during this period of time so he had earned some crystal stones. Sending some crystal stones as inquiring fee, he found a few people and asked about the details of the information provided by Mincar.

He learned that Mincar indeed did not lie to him and everything he said was truthful. The surrounding radiation belt truly had a gathering place for radiation people who were followers. However, every Energy Machinist could only bring two people in accordance to each level. In other words, as he was now a Level Three Energy Machinist, he could bring six people in. There were six spots. At the base, there was East Perrin, Sinno, Fanny, Malone and adding on two children, a total of six people. Including the two remaining adults, Bar and Shangrella, that would be eight people.

Unless he could reach Level Four, there was no way of bringing them all in. This was not mentioned by Mincar.

One of the Energy Machinist who took Garen’s money was kind enough to provide him with additional information. After learning that he was in the depths of the radiation belt, this Energy Machinist reminded him that each major region, for the first time, had dispatched powerhouses during the gap period of the first and second Predator Wave for some reason and advised him to be careful.

“It is said that they are looking for some core. This news has now spread all over the place. Tsk tsk. Being able to cause the regions to send out so many powerhouses to grab it, this thing must be no ordinary powerful!” These were the original words of that Energy Machinist.

“I have heard that there are now powerhouses who have gone to the Seventh Ruins.”

Garen suddenly thought of the mysterious Red Moon that was with Clint and Baylon. Reminiscing the series of major events that had occurred before, they seemed to revolve around Clint and others non-stop and even more so now. If he did not infer wrongly, the Forbidden Core definitely was related with Red Moon. These powerhouses going out definitely meant that they had found the whereabouts of Red Moon and the others.

“The Seventh Ruins…” He had been to that place. It was strange, mysterious and extremely dangerous. But now, he had yet to take revenge on Seventh Divine Wind General and there was still that Fila and that mercenary Teacher Van Doe. Also, the residual Willpower in his own body had not been eliminated. Just by depending on the number of Big Wild Wolves, he could do nothing about it at all.

The four major regions and White Light people, as well as Central Academy, had sent their people there. All the powerhouses gathered together as if they were all affirmed that there must be something they need in the Seventh Ruins.

After some deliberation, he decided to send East Perrin and the others to that secret Energy Machinist’s base. He would then leave to go to the main city to develop. Otherwise, staying in this small place would not enable him to come in contact with the higher-level knowledge of Energy Machinists.

He now could feel more strongly that Energy Machinists had a complete system for training and education. It was not something that a self-learned person like him could attain. If he could receive formal education, adding on his conditions and advantages, he would definitely achieve greater heights.

After all, he was a monster who could increase his intelligence computing power through potential points. The intelligence of an average person was limited. No matter how much they trained, they still had an inherent natural restriction and physical bottleneck. But if Garen could find more potential points, there would certainly be a breakthrough in the limit!

After setting his mind, Garen got a map to the secret point from Naga, and at the same time, he began to send East Perrin and the others to patrol further into the surroundings and investigate the flow pattern of the Predators.

Although the recent small-scale Predators attack was repulsed by East Perrin and the others, who had a great increase in their strength and fully demonstrating their capability, this time was different. He wanted to take these people to a farther place, at least a distance of hundreds of kilometers away. The danger level was different from before. It required careful planning.


“What? You all don’t want to go!?” Garen frowned as he stared at East Perrin.

Clearly, this woman represented the opinion of the others.

“Yes, we don’t want to leave this place. With the presence of Big Wild Wolves, we can totally guard this place firmly. With the training method, we can also have the hope of advancing through communicating with one another. This place is secretive and suitable for living. The old man had transplanted the plants and the small fish reared were already starting its cycle of breeding. We are able to live well here.”

East Perrin said firmly.

“There is still a second-stage Predators Wave coming up next,” Garen said solemnly.

“I know, but there is still the basement. We are doing modification works so it’s okay to stay underground all the time. We just have to reserve food in advance!” East Perrin responded with a definite affirmation, apparently having thought through it.